Saturday, March 12, 2011

Call 152 : GOD IS

Hello Son,                                      (continue from Call 151)

Wednesday, February 9
7th day of Chinese New Year 

This entry was written on Thursday, March 10.

So anyway, after the short KitKat break (the fireworks entertainment), Mom returned to her entry on Call 133 : Rubber Band

When she was done with it, she clicked the publish-button.

Take note of the paragraph below (from the said entry), which would ZAP your mother later that night (or rather, morning).

Call 133 : Rubber Band.


Mom just has this to say - 

God is faithful. God is good. :D

Upon checking your blog at the point of writing this line, the entry Call 133 : Rubber Band, was published after the fireworks display at 12:38 am. (which makes the date of the entry appears as Thursday, February 10 - the next day).

Decode : 14

Ahhh, her angel sign ... She knew it! 

The fireworks were clearly from her Son. :D Mom hugged herself gleefully.

The next inciDAN would soon happen. Mom remembers the exact spot when it happened. 

It was way past midnight. Justine and Mom were walking to the bedroom. As we were nearby your portrait on the wall, Justine suddenly sang out loud, breaking the silence of the still and quiet night ...

"God is good, all the time ..."


Mom stood rooted on the spot. She couldn't believe those words came out from Justine's mouth.

She shot a glance at the clock. The time was 1:15 am. Mom had scribbled the time in her journal later after the OMG commotion.

Decode : 14

Jus turned to Mom uncertainly, "Why ... What?"

"Oh my gawd, Jus ... 

I just posted my Rubber Band entry (half an hour ago) and I mentioned to your brother, God is good. You just sang, God is good, all the time


Mom was not aware of this song, God is good. It's not like she was humming the song when she wrote the entry ... she wasn't ... Neither was Justine singing this song before then. It was weird how your sister suddenly sang that one line at that moment.

Justine smiled, a knowing smile. :D

Wow ... 

Oh Wow ...

Oh Lord Wow ...

How would You explain this? 

Seriously, how???

Your mother was walking right behind your sister at the material time, both of us were heading towards the bedrooms, we were right before your portrait when the Zzzzzaaaapppp happened!!! 

All of a sudden, Justine broke into that line : 

God is good ... all the time ...

When Mom was explaining to Jus her OMG etc, it felt like she were explaining to the both of You.

Oh Wow ...

That was super incredible! 

You know, at first, when the CAMPFIRE inciDAN happened, Mom said You must have whispered to your sister. 

Then, Jus told Mom about the NUMBER FOUR inciDAN, and again Mom said to your sister, "Your brother must have whispered to You."

Must have ... 

The uncertainty was there ... Did You really whisper to your sister? Did You really? It was just a response your mother said at the time. She spoke with her head and not her heart.

You must have known huh, your mother's uncertainty ...

Can't blame your mother, right ... 

She can't be expected to over-react each time an inciDAN happens. For some reason, there were no sparks, no OMG OMG OMG, no ZAP, no fireworks that followed right after those two CAMPFIRE and NUMBER FOUR inciDANS. She didn't feel the BOND. The Connection was missing. 

Still, she was hopeful ... :D

Wait a minute ...



No Fireworks ... ???

Say ...

OMG ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

OMG ... Was that why we had a grand display of FIREWORKS exploding right in front of our window that night??? Oh my, this is overwhelming, to say the least ... 

Mom's only realizing it now, at the time of writing this entry today, (Thursday, March 10) why those FIREWORKS were exploding right in our faces. 

The heat, the lights, the grandeur were right in front of her eyes ... for a reason ...

That really was from You ... :D




It's unbelievable!!!

Here are the fireworks that you're looking for, Mom ...

You really do know how to make your presence felt, Son ... :D That God is Good song changed everything, You know. That's Mom's concrete eviDANS. Now she knows for sure that You definitely did whisper into your sister's ears moments before the CAMPFIRE SONG and the NUMBER FOUR inciDANS. :D

Aww, thank You, Son ... <3 That was just super amazing. Only You could have known that your mother had written in her entry in Call 133

God is faithful, God is good ... 

Half an hour after Mom published the entry, and just before we went to bed, You gave your mother a ZAP respond through Justine when she sang out:

God is good ... all the time ...

Yes Son ... God is good, all the time ...

On Hindsight ...

At the time of these inciDANS that happened on Wednesday, February 9, Mom had no idea about decoding

Aunty Carol happened to expand her mind a little a week later on Tuesday, February 15, during lunch at Lorong Seratus Coffee Shop in Petaling Jaya. 

Isn't it strange that your mother is only now writing this entry, a month after it happened, after she knows how to decode? 

Both numbers showed 14 after cracking. Wow, what a coinciDANS. What are the chances??? She was meant to crack the code and see the connection for sure. 

Had she written this entry earlier, she would not have known how to decode. 12:38 and 1:15 would have been just a bunch of numbers showing time ... She would never have guessed then, no, not in a million years, that her angel sign would lie within those numbers.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

How incredibly amazing!

Oh, another amazing thing Mom must tell You ... which happened tonight during dinner. 

Thursday, March 10

While Mom was preparing dinner with Dad in the kitchen, Justine was strumming her guitar and singing her lungs out to the song, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, at the TV area.

Dad heard.

Mom heard.

Did You hear?

Anyway, Justine practised that song several times.

Dinner was soon ready. We took our plates and ate in front of the telly. The channel at the time was on MTV. 

Would You believe it but a few minutes later, after Mom made herself comfortable on the sofa with her dinner, Lady Gaga appeared on the screen and started to belt out 

Born This Way ...

OMG ... What are the chances???

Mom said to Jus, "That's from your brother ... He heard You singing the song ..."

Justine grinned. 

After that music video, Kylie Minogue (Higher) came on. 

By Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue.

Mom commented, "Eh, Kylie Minogue's got the best butt in the world apparently ..."

Hmm ... wonder what sort of butt you'd need to have to be labeled the best in the world? We continued eating our spaghetti.

Justine responded, "She's a cancer patient, right?"

With that, guess whose face came to mind. 

As You know, your family has never used this word C word when You were around. We have never referred to You as a C patient. No, not even a patient. However, after Justine mentioned those words, your mother couldn't help but find herself centering her thoughts on You, during your last stay in the hospital.

After Kylie's song ended, the next music video came on ...

OMG ...

Your mother almost dropped her plate.

You are so not gonna believe this!

It couldn't be ... 

Oh, but it was ...




You have got to be kidding ...

Mom found herself staring unblinkingly at the television screen, showing Katy Perry in her FIREWORK music video!

By Katy Perry.


OMG ... how amazing! How incredibly amazing! Mom was in the middle of writing about the FIREWORKS entry. OMG ... What are the chances???

See Call 151 : Major Fireworks

Oh Wow Daniel ...

One video for Justine. :D 

One for Mom. :D

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow ... 

Get the attention first, then ZAP!!!

God is good ... all the time ... <3

Love You Son ... <3 Thank You for constantly watching over us and letting us know that You are near ... :D

And, Thank You Jesus ...<3