Monday, March 7, 2011

Call 171 : OPRAH SAYS

Hello Son,                                          (continue from Call 170)

Thursday, March 3

5. Dad dropped Mom off at the condo. 

At home, Mom couldn't wait to ask Justine to read the Silent Thots entry. 

"I have a story to tell You later," Mom said excitedly to your sister.

The television was on at the material time, on the MTV channel. Vanessa Hudgens was doing a number. Mom changed the channel randomly and stopped at 702. 

There was a woman talking about her dog. 

Then came, Oprah

"How many of you treat your dogs like a human?" 

Oprah asked the audience.

Justine interrupted, "Hey, I'm reading about a dog, and the TV's talking about dogs too..." :D

Now that your sister mentioned it ...

Smile ... :D

Just so we could call it a coinciDANS, of course. :D

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Note the reply from GOD in the above story :

"I am easy to find. I am wherever there is LOVE."

Love, GOD

The talk show was coming to an end. Right before Oprah bade good night to her audience, she asked the following question:

"What is the most searched word in google?"

A majority of the audience said : SEX !!!

Oprah corrected : It's LOVE !!!


OMG ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Mom couldn't believe she heard the word. 

Oprah said LOVE. 

Oprah --- said --- LOVE ...

LOVE ???

In a flash, your mother saw the words like twinkling lights in her head, the email-story she had read in the morning :

"I am easy to find. I am wherever there is LOVE."

Love, GOD

Oh My Gosh ...

A thousand and one words Oprah could have said, but she said this LOVE word??? Oprah wasn't even talking about LOVE. Mom happened to turn to that channel. Only moments after, she caught the LOVE word.

Gosh, it was so meant to be.

What an incredible coinciDANS ... :D

It's difficult to explain, but right at that moment, your mother felt like You had given her a message:

GOD's easy to find, Mom ... 

He is wherever there is LOVE ... <3

Sure we have all heard that GOD is LOVE, and LOVE is GOD... and where there is LOVE, there is GOD... and where there is GOD, there is LOVE... most hymns are written along these lines anyway... for the LOVE of GOD, tell her one person who doesn't know that GOD is LOVE...

Yes, we all know ...

You know ... 

Mom knows ... 

Dad knows ... 

Justine knows ...

Everyone knows ...

However, the revelation this time is somewhat different. The effect the word had on her was strange. Perhaps before, it was her head that knows. 


See? No emotion... 

LOVE is GOD. Still no emotion... 

Hard as a rock. Impenetrable.

But ...

Now ... now ... her heart is secretly peeking out of its imaginary safe shell.

Her soul is - is - she would say, touched. 

Oh Lord, does she have to be so dramatic? 

Her soul???

It did affect her deep into the core of her very being.What would be the word then, if not soul?

She soon felt herself crumbling under the power of the 4 letter word. Who would have thought that the LOVE word could crunch and reduce her to shreds? The tears soon followed. 

At first, it was just a helpless blink blink blink, a deep inhalation and a desperate attempt to hold back. Before long, oh heck heck heck, why not just let it all out. Once the flood gates received the green signal, there was no turning back. She couldn't stop sobbing ... into the pillow. 

Like she were a potential contestant in a crying contest.

God, what was wrong with her?

You knew this would happen... and You made sure your sister stayed by your mother's side. At first, Jus had said that the internet connection was slow, and she had taken her lap top to her room. She was still reading the When A Pet Dies entry. This was right before the drama began. 

Then, within a few minutes, she came out to the living area again and said that the connection was worse in her room. Jus normally tells Dad and Mom that the connection in her room is super fast. That day would be the first time she complained that it was bad.

You must have gathered all the clouds to stand in the way.

Don't leave Mom alone, Jus ...

The rain came to a halt shortly after. She felt better although her chest was in pain, and she must confess that a significant specimen of restlessness had somehow found its way to invade her nerves. Her PMS symptoms descended on her like the Holy Spirit would, all at once. 

Oh God, is this what menopause feels like??? 

Gosh ... That Oprah inciDAN was really strange ... 

One thing she knew for sure, she was so meant 

to hear Oprah say that 4 letter word...

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