Sunday, March 25, 2012

Call 347 : TRUE STORY

Hello Son, 

Monday, March 19

Today, Mom fetched the kids back after school. 

Our driver was on leave.  

Everything was quite normal that day. Mom did not expect anything to happen ... but something did. 


As she was driving the last boy to his home, IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio. 

The time was 1:13 pm.

Decode : 14



If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Sink me in the river at dawn

Send me away with the 

words of a love song

The Band Perry.

A smile appeared on your mother's face. :D Your 21st is just round the corner. The last time she heard the song was on last Wednesday 14th. 


Of course, of course.

After dropping Justine off at college that Wednesday 14th, 


had come on in the car, on the way back.


Anyway, believe it or not, the same thing happened that Monday 19th. 

In the afternoon when Mom went to pick Justine up, whilst waiting for your sister to appear, WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU came on the radio.

Oh Wow ... what are the chances? What are the chances of both the songs coming on again on Monday 19th, as they did last Wednesday 14th?


Honestly, what are the chances? Your 21st was in 2 days' time then. It was probably your way of reminding your mother how You left and where You are right now.

(You sang WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU the night before You left us ... and If I Die Young - has a line that assures your mother that You are safe with the Lord)

Awesome ...

Honestly, both songs came on the 14th and again today, the 19th?Mom cannot get over it.

What are the chances?

No chance.

Slim chance.

Angel chance.

ZAP chance.

Tuesday, March 20

Tuesday was the eve of your 21st. You really made your presence felt that day, Daniel. 

That morning, at 7:27 am, the song VIDEO GAMES had come on the radio as we were driving to school.

Decode : 2.1.4

Whichever way You look at it, it's YOU, Son. 

21 and 24.

The next time, your mother was in the car was noon time. ONE THOUSAND YEARS came on. Mom had checked the time. 

It was 12:11 pm.

Decode : 14


As we drove on, MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY filled the car. 

The time was 12:21 pm.

Decode : 21.24

Smile ...

Both her angel numbers. Yes, Son ... You do know that the following day (Wednesday 21st) is your 26th month anniversary, don't You? 

Yes, You do ...

21 and 24 ... again.


Mom was still in the car when MJ's I'LL BE THERE started to fill her senses.

I'll be there to protect You

Just call my name and I'll be there 

Hmmm ... all the zap songs were playing that Monday. 

What a treat for Mom. How nice.

In the evening, as Mom was sending a kid back, BACK TO DECEMBER came on in the car.

The time was 6:26 pm

Decode : 14

HeLLooOOoo ...


You really are with your mother, aren't You?

We go back to December all the time, Daniel ...

A bundle of joy on one Christmas Eve back in 1994 ...

By Taylor Swift.

Oh Gee Wow, Son ... You're with Mom the whole day. Would You look at all the zap signs?

That night, at midnight, Mom posted a message on your Facebook. 

It was at 12:01 am ... she had typed the time on the comment box - You remember Mom is obsessed with dates and time - Yeah, she got used that ... can't blame her ... she used to jot down dates and times for all your medication. :(

True story ...

Anyway, Mom must have taken a minute or two to upload a WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU video on your page. Almost immediately after she clicked POST (or SEND, whatever), would You believe it but ONE THOUSAND YEARS (music video) came on the television. 

You must have seen your mother turning her head sharply towards the TV.

OMG ...  Are You kidding her?

Mom's eyes shot at the computer time. 

It showed 12:04 am.

OMG ... 

Decode : 21.24 

The whole day, You have made your presence felt, Daniel. That One Thousand Years zap was to um, shall we say - complete the day. Gosh ... Honestly ...

Would You look at the timing? 

How incredible. 

Dad was on the sofa in front of the television. 

He saw it too.

Yes ... another true story.

Gosh, it really was as if You were responding to your mother, Daniel.

Hi Ma ... It's my 21st today ... :D


Mom went to bed with a smile on her face.

Thank you, Son ... That was super-awesome.