Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Call 339 : BE HAPPY

Hello Son,

Thursday, March 8

Very early on Thursday morning, before classes started at 8:30 am, Mom was busy at the computer. A 4 year old girl, Z, came running to your mother, with the top part of her uniform wet.

W-what the ...

Several children came running to Mom's direction yelling, 

"Teacher Lynn, Y and J, are playing with water!" (2 other kids apart from Z)

Oh no no no ... 

Who let the dogs out? (song)

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum  :D

Mom rushed to the pantry area, to find 4 year old boy, Y, and 3 year old girl, J, playing with water from a sink.

J was pretty much drenched. Y was not.

Mom shooed Y and the other excited kids out of the pantry, before attending to J. A teacher was attending to Z in class. Since J was all wet, Mom put her on the potty, before attempting to change her. Your mother was too overwhelmed at the wet mess on the floor at that moment and could not utter a word.

As she was trying to dry the floor with an old towel, J, who was sitting on her potty, said in the sweetest voice ever, 

"Teeeecher Lynnnnn, don't be angry ..."

Mom turned around ... and couldn't help but smile.

Little J said again, "Teacher Lynn, don't be angry ..."  

before adding, "Be happy."

Hearing that, your mother laughed out loud. Did that line just come from a 3 year old? 

Don't be angry - be happy? 


Oh gosh. How cute was that?

She couldn't even begin to be angry after that. Instead, she had a perpetual smile plastered on her face.

That line was somehow in your mother's head the whole day. 

Honestly, the whole day. 

That was weird - that line - so unexpected. Don't You think? In her short years of attempting to made a positive difference in the lives of children around her, she's never come across a child who's mature enough to know or say that line. 

Don't be angry, be happy. :D

At lunch time, Mom received a text message from Dad. He said that he and Justine were going for lunch, and that she had received her results that morning.


Oh why yes, your sister mentioned that her results for the first part of her exams would be out that day. Strange, she did not call Mom. Why did she not call Mom? How come she didn't call Mom?

Uh - oh ...

Don't be angry ... be happy ...

Strange ... she was rather calm. Under normal circumstances, Mom would have called immediately and demanded to know the results, and if it wasn't up to standard, a lecture would follow. 

Is that why that line came to her this morning? she mused.

That must be your doing, Son ... :D Oh gosh, this is unbelievable.

Don't be angry, Ma ... be happy ... :D

Gosh honestly, who would believe that even in heaven, You are able to find a way to defend your sister? How awesome is this, Daniel ...

Mom couldn't help but reflect back. 

Hmmm ...Two kids got drenched today. 

Two. Then, came that power-packed line ...

Your sister came to school later in the evening. She wasn't all that excited about her results. :( You haven't forgotten, have you, that your sister is a perfectionist. Normally, your mother would have reacted with a stern -

I told you not to watch too much TV ... I told you to spend more time on your books ... I told you to practise your past year papers ... I told you not to spend too much time on the phone ... etc ... followed by a ...

Didn't I tell You to bla bla bla ...


Well, for some reason, none of that came out from her mouth. Surprising, huh? Instead, Mom found herself telling your sister about the water inciDAN this morning. 

Strange, really strange ... so unlike your mother.

"You won't believe what the little girl said to me, Jus ... " 

What ...

"Teacher Lynn, don't be angry - be happy."

Hahahahahahaha ...

"Your brother is whispering to me, I tell You ... He's whispering to me." Mom said with a chuckle. There's no way that inciDAN could have happened for no reason. There's always a reason for everything.

Yes, everything ...


Don't be angry, Ma ... be happy. :D

Smile ...