Sunday, March 4, 2012

Call 336 : NOAH'S ARK

Hello Son,

Wednesday, Feb 29

Mom was in school. 

Sometime in the afternoon, Mom's handphone rang. She was at the material time, having a discussion with one of the teachers. 

It was Dad. 

Mom answered the call, and heard Dad said, 

"Something happened to the (school) car ..."

"What happened?"

"It was flooded in ..."

It was flooded in? What did he mean - it was flooded in? Mom did not ask further as she did not have time for lengthy explanations. She was with a teacher at the time.

She asked instead, her tone hurried, "Where are you now?"

Dad answered, "In the tow truck."

Oh okay ... that doesn't sound so bad. Your mother cut short the phone call and returned to her discussion.

Oh Boy ...

Little did she know then that something major happened to Dad in the car that afternoon. She only knew when Dad came to fetch her home in the evening about 7 pm.

Your father came to the school, looking like he'd just had a shower. He said he was caught in the rain just now, and had gone home first to shower and change. Yes, it had rained quite heavily in the afternoon.

Oh okay ...

"So what happened to the car?"

Dad said, "The engine is completely destroyed ..."

"What? Why? How come? What happened?"

"Water got in ..." Dad said.

Water ...

Wait a minute - water?

Did Dad say - water?

Oh, stop! Does she  always have to connect everything to her son?

Dot 23 : Fluid

Mom walked over to her desk to clear up and put away her things.

"The cost of repairs could come up to about 10K ..."

Your mother spun around. 

"What? Don't be silly. These people are just trying to pull a fast one. It's probably just 2K ..."  She snorted with disgust. 

It wasn't until much later at home when Mom saw the school's Transport Book soaking wet on the dining table, did Dad begin to tell her properly and clearly exactly what happened this afternoon when the car was "flooded in."

Mom asked, "Eh, what happened to the book?"

Dad said, "I told you the car was flooded in ..."

Mom frowned, "But this book was in the dashboard ..."

Dad said, "Yes, that was the water level inside the car ..."

Pause ...

W-what??? The water level was up to the dashboard

OMG ...

"There's a small hole in the engine. It exploded apparently."

OMG ...

"Good thing the car was surrounded by water otherwise ..."

"OMG ... So exactly how high was the water level?"

The car engine apparently stopped the moment Dad drove into the "small puddle." The water began to rise very quickly ... Dad was not aware that the water was rising as he was on the phone trying to call a mechanic. Besides, it was still raining heavily outside and so he stayed in the car. However, within minutes, water began to seep in and only then did he realize that the water level (outside) had risen up to the door handle level. 

He tried to open the door then, and he couldn't. He said he felt like the door was sealed. OMG ...

Mom's getting the goose bumps writing this  ...

OMG, Dad was trapped inside the car?

The pressure from water outside that was at the level of the car door handle prevented him from opening the door. Dad said he tried to open the door a few times, and he couldn't, despite using all his strength.

OMG ...

Dad said, "The car was floating ... "

"What??? ... You mean, like Noah's Ark???"

"Something like that ..."

"So how did You open the door in the end?" 

"Suddenly, it could open ..."

There ... She knew it ...

"Son ... that was Son ..." your mother said.

"Didn't anyone help You?" Mom asked next.

Dad said 2 Malay guys on motorbikes stopped to help him, after he was out of the car, to push the car to the side of the road.

Two Malay boys? 


Of course, there must be two ...

On Saturday, March 3, three days after uh, Dad's adventure, Mom and Dad were in the car. 

Mom happened to mention, "That day in the car, Son was definitely with You."

Dad nodded.

Mom continued, "He was probably saying, I'm right here, Dad. Don't worry. God has told me what to do."

Dad smiled at the thought. That sure sounded like something You'd do.

Mom went on, "I mean, c'mon on ... You said yourself the door couldn't open ... and then suddenly, it could. C'mon, it's so obvious. Son was with You ..."

We were at the traffic lights. Suddenly, Mom was alerted to a Mercedes in front of us.

Picture taken on Saturday, March 3 @ 11:11 am. 

11:11? A definite coinciDANS. :D

You must have heard your mother yelped excitedly, 

"Look! Look! WED 19 ... OMG ... 

That water incident was on Wednesday, wasn't it? 

He's telling You, Dad, I was there, Dad. 

And 19 ... That's 44

Our Code 44 : Everywhere I am, there You'll be ... 

OMG ... What are the chances?"

Taken in April 2009 in Malacca.

At the point of writing the above paragraph, Mom checked the time Dad called her on that day (while he was in the tow truck). 

Oh boy, would You believe it but ... 

the time Dad called her is recorded as 2:44 pm.

Decode : 24 (Your birthday) 4 (You)

Yes Son, You were there with Dad, that's for sure ... :D

At the same time, Mom finds herself checking the meaning behind the name MERCEDES. Now could You kindly tell her please, why would she do that? Why? You must have whispered to her. 

Did You, Daniel? Did You whisper to Mom???

Check the meaning of MERCEDES, Ma ... :D

Yes, she hears You, Son ...

Mom googled the word Mercedes to check the meaning behind it. 

Oh My ... You're so not gonna believe this but ...


According to online check on the meaning behind this word, it is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Mercedes is "Mercies." 

It is apparently used in reference to the Virgin Mary, Santa Maria de las Mercedes as "Our Lady of Mercies."

Another check says : 

Mercedes means "Mary of Mercies" in Spanish.

Oh Wow Daniel ... How absolutely wonderful for Mom to read this. Your mother is humbled by this revelation. Please tell Mama Mary thank you for being there that day and for keeping Dad safe, Son. 

It's the LENT period now ... a time for soul-searching and repentance. Soon, it will be Easter. Easter brings a whole new meaning for your family ... a happy reminder that You are alive today because of Jesus Christ.  :D

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Be good ... :D