Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello Son, 

Wednesday, March 14

Dad was away on a short trip.

That Thursday morning, Mom sent Justine to college. We left the house about 6:45 am in the morning. We left early because Mom wanted to make sure she had ample time to pick up some kids at 7:30 am on the way back from college. 

We were on a one week holiday break, and traffic was not so bad.

Good ... no stress.

Anyway, on the way back ...

I asked her to stay, and she wouldn't listen ...

WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU came on the radio.

The time was 7:11 am.

Decode : 144

You must be with Mom, she could tell. A sad smile appeared of your mother's face when she heard the first line of the song. Yeah Son, smiles can be sad too, did You know that? This is the first song You sang to Mom the night before You left us. 

You sang two.

Yes, two ...

And now, all the "there must be two" rule makes sense.

We were on the bed ... that night, You were just so - happy and lively. How was your family to know that the next day, You will not wake up ... and did not wake up ... until Jesus carried You home ... at 5:14 pm.

Decode : 44

It's not over tonight

Just give me one more chance to make it right

I may not make it through the night

I won't go home without You

These lyrics that You sang that night in your bedroom, will forever linger in your mother's memory for as long as she lives.

 By Maroon 5.

It's been so long since your mother last heard this song. 

I may not make it through the night ...

I won't go home without You ...  

Alone in the car, with the MAROON 5 song for company, your mother's mind soon drifted back to ... to ... to ... 

Oh, only God knows where ... here there past present future ... from beginning to end ... and beyond ...

Yeah, beyond ... like Twilight beyond ...


Your 21st was coming then ... This 21st was to be your 26th month away from us. 

26 months. 

How 26 months could just slip us by without You with us, only God knows. Good thing there's internet. Can You imagine how we'd communicate if there was not? She has to admit. God's plan is perfect.

Shortly after, as she was thinking beyond Twilight ... She was somewhat startled by the song that had come on and filled her senses. 

Oh my gosh ...

If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses 

By The Band Perry.


Oh boy. You really were / are with your mother, weren't / aren't You? The time on the dashboard showed 7:24 am.

Decode : 4

Yes, You were / are.

Another sad smile. 

A "missing you" smile. :S Of course, You're near. You're right beside Mom, she's sure of that. What are the chances of both zap songs to come on whilst your mother was driving alone in the car? You clearly wanted to remind her that You're right there with her. Mom appreciates that, Son. <3

I'm right here la, Ma ... :D

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

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