Sunday, March 25, 2012

Call 345 : HOT SUN

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 344)

Sunday, March 18

That Sunday, Dad and Mom visited your garden. Justine did not go with us. She was engaged to do some volunteer work at a Senior Citizens' Home at St Mary's with some of her college mates.

St Mary's ...

How nice ... 

We had attended Sunday mass in the morning, dropped Justine off at the Home. Dad and Mom went for breakfast before dropping by at our usual place to get your everlasting flowers.

After buying your flowers, we drove to the garden. 

There was a petrol station just before the turning into your garden. Dad wanted to pump petrol. Oh good, Mom wanted to get a drink ... but ended up buying ice-cream. 

It was almost 1 pm in the afternoon the last time she checked, and the sun was all hot and hyper that day. Normally, we would visit your garden early in the morning and leave by 10:30 am or sometimes 11 am, to avoid the sun. 

However, today ... we couldn't. 

We were obviously late.

Mom was in the car waiting for Dad to fill up the gas tank. Shortly after, Dad hopped back in to the car. As he was starting the engine, the song ANGEL OF THE MORNING was on the radio.


Mom glanced at the time. 

It was 1:15 pm.

Decode : 14


What a coinciDANs. 

We're just about to turn into your garden, Son. This song had come on a few days ago, on Wednesday 14th

Check the time now at 1:15 pm. 

Decode : 14


The minute - figure could have been any number from 1 to 60. Yet, out of 60 numbers, it showed a number that would zap. It was as it You were reminding your mother.

Angel Of The Morning - second time, Ma. 

The first one on 14th. :D

Mom remembers the first one because she was searching for the video on the internet and had found one, which she had saved in her draft for later use.

At your garden ... 

Dad and Mom were pleasantly surprised that the flowers from the previous 3 months were all still in tact in the garden bed. The place actually looked quite clean. Mom stood by the side of the car, under the shade of a tree opposite your plot, to finish up her ice-cream. 

It really was hot at your plot. The nearest tree did not offer any shade at your spot. Mom was lamenting that she forgot to put on her sunscreen. 

You must have heard your mother complaining to Dad, 

"Aiyoh, it's so hot ... Where's the umbrella? Is there a hat in the car? Next time, we must bring a hat. We cannot come at this time. We have to come by 8 am or 9 am in the morning ... etc"

So anyway ...

Guess what?

Would You believe it ...

It was barely a minute when we started to tidy up your garden when we suddenly noticed that the sun had gone into hiding.

No kidding. 

The sun had actually gone into hiding and was nowhere to be seen. Mom looked up into the sky and pointed to Dad. Several thick grey-white clouds had come into sight, and had completely covered the sun.

OMG ... 

How cute was that?

Dad said, "Your son heard you ..." :D 

and continued, "You don't want the sun, Mom?"


Oh, that was awesome. 

At first, Mom thought the shade was gonna be for a short while only, so we were still kinda hurrying with the weeding and planting. 

However, as minutes passed, we soon found that we were actually able to sit and relax, light some candles, and say the rosary with the fat clouds offering a nice shade over your garden plot and around us. 

Like usual.

In fact, there was even a little breeze, believe it or not.

Oh wow ...

You must have asked the wind to blow, huh ... :D

Thanks Son, that was really, really nice.


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