Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello Son,                                        (continue from Call 342)

Wednesday, March 14

That afternoon, Mom was in school. 

There was no electricity this morning due a vehicle that had rammed into an electrical cable. Our whole row of shop offices were affected. 

Thankfully, by 11 am, the electricity had come back on temporarily whilst waiting for the damage to be repaired. There was a huge truck outside our building that was supplying the temporary electricity.

Mom was walking to the car. It was time to fetch Justine from college. As she sat in the car, she couldn't help but notice a huge number 24 on the truck. She had smiled to herself. 

She started the ignition. ANGEL OF THE MORNING came on immediately. 

The time on the dashboard was 3:24 pm.

It was somehow awesome to be able to see a 24 on her right (truck) and a 24 on her left (car). Yes, yes ... right and left, she somehow has an angel watching over her, she knows. :D

The Pretenders.

Note the message at the end of the video :  

Angels do exist. 

Your mother's words exactly.

Mom was singing along as she drove to college. 

After that ANGEL song, LET IT BE came on.

Let it be ...

Hmmm ...

Why no electricity today, Son? Mom had asked early in the morning. Of all the days, the cable was crushed, it had to be a day when Dad was not around. Why of all days, it had to be that day? Why?

Let it be la, Ma ...

Mom could almost hear You say ... :D

Smile ...

LET IT BE (the Ferry Aid version) and your mother has come a long long way. Mom used to have a cassette that played only this song from beginning to end, on both sides. Just so she could listen to it for hours, without having to rewind. This song truly has helped her through many of her times of trouble and her hours of darkness.

Call 49 : Mother Mary


By Ferry Aid.

Kate Bush has always been your mother's favorite in this video, even during her university days. Check out the time Kate sings her part.


Oh Wow ... Right to the very second. What can Mom say except that she knows for sure now, more than ever, that that message is for her.

Let it be ...


Anyway, here's another LET IT BE video she came across. 

Two LET IT BE videos for You and Mama Mary, Son. :D

(Across the Universe)

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be

And in my hour of darkness

She is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be

When I find myself in times of trouble ...

Mother Mary comes to me ...

Hearing that song again so unexpectedly in the car that day, brought back a host of memories your mother's thought she has forgotten. 

Reflecting back now, Mom's glad that we went to Lourdes. That was surely on Mother Mary's invitation.

It really was so awesome to be in Mama Mary's territory and being near to Her. She really wanted You to be there to prepare You (and your parents), for Heaven and to meet her Son, otherwise You (and your parents) wouldn't have been there at all. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

God's not gonna waste His time letting things happen for no reason. 

Hah. Of course, Mom is able to say that line now, and in a calm and composed manner, but at that time, OMG ... She's not ashamed to say that she had cried out hysterically like she had lost her mind and repeatedly, like a broken record, to the Mother of Jesus, 

"Please talk to your Son, Mother Mary, PLEASE! He's being very unreasonable. What is He trying to do? (when your parents were told about the multiples in Pao Hospital) What could your Son possibly want to do with my son?" 

and etc etc etc.

Gee, writing about this is making your mother all tensed up and anxious.

Give her a minute to calm down.


(continue on Call 344)