Sunday, March 11, 2012

Call 338 : NO PLASTERS

Hello Son,

It's been amazing how You make your presence felt, Daniel. Daily, something would happen to remind your mother that You are very, very near. :D

Tuesday, March 6

It was after school about 1:30 pm.

There was a 6 year old boy (A) who was waiting for his father to pick him up. He was at the material time, playing with a 2 year old boy (X) ... They were both pulling at a chair the last time Mom turned to look at them. 

Before long, A came to Mom and said, 

"Look what that kid did to me ..."


That kid?


"What did X do?" Mom asked.

A pointed to his foot. There was a red scratch on it. 

"He scratched my foot."

"Aww ... Never mind," Mom said, before continuing, "Let's get a plaster for you." 

Stepping on the foot stool in front of her, she reached for the First Aid Kit that was on the top shelf in the kitchen. Opening the box, your mother picked up the box of plaster.

Oh dear, it was empty. :(

No plasters?

Gee, who took the last one? 

Mentally, she noted to get a box of plaster later before going home.

Mom applied some ointment on his scratch, before asking him if he was hungry. He said yes.

She scooped him a bowl of fried rice. 

To cut a long story short, A asked for another 3 more helpings. Mom was rather surprised as this boy is not known to eat that much. He really must be very hungry.

4 bowls?


Hmmm ... interesting ... her brains started working over time. Let's see ... what have we got here. A scratched foot, and 4 bowls of rice.

Oh well, she shrugged. 

Nothing ... she got nothing ...

So anyway, the day soon passed and Mom forgot about the plaster inciDAN. It was after 7 pm, when Dad came to the school to fetch her. 

Boy, You're so not gonna believe this.

Dad came to her, held out a box, and said, 

"Somebody left this downstairs."

Mom took the box and asked, "What is this?"

Dad said, "A box of plaster."

Pause ...


OMG ...

Did You hear that???

OMG ...

A box of plasters? 

Mom was suddenly uncertain, and wondered if she had asked your father to buy plasters for her. 

Your mother asked, "Did I ask You to buy this?"

Dad replied, rather impatiently, "No ... I found this box downstairs on the bench (at the school entrance) ... somebody left it there."

OMG ... 

You've gotta be kidding ...

What are the chances?

Mom opened the box and found that it was a new box with 10 strips of sterile plasters individually packaged. 

She blurted out excitedly, "OMG, this afternoon I needed a plaster for A, and our plaster box was empty ... I told myself to remember to get a box later ... and now you're bringing me a box of plasters. OMG, I can't believe it ... I can't believe it ..."


You wanted plasters, Ma? :D


We locked up. Mom was still talking at a hundred words per minute. How awesome. How incredibly awesome. OMG, it was incredible. How would You explain this except that an angel is around.

Yes, an angel ...

Nobody, nobody but You ... :D

In the car, as we were driving home, the song One Thousand Years came on the radio. Mom glanced at the time. 

It was 7:16 pm.

Decode : 14

About the same time, a car with the registration plate 414 drove past us. Mom had pointed that out excitedly to your father.

Yes Son ... 

That's easy ...

Thanks for the plasters, Son ... <3

That was really awesome ...

March 11 - Will continue after dinner ...