Saturday, March 3, 2012

Call 335 : TOY MONKEY

Hello Son, 

Monday, Feb 27

The day before, on Sunday Feb 26, Mom had written 

Call 334 : Code 44

First thing the next day on Monday morning, upon reaching the school, guess what greeted your mother?

 Picture taken at 6:50 am.

Mom pointed to Dad, with a big smile, "That's our code now, you know .... Everywhere I am, there You'll be ... I finally figured that out. I just wrote about that yesterday on the blog and now it's right in front of my face. He hears me ..." :D

Yes Son, You definitely hear your mother, she knows that. It's quite obvious. The jigsaw puzzle is coming together.

You're slow la, Ma ... :D

Dad dropped your mother off in school. 

Later in the morning, a 6 year old boy came to her office and showed her something, she can't remember what now. Mom was suddenly reminded of what Dad told her last week (Thursday, Feb 23) when she saw the boy. 

Yes, Dad had a ZAP inciDAN with the boy. She had forgotten to mention it when she called You during the weekend, and had intended to when Dad first told her about it.

Was that a reminder from You? :D

  ... to write about that inciDAN, Ma. :D

Anyway ...

On that Thursday morning, this 6 year old boy, X, brought a toy monkey to school. 

Dad asked X (they were in the school car at the time), 

"What is your monkey's name?"

X answered, "Daniel ..."

Pause ... Did You hear that???

Dad sent an sms to your mother :

"X just showed me his soft toy monkey named Daniel." :D

Your mother was chuckling to herself as she read the sms. Who would name a toy monkey Daniel? Of all the names in the world the boy could have chosen, it had to one that would zap your parents?

Hmmm ...

The next day, on Friday Feb 24, Dad casually asked X about his toy monkey.

Dad said to Mom, " I asked X, where is your monkey Daniel?"

Apparently, X replied, "No ..."

Dad said he was kinda taken back. The day before, X had clearly said the toy's name is Daniel, and now the boy seemed to be denying it. 

So, Dad said he asked X again a second time, and the boy answered again, "No ..."

Dad said, he asked a third time.

This time, X replied,  

"It's not a monkey Daniel. It's - just - Daniel."

Pause to reflect ...

It's - just - Daniel ...

It's - just - Daniel huh, Son ... :D

Oh Wow ...

By the way, this is the same boy who said, "Go straight turn left."  

Call 328 : Valentine's Day

Something to think about ...

Meanwhile, here's a photo of You with a soft toy monkey ...

Picture taken on Sept 9, 2009 at KLIA while waiting for our flight to Paris.

 ... and another not a toy ...

Picture taken on January 28, 2009 at Kuantan beach.

Both photos were taken in the year 2009. 

Sigh, even a photo with a monkey, You have two.

That evening, we were having dinner at home. 

Law and Order (Special Victims Unit) was on at the material time. Mom was not really watching the show although she was having her dinner sitting on a sofa right in front of the television.

The show soon ended. The credential list appeared, one after another. She saw the name Lynn on the screen and immediately thought, Daniel will be next.

True enough, she spotted a Daniel ...

And then, not expecting anything else, she saw the name Danielle (Justine's second name) ...

And lastly, she saw the name Bryan ...

Oh Wow ... 

All our names in one credential list. 

Oh boy ... What are the chances?

No chance.

Angel chance.


Was that not her second zap inciDAN after the 4040 zap this morning? There must be two before she takes her zaps seriously. :D

Interesting ...

Let's see ...


Message at dawn :  4040

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Message at end of the day : 

Dad, Mom, Danielle (Justine) and Daniel ... <3

As in ...


We'll always be together ?

Together forever?


Both are just - perfect, Son ... :D