Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Call 340 : OLD FEES

Hello Son,

Friday, March 9

It was after school hours at 7 pm.

Dad, Mom and Jus were in the car. 

We went to a nearby coffee shop for dinner. After a quick dinner, Mom said she had to drop by at the supermarket. The next day, Saturday, was Parents' Day, and your mother had to get some stuff for refreshments. 

In the car on the way to TESCO, Mom broke into a nursery rhyme. 

She sang out loud :

Three blind mice

Three blind mice

See how they run

See how they run

They all run after the farmer's wife

Who cut off their tails with a carving knife

Did you ever see such a thing in your life

As three blind mice

She picked Three Blind Mice at random, by the way. She's not sure now why she picked Three Blind Mice to sing in the car from all the God-knows-how-many nursery rhymes she could have sung. Besides, we have not done it in school yet. Perhaps, You whispered to her.

Three Blind Mice, Ma ... 

Three Blind Mice ... :D

Anyway, after that rhyme, she found herself attempting a mandarin song with the same tune. 

You know, the one with the "two tigers."

Liang che lau foo

Phau te kuai

E ker may yo yen chin

E ker may yo er tuo

Chen chi khuai

Something or rather. 

Of course, her pronunciation is all out.  She can tell. You're trying not to laugh, aren't You? :D

After the mandarin rhyme, she said, "I wonder if we can do one in Bahasa ..."

She started singing ...

Tiga tikus buta ...

And broke into laughter. :D:D:D

Dad was like, "Hahaha ... Cannot la BM ... It doesn't go ..."

Stating the obvious ...

Were You shaking your head, Son ...

Aiyoh Ma ... tsk tsk tsk ... Please la ... :D

We arrived at TESCO. 

Dad dropped Justine and Mom at the entrance whilst he went to park. We walked to the supermarket. A few minutes after taking a trolly, your sister nudged Mom ... and pointed a finger up the ceiling.

Your mother stopped in her tracks ... and she heard. 

A Thousand Years had come on the overhead speakers.

Smile ...

You're with us, aren't You, Daniel?

We were there for about 20 minute or so. Mom only had to get some bread for sandwiches the following day. She also bought a new hand towel for the pantry.

Dad had joined us. We walked over to the cashier.

Boy, You're so not gonna believe this ... 

After paying the cashier girl, Dad took the stuffs. Mom was keeping the change in her purse. Justine was with us at the material time. Yes, the three of us were together, at the check out point. 

As we were leaving the counter, would You believe it but there was a sudden loud song that greeted us.

Three blind mice 

Three blind mice

See how they run

See how they run

OMG ...

Where did that come from?

Right in front of us, about 5 walking steps away, a child was on a ... can't remember now whether it was a car or a train or maybe even an animal ... You remember those rides, don't You ... where you insert a coin ... and the thingy moves ... with a catchy tune.

In this case, the catchy tune was ... OMG ...

Three Blind Mice ...

Believe it or not ...

Gosh, what are the chances? Honestly ...

Mom quickly turned to Justine, "Check the time. What's the time?" 

Your mother's cellphone was down and out.

Justine said, "21:22 pm ..." She showed Mom her phone.

That brought on a big smile for your mother.

Decode : (21) (4)

It's so easy ... :D


All her ZAP numbers. Mom couldn't stop talking at top speed about the Three Blind Mice. 

"OMG, did you hear that? I just sang that in the car just now. OMG ... Do you believe this? Just as we were walking out ... " The timing was so precise. 

Angel timing, that's for sure ...

Dad asked Mom to get some cakes as we were passing a bakery. Mom stepped into the bakery and picked up 3 swiss rolls. She brought it to the cash counter.

The cashier said, "We ran out of paper. Do you need a receipt?"

The amount was less than RM15. It was almost closing time. Mom did not really need to have the receipt, but for some reason, she said, yes, she needed to have a receipt.

The girl was all flustered as she tried to replace the paper roll into the till. Finally, the girl asked, "Can I write you a receipt?"

Mom said of course.

The girl pulled out a receipt book from a drawer and turned to a new page. As the girl was scribbling, Mom peered over. 

The receipt number was 48.

Ah, but of course ...

Decode : 444

A big smile appeared on your mother's face, as You would seen from where You were / are.

You're definitely with us ... she can tell.

Definitely ...

Mom was suddenly reminded of an inciDAN which happened in school that afternoon. She couldn't wait to tell Dad. It was about 5 pm or so, when there was a visitor at the intercom. Mom had gone down to the ground floor to attend to him.

The man said, "I came to pay my son's school fees ..."

He did not look familiar. Who's his son?

Mom asked, "What's your son's name?"

The man gave a name and then continued, "He's not in the school now. He was in your school three years ago. He's now 10 years old."

Hmmm ...

Your mother was a bit puzzled.

Just a bit ...

Yeah right, Ma ....

"And you came to do what again?" Mom heard herself asking.

The man said, "I came to pay the fees. I owe you one month's school fees three years ago. His last month in school in 2009, I did not pay at the time, I'm very sorry ..."

Pause ...

... and you came to pay now ???

Mom could not believe her ears. The man handed her some notes. Mom accepted it, and counted them in front of the gentleman. 

"RM280 ..."

Smile ...

Decode : (24) (4)

Wow, You're good, Son ... 

21 (4) and 24 (4) ... that day ...

Both YOU ...

Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

C'mon Son, that was easy ... 

How could a parent who owe fees THREE YEARS ago suddenly show up and offer to settle the amount? That is so unheard of. Is there any kindergarten operator out there in this whole wide world, who can share a similar experience? Does this normally happen? 

Does it???


In the first place, we do not send out letters demanding for outstanding fees to be settled. So, if that gentleman's not responding to us, the management of the school, who was he responding to?

Hmmm ...

Interesting ...

Three Blind Mice ...

(21)(4) and (24)(4)

All her favourite numbers ...

You say it best when You say nothing at all, Son ... :D