Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call 341 : 26th MONTH

Hello Son,

Today's the 21st ...

Thinking about You and wishing You were here, over and over and over again, as You celebrate your 26th month with JESUS and Mother Mary ... and all the angels and saints in heaven.

Here's the first song that You sang to Mom the night before You left. WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU. Will write the story during the weekend - the story about how this song just popped up a few days ago.

By Maroon 5

Meanwhile, here's the link to your Flower Garden Blog. Will write about the inciDANs of that day later. Brains not functioning now. It's almost midnight dee. Nite Son. Keep the ZAPs coming ...

We miss your loud GOOD NIGHTTT MOM, GOOD NIGHTTT DAD, GOOD NIGHTTT JUS ... whenever we pass your room. :(

Having said that, thinking about You now saying Good night Jesus, and Good night Mama Mary, brings a little warmness in our hearts. :D