Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello Son,                                       (continue from Call 343)

Wednesday, March 14

Mom arrived at college. 

Justine appeared shortly after Mom sent her a text message. Your sister wanted to have pan mee (flour noodles) for lunch. There was only one place for that. We drove to Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park.

In the car, Mom told Justine about the morning song zaps.

We soon arrived at the coffee shop. Turning into the lane, we noticed that the parking bays were filled up, from one end to another. We drove on slowly. 

Mom remarked confidently, "He has a place for us ..." 

and then called out aloud, "Daniel, get a place for us."

Jus grinned.

Barely 3 seconds later, as we were turning round the bend, lo and behold, we saw a nice spot just waiting for us ... 

Oh boy, after driving along a long stretch of fully occupied bays, it sure felt so zapping nice to see that empty spot. 

It came right after Mom called out to You. :D

Yes, yes, we noticed that. 

A definite coinciDANs. :D

We had our noodles.

On the way back home, One Thousand Years came on the radio. We felt your presence, Daniel. 

You were with us, we know. :D

The next day on Friday, Mom had to fetch a kid back in the evening. 

After dropping the kid off, on the way back, One Thousand Years came on - again. Two days in a row, and in a short period of about 10 minutes or so in the car on both days, this song had come on.

Take note Ma - two times ... :D

The time was 6:33 pm.

Decode : 21

Yes Son, your 21st is round the corner.

Saturday, March 17

On Saturday evening, Dad, Mom and Justine were at Bangsar Village 2. We had a nice dinner at Ben's.

After dinner, Dad said he wanted to get a few things from the supermarket, that was right opposite the diners - possibly some 30 walking steps away. 

As we were walking to the grocer, Mom bumped into a parent. Her 4 year old daughter was in the pram. We chatted for a bit. 

A few minutes later, your mother was alerted to the song WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU on the overhead sound system. Oh Wow ...

She casually pulled out her cellphone to check the time ... trying hard not to look too excited as she continued to chat with the parent.

It was 9:18 pm.

Decode : 144


She hoped she wasn't behaving too awkwardly.

Was she?

You're near, Mom knows. Her heart was singing so loudly she was afraid the parent might hear it. Boy, if that parent did not appear when she did, Mom would have followed Dad into the supermarket, and maybe miss the song if she were too busy looking for stuffs. 

Mom was meant to be there, because we actually spent quite a few minutes talking and catching up ... before the song came on. It really was hard trying not to have a big silly grin on her face and even more difficult trying to behave normally.

Right after that, IF I WERE A BOY came on.

OMG ...



That was so your song, once upon a time. We will always remember how your aunties would tease You whenever they hear You sing that song and would ask, 

"If I were a boy, Daniel? What are You now?"

Yeah, if I were a boy ... 

Yes Son, Mom now understands exactly what You were singing ... if only You were a boy, a normal boy ... and not a boy with a secret. :(

Especially a deadly secret.

Shortly after, another friend came along and said hi. He was with his family and was kinda rushing to get some stuffs before the counters closed. The parent and her girl left thereafter too.

Mom stood there by herself, inhaling deeply.

Oh wow ... What was that?

Two friends ... two songs ... 

On the way home, I'LL BE THERE came on the radio. You must have seen your mother smiling to herself.

It was 9:29 pm.

Decode : (24) (14)

How awesome ... both her angel signs.

Just call my name, and I'll be there ... :D

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