Sunday, March 25, 2012

Call 346 : BEN HARE

Hello Son,                                            (continue from Call 345)

Sunday, March 18

At your garden ...

No need to hurry, Ma ... :D

Oh boy ... 

Mom came across the above image at the time of writing this paragraph and couldn't help smiling. 


Ben Hare?

Ha ha ...

Mom remembers mentioning the name JUDAH BEN HUR ...

"... as strong as Judah Ben Hur ..."


Your sister and You had looked at each other and asked in unison, "Who's that?"


Ben Hare ...


You're with Mom, she knows. 

I know who's JUDAH BEN HUR now, Ma. :D

So anyway ...

Just before settling down to say the rosary, Mom put her handphone beside your porcelain photo and said,  

"Call Mom, Son ..."

Dad looked. 

Mom explained like it was the most natural thing to do, 

"You wait and see. He'll call and give a message ..." :D

We left the garden about an hour later.

No calls ... :( 

No message ...

Not yet anyway. 

No message, Daniel?

Wait, Ma ... :D

Hmmm ... wait ... so much significance in such a tiny word.

Flashback ...

You were in preschool then. One day, You were busy with your toys. Mom called You over and You said, "Wait." 

Yup, that was the very first time You did not go to your mother when You were called. That evening, she mentioned to a friend that her son had used the 4 letter word on her that morning. The first time. 

Her friend was like, "What? Really? What did he say?"

Mom confessed solemnly, "He said WAIT ..."

Smile ...

So anyway ...

We were in the car heading towards home. 

On the way back, I HAVE A DREAM came on the radio.

Wait a minute ...

H-huh ...

I Have A Dream ...

Hey, isn't this the song that has the line:


Why yes, yes ... it is. 

I believe in angels.

Oh boy. 

Mom suddenly remembered that the ANGEL OF THE MORNING video that she had saved in her draft has these words at the end :


Two signs about angels?



Why, that's easy. 

Take notice, Mom ... :D

We know all along, Daniel. We know that to be true. Of course we do. Yes, angels do exist, and yes, of course we believe in angels, are You kidding? All these coinciDANs and zap signs don't just happen without an angel orchestrating them. :D 

Especially with one who's good at video games.

Mom said happily, "There - my message for the day."

Dad smiled ...

Mom said, moments later ...

"Wah, how appropriate ... Just before we arrived, we heard the song ANGEL OF THE MORNING. Then, when we left, we hear I BELIEVE IN ANGELS. In the middle, the clouds came out and hid the sun. He really is with us .. He really is ..."

There are just not that many nice boy angel photos ...

heLLOOOoooo ...

Like a good karangan.

Got pendahuluan, got penutup and got isi.

A+, Son ...

Thanks Son. That was a really good reinforcement.

We believe in angels ... <3

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...