Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 334 : CODE 44

Hello Son, 

Wednesday, February 22

Something amazing happened this Wednesday, a day after your 21st. You will remember that your mother was kinda waiting the whole day for your zaps the day before, and finally got two at the end of the day.  
See Call 333 : With Jesus 

Well, the day after your 21st, on Wednesday, You made it up to us. 

Dad, Mom and Justine each had our own little zaps from You. We knew they were from You.

Yes Son, we did ...  :D

1. Mom's Zap

Mom was in school. 

It was in the afternoon and the kids were napping. Dad came over to pick your mother up for a late lunch. In the car, your mother was telling Dad (again) about the two inciDANs that happened the day before, on your 21st.

"Can you imagine how the cashier girl can suddenly say RM5:40? Just when I was thinking where is the number 4 ... OMG ... And If I Die Young had to come on just before we reached the condo ... You remember how you kept saying we should go, we should go ... He must have whispered to you to get going ... Had we gone to the car just 5 minutes later, we would have missed the song ... OMG ... Can you imagine etc ..."

Suddenly, Dad reached out to turn up the volume of the radio, and only then did Mom hear. 

OMG ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may I can never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing

You say it best when You say nothing at all ...

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard. 


The time showed 3:55 pm.

Decode : 4


We drove to a coffee shop. As we were waiting for our food, your mother was suddenly alerted to the background music that was filling her senses.

"Eh, what's this song?" she had pointed a finger up in the air.

A few seconds later ...

OMG ... 

There You'll Be ... by Faith Hill. 

Dad saw your mother grabbing her cellphone to check the time. She gave a triumphant yelp and showed Dad the time. 

It was 4:04 pm. 

Remember this code : 44 as it would appear again later for Mom, Dad and Justine.

By Faith Hill

In my dreams, I'll always see You soar above the sky

In my heart, there will always be a place for You for all my life

I'll keep a part of You with me

And everywhere I am, there You'll be

 Video created by Justine.

Yes Son, You took the words right out of your mother's mouth. 

Code 44 : Everywhere I am, there You'll be. 

For sure. :D

Mom went back to school after the short break. 

That evening, as we were going home, there was a white sports car that zapped your mother.

Oh boy ...

Dad said, You used to pick this model when You played your racing car video games and at times, You would ask Dad to help You pick the wheels as You assemble your car. :D

44 ...

OMG ... 44 ???

Everywhere I am, there you'll be ... <3

Code cracked.

Message received.

Thanks Son. :D 

OMG, that was awesome.

2. Dad's Zap

When we were turning into our lane to return home, Dad spotted a KTM 990 with the registration plate 44.

Dad had in fact called out, "Hey, 44 ..."

Mom had looked up then and saw the bike but did not see the number as it had zoomed away.

That 44 was meant for Dad.

Everywhere I am, there You'll be.

Once again, code cracked.

Message received.

That was surely You, Son.

Mom said to Dad excitedly, 

"Just now, I had a 44, and now You. 

Son's talking to us, I'm telling you ... 

At the coffee shop, There You'll Be came on right on 4:04 pm. 

I showed you the time. You saw it.

That's 44 ... That's the code ... OMG ... 

He's telling us, everywhere we are, there he'll be ..." :D

OH   MY   GOSH ...


We arrived home. Mom couldn't wait to tell Justine about the inciDANs of the day except that she didn't expect your sister to be waiting for your parents instead, to tell them about her zap inciDAN that happened this afternoon.

3. Justine's Zap

Your sister said, "I had a major zap this afternoon. It is so impossible, it can only be him."

Oh boy, your mother couldn't wait to hear the story.

Your sister said, that this afternoon after class, she and two other friends went for lunch at a restaurant near college. 

The bill came up to RM44:40.

Upon leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. The girls had no choice but to go back in, to wait for the rain to stop. 

At the table, one of the girls asked the other girl about braces apparently, and that alerted your sister about her retainers that she had taken out before eating her lunch. 

Justine had wrapped them up with a tissue, and left it on the table as she was having her food and had forgotten all about them. It was quite obvious that the waitress who cleared the table would have cleared the retainers away as well.

Your sister called for the waitress and told her about the problem. Yes, the retainers were discarded, but thankfully, they were retrieved.

Justine said, "We had already left the restaurant. It had to rain, and we had to go back in. If X did not mention about the braces, I wouldn't have remembered my retainers at all."

It was so obvious she had angel help there. :D

After awhile, the girls wanted to go back to college. Since it was still raining, they decided to borrow an umbrella from the restaurant people. They came out, with the umbrella, apparently walked a few steps before the rain stopped.

Your sister was pretty much overwhelmed by that.

Mom told Justine, that she and Dad too had a 44 zap that day.

Yes, yes ... Mom is aware that your sister had a 444 zap ... 

You say it best when You say nothing at all (4), 

clearly the reminder about her retainers ... and ...

Everywhere I am, there You'll be (44)  ...

Oh hellooo ... that was easy ... :D

Mom said, "He's making it up for yesterday ..."

Thank you, Son ... for the message for each of us. 

That sure was precious.