Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Call 319 : HALO HALO

Hello Son, 

It's a public holiday over in KL today. Mom is meeting up with Aunty R in the afternoon. Can't wait to see her baby. Aunty R's baby girl is also in heaven. She left a few days after she was born 2 years back. About 6 months before You did. 

You kids must be having a really fun time, Daniel ... Your parents can only imagine just how much ... :D

Anyway ...

Continuing from Call 316 : Hello Planet, Dad, Mom and Justine went over to Grandma's house for dinner that Monday evening (Chinese New Year) ... after coming back from the mall. Remember the HELLO PLANET zap and the HALO HALO that we had for tea that Monday afternoon.

Mom bought a lil something for Baby Megan, remember?

Here's cute little Megan. :D

Monday, Jan 23 @ 7:12 pm at Grandma's home

Baby Megan checking out her dragon stuffed toy.

We had a really nice dinner. Grandma made her ever famous steamboat.

Aunty C took some photos with her camera.

Will have to get those photos later. 

Mom wrote Call 316 : Hello Planet and posted that entry on Tuesday, Jan 24 @ 9:45 am. 

Right after that, your mother prepared the next continuing entry for Orange Dot Blog ... Dot 167 : Wheelchair ... 

which she published on the same day on Tuesday @ 11:06 am.

Before Mom published that Dot 167 entry, she had checked on the internet for a video on the song AVE MARIA ... 
Would You believe it but the very first link that she clicked on, brought her to this page below ... which if You can see on the thumbnail videos on the right hand side, there is a HALO HALO HALO message just waiting to greet her. :D

Can You see it? 

It's the 4th video from the top, with the time 4:20 ... on the right.


Oh Wow ...

4th video? 

And 4:20?

Decode : 24 (your birthdate)

With the words "I CAN FEEL YOUR HALO HALO HALO" ...

Can You imagine your mother's surprise to see those words when just an hour ago, she had told You about her Hello Halo inciDAN in  

Call 316 : Hello Planet.

OMGosh ... 

What are the chances??? 

I can feel your Halo Halo Halo ... 4th video, and angel sign 24

Honestly, what are the chances of your mother stumbling upon this video without even searching for it??? 

That was definitely YOU reading your mother's thoughts ... 

"I can feel your Hellos, Son ..." 

Was she not trying to explain that HELLO PLANET was from You? 

A mother's God-given instincts. 

She knew that HELLO PLANET was from her son. He had given her TWO (Hello Planet bags) ... to make sure she took notice of the msg. Oh, c'mon ... how many signs does a child in heaven have to give to his earthly mother before his mother believes???

In Mom's case, just two, Son ... :D That is our understanding. There must be two.

So, yes, she  ---  just  ---  knew. 

Don't ask how she knows. It's the mother and son bond. Though physically we are apart, our souls are connected. It can never be severed. God's plan is perfect. She admits now ... with a little less grudge than before, if she's honest. 

Yeah, His plan is truly perfect.

Gosh Daniel, how awesome ... 

How awesome that God allows You to connect with your mother. Just awesome. No other words to describe it but AWESOME. 

Please tell JESUS and Mama Mary that Mom says thank you for letting You connect with your mother on a daily basis. That must be all your persistent pestering to Mother Mary to let You zap your mother daily ... Mom can tell, that with that God-given natural charm of yours, You'd probably get your way with Mama Mary ...

Besides, Mother Mary would understand ... 

She's a mother herself ... 

She knows ...

She knows Mom needs those daily zaps ... :D

Halo Ma ... :D

Yes, that was nobody, nobody but YOU ...

here's a magnified image ...

(continue on Call 320)