Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 332 : TITANIC ZAP

Hello Son

Sunday, February 19

We went to your garden on Sunday morning.

Rather late.

That would be like the latest we have ever been to your garden.

After 9:30 am.

We went to get your flowers first. 

In the car, Justine at one point called out, "Mom ... listen."

Mom pumped up the volume.  

If I Were A Boy was on the radio.

Oh Wow ... 

If I Were A Boy ... 

was one of the very first few songs that we remember You singing. 

Your aunties would tease You when You sang this song, and would say,  

"If I were a boy, Daniel? What are You now?" 

You would just continue singing in response to their teasing, and that would make them laugh out loud. :D

Yes Son, we remember ... If I Were A Boy ... It's been awhile since we've heard this song on the radio. Today, and right then, just as we were about to get your flowers, would be the perfect time.

You know huh ... that we were going to your garden.

On hindsight ... 

Perhaps You knew You wouldn't be a boy for that much longer. Was that why You sang this song so often?

Perhaps ...

Mom will never know for sure ...

By Beyonce (lyrics).

See the GOOD TIMES on the wall in the pub (Smallville video)? 

Mom wrote a GOOD TIMES entry this morning on Call 330.

What are the chances of her coming across this word in a video she chose at random? Yeah Son, that's definitely You reminding your mother to think about the good times.

See Call 327 : 25th Month ... at your garden.

Dad planting white roses at your garden bed.

When we were finally done at the garden, and were in the car ready to go back, Dad had turned on the engine, and the time on the dashboard showed :

11:14 am.

Mom pointed immediately and exclaimed, 

"That's 21 and 24 ... All him."

All him? Excuse the bad grammar. 

How your mother became so uh, good ... with numbers, she will never know. Do You?

We drove back around our area for brunch. Whilst we were at the coffee shop, a second song came on to zap your mother.

Titanic ...

My Heart Will Go On ...

And on and on and on ...

How perfect that this song came on while we were having our brunch. Mom had grabbed her cell to checked the time. It was 2:35 pm. She was all smiles as she told Dad and Jus.

Decode : 24 4

Yes Son ... all You ...

Nobody, nobody but YOU ...


By Celine Dion.

Two songs ... 

Yes, always two ... to remind your mother that You are near. <3