Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hello Son,

Saturday, February 4

We went on a weekend getaway to Uncle S's waterfall resort in Merbok during the recent public holiday. 

The plan was to leave at 7 am, but by the time Dad got us all packed up in the car ... Justine, Aunty C, her friend P, and her dog Kish, and Mom, and finally closed his door shut and started the engine, the time on the dashboard showed 8:40 am. 

Decode : 444

Mom pointed to the time. 

Dad looked.

No need for words.

A knowing smile says more.

You were /are so gonna be with us. :D

Stopped by Ipoh for hor fun about noon time. 

It's tradition. We have to stop by Ipoh for the kuey teow noodles.

Kish sat patiently watching us have our lunch. She got to taste some chicken meat. 

Aunty C had put on Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT video. 

Mom was not watching. She had dozed off. 

Not long after, she found herself waking up to the song in the background : I'LL BE THERE

She checked the time. 

It was 3:14 pm.

Decode : 44 

Your mother was all smiles if You noticed ... You must have whispered to her. 

Did You?

It's okay, Son ... You have the right to remain silent. You say it best when You say nothing at all.

Mom knows. You whispered to her. Her own timing is not that great.

Anyway, we were soon watching MY FATHER THE HERO ... 

until Dad announced, "We are here already ..." 

We had arrived at the museum, when the entrance to the waterfall is. Mom turned to look at the time. 

It was 4:00 pm. 

Mom counted with her fingers and exclaimed, "8 hours to get here ..." 

Had she driven, we would have arrived much, much, much earlier ...  but with 2 speeding tickets. Hah.

Dad hates it when that happens ...


Uncle S greeted us in the same orange tee that You have. 

Awww ...

You must have whispered to him.

Wear your orange KTM tee shirt today, Uncle S ... :D

Aunty C, Justine and You at Kuantan beach in Jan 2009.


Aunty C and Kish went exploring around the grounds ...

Here's Kish posing for us at the balcony.

Aunty C and Justine (floor).

Kish, you like it here?

Woof Woof Woof ...

Aunty C said that that was the first time, Kish got to explore on her own. In the condo, she doesn't get to go out much, since our condo does not allow pets. The vet has recently said that she has put on weight ... a reason why she now sits with her belly on the ground. Aunty C is putting her on a diet. She's taking leaner meat and only one helping of her dinner each day until she loses her excess weight.

This is the TV room ... complete with mosquito netting.

Justine with Dad ...

You used to slide down with your sister ...

The ladies were preparing dinner.

Dad came up to relax after the dip in the cold water.

Twice, You came here to recuperate after your surgery and many, many times during school break. Justine and You would spend hours and hours at the waterfall.

It was really good to get away from the city and just relax in the - jungle.

 In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ... (tune)

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We had the most delicious dinner that night by the waterfall. :D

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