Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Call 321 : DAN 1234

Hello Son,                                                (continue from Call 320)

Friday, January 27

You must have whispered into your mother's ear, 

Buy juice, Ma ... :D

Seriously, think about it ... 

She could have easily stepped in to a pharmacy to get a bottle of mineral water, which is the norm when she's thirsty while shopping at the mall, but somehow she didn't. 

That Friday, that particular Friday, she had to buy juice ... 

She had to stop by that juice stall at that precise time, to get zapped. :D

Oh Gee Wow ...

Mom's spirits were high and almost floating as we walked to the car park. We got in the car. Dad drove out of the parking bay. 

At the same time, another vehicle in front of us gave its signal to reverse out, so that we had to stop for that car to get out, before following the vehicle closely, heading towards the exit.

Mom saw the the numbers instantly.

1234 ...

OMG ...

You can't be serious ...


She exclaimed excitedly, and was like clapping her hands to get Dad's attention.

Look Look Look !!!

Flashback ...

Mom will never forget that inciDAN on her birthday on June 25, 2010, 5 months after You left ... She was with Justine in the car, Dad was outstation ... it was night time, and we were driving home ... there was heavy traffic and the cars were crawling on the road ... at one point, Justine had spotted a car right in front of us bearing the number plate DAN 1234 ... and right at that moment when she said, 

"HEY, DAN ..." 

Would You believe it but the song 1234, I LOVE YOU came on the radio. (Mom wrote about the inciDAN in your facebook ... someday, when she has the time, she will transfer all her earlier entries about those OMG - inciDANS to a blog).

That was so unbelievable. It was your mother's birthday, and You had made your presence felt throughout the day ... and just before the end of the day, that 1234 msg came on?

You used to sing this song with your "finger - action" ... Once or twice, You annoyed your sister with your finger - action ... when You chose to stick your finger up her face as You sing the 1234 ... :D

It's as easy as 1-2, 1-2-3-4 ...

There's only 1 way 
(You'd point your pointer finger up at her face)

2 say 
(Pointing two fingers)

Those 3 words 
(three fingers up)

4 You - uuuu 
(four fingers)


Mom will never forget that, Daniel ... <3

That was super amazing!

In the car, Mom started to sing the 1234 ...  :D to remind Dad in case he had forgotten. 

Grin ...

Dad remembers ... of course he remembers.

Friday Jan 27 @ 10:08 pm.

Back at home when Mom was downloading the photo on her cellphone, she noticed the time of the shot. 

10:08 pm. 

Decode : 144

Hmmm ... 

Her angel numbers ...

Nice ...

Decode : 144  :D

Both photos that she downloaded that Friday night, the 2124 number blocks and the 1234 car number, were taken at her angel time. 

That brought on a happy smile on your mother's face.

Explanation not required.

Truly, You say it best when You say nothing at all, Son.

A clear coinciDANS. :D

Thank You Son, for reminding us again and again just how close You are to us every moment of the day. <3

Plain White T's

You'd have thought that was the end ...

Nah, got some more ... got some more ...

At the point of writing that last paragraph (Thank You Son ...), Mom checked a 1234 video at random and saw the number of hits :

14 864 644

Decode :  21  44 44

You wanted lots of angel signs from me, Ma? :D

(In Call 320 that she posted this afternoon, Mom said it's easy to make her happy ... just surround her with angel signs.)

Oh Wow Son, You never fail to amaze your mother.  

Thank You Son. <3 

That was super awesome ...