Saturday, February 18, 2012

Call 326 : DOG YEAR

Hello Son,                                                                              (continue from Call 325)

Monday, February 6

All of us slept well and got up a little later on Monday morning. 

We would be going home later in the afternoon. 

That morning, Dad made us all scrambled eggs. Did You know that Dad used to work in McDonald's in London when he was a student there? Yup, he did ... so his scrambled eggs was McD's style. 

Pure eggs only. 

No added milk. 

It was really very good. :D

Justine took several photos of the surroundings.

Newly renovated by Uncle S himself. It used to be one floor only.


Truly out of a picture magazine.

The weather was just excellent during the 3 days that we were there.

The balcony ...

The TV room ...

Part of Uncle S's room ...

So Balenese ... :D

Uncle S came to help Mom clear your pond and clean out the weeds. This pond area is dedicated to You by Uncle S after You left. 

He calls it Daniel's Paradise. :D

Dad appeared with a guitar. 

Soon, we were singing SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.

Did You hear us, Son?

Mom thinks You did. 


However,  she didn't quite expect You to respond to her in the way You did ... during our trip back. :D

OMG ... that was so awesome!

Wait for it ...

Daniel's Paradise ...

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

There's a land that I heard of

Once in a lullaby

Here's Justine trying to get some tan ...

Dad and Justine ...

Justine, Aunty C and P having a collagen mask facial spa ...

See the 3 girls?

Dad soon covered them with a banana leaf because Aunty C said it was too hot. 

Anyway ... it was soon time to go. 

We packed up.

While waiting for everyone to get ready, Mom sat at the sofa and picked up an old magazine. 

Flip Flip Flip ...

Then, came a page that zapped her ...

She couldn't help staring ...

Oh My ...

Would You look at all the 4s?

Oh Wow ... How amazing ...

Her last entry on this blog then was Call 321: DAN 1234 

which she'd posted on Wednesday, February 1 ... in that call, she had mentioned that it was easy to keep your mother happy, just surround her with angel signs.

What are the chances of your mother seeing this page that is filled with her angel signs? Yet ... Mom was not overly overwhelmed. There must be 2 zap inciDANS ... remember, there must be 2 for her to take these signs seriously.

She soon came to this page above.

Mom saw the bird cage ...

Ahh ... bird cage ...

Was that a real coinciDANS? Or was she trying too hard ...

Justine came out of the room just then. 

Mom showed her the 4s and then pointed to the bird cage

Your sister pointed to the dog, "Daniel's a dog." 

Mom's mouth fell open. 


But of course ... You were born in the year of the Dog.

With the bird cage and the dog, it was a definite coinciDANS. :D


You were / are near.

Just call my name Ma, and I'll be there ... :D

Mom immediately flipped back to the page with the number 4s.






Mentally, she calculated 3, 5, 6, 7 ... and gasped.

OMG ... 21 !!!

How amazing. You must have whispered to your mother to make the count. A similar zap inciDAN happened in that last entry she wrote then in Call 321 : DAN 1234 (YouTube hits). 

What are the chances???

Honestly, what are the chances???

No chance.

Angel chance ...

No other explanation but angel chance.

You must have seen a happy smile appeared on your mother's face.


We were soon in the car and on the way back to KL. 

We stopped at Juru to meet up with Uncle N for lunch. 

When we were about to finish our meal, Mom saw Dad picked up a small piece of paper that had somehow flown to our table. Dad was looking at the paper.

Mom asked, "What's that?"

Dad showed your mother the piece of paper. It was a receipt that had "flown" to our table. 

OMG ... 44???

Mom asked, "Is that our table number?"

Dad said, "No ... it's from another table, the receipt flew over."

Pause ...

Did -- You -- hear -- that?

The receipt flew over???

What are the chances???

You must have blown it over ... :D

Oh Wow ...

OMG Wow ...

We soon continued with our journey back to KL.

Are You ready for the most awesome thing that happened next? 

You thought the magazine and the receipt were it?

Oh no no no ...

There's more ...

It was after 6 pm then, when Mom suddenly spotted a RAINBOW in the sky. Mom yelped in excitement when she saw it. She pointed out to Dad excitedly.

"OMG! OMG!... We sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow this morning, and he's sending us a rainbow ... He's sending us a rainbow ... OMG! I knew he would hear us. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!!!"

A mother knows.

Of course, a mother knows. 

It's the mother and son bond. 

Here's the first photo of the pretty rainbow ...

Here's a second one ...

Daniel Phua, what have You got to say ??? You really made your mother's day, with that rainbow... 

My, what a perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank You for that, Son. You're always, always near and by your mother's side, she knows. 

Keep the zaps coming always, You hear?

We love You, Son ... <3 

Be good ...