Saturday, February 18, 2012

Call 325 : BE THERE

Hello Son

Sunday, February 5

Espresso, anyone? :D

Here's the coffee maker ...

We had sunny side up and soft boiled eggs with toast and coffee for breakfast.

Kish refused to take her soft boiled eggs.

Here's Kish getting a lil exercise with Uncle S. She was fiercely tugging at a palm leave and refusing to let go.

Grrrrrrrrrrr ...


Justine and Kish relaxing by the deck.

Smile ... :D

Would You look at Aunty C and Justine ... 

Turning back also must have gaya ...

Here fishy  ...

Smile, you two ...

Would You look at all the rays coming from the Son? :D

The water was crystal clear. Can You see the little fishes? 

Justine and You used to catch the fishes with a net and collect them in a small basin ... and then letting them go when it's time to get out of the water.

Taking the jeep out to the nearby village. Justine was supposed to take the wheel, and has been pestering your father about it, but Dad did not allow her since Uncle S said, the jeep has no brakes. 


Handmade noodles ...  Yummy! 

We had that late morning. Brunch.

You ate at this stall each time You were here, remember? :D

Does Jesus take noodles? 

Corn-low (dry) or with soup? :D

Your sister managed to finish up some homework in the afternoon.

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Fried Mee Hoon, with curry chicken and assam prawns for lunch. Dad added the keropok for decoration.

Here's Dad making iced BioFruity for drinks.
So absolutely thirst-quenching on a hot day like this.


Kish taking an afternoon siesta ...

The rest of us were busy polishing up our kuaci skills. :D

Crack ... split ... open ... munch ...

Justine said, "You have to use the flash ..."

Arghhh ... Too late ...


Your sister reminded Mom of the time when You fell out of the hammock. :D

The table is set for BBQ dinner that Sunday night.

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The aroma from the sizzling chops was absolutely heavenly. 

Mom was sure it would have traveled all the way up to heaven.

Not that it can be compared to the chops prepared by Mama Mary. :D

Table for 10 ...

Floral decoration by Dad.

Non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice.

It sure was a wonderful experience eating all our favourite food in the open space deep in the jungle, and under the stars. :D

Mom was very sure You were watching us from a distance ...

Yes Ma, just call my name ...

And I'll be there ... :D


Or maybe nearer ...

Who's to say ... 


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