Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 333 : WITH JESUS

Hello Son,

Tuesday, February 21

Your 25th month anniversary with Jesus and Mother Mary.

You know, Mom will honest here and say that the whole day, she had been expecting a zap or two but there were none. 

It was your 21st, and something awesome always happen on your 21st ... always. 

However, that Tuesday, nothing happened.

No zap.

No sign.

No number 4 anywhere. :(

After all the kids left, Dad, Justine and your mother went for dinner at a nearby mall. While waiting for the food, Mom walked over to the next store to buy some kuaci. 

The last 2 times when your mother was there to buy the sunflower seeds, she was zapped. :D

She went in and filled up a tub. Handing it over to the cashier girl, your mother watched the till. 

The amount showed RM5:10.

You must have seen your mother grimaced. Where's her number 4, she had thought at first, and then saw her angel sign as she decoded.

Then, would You believe it, but before your mother could take out her purse, the cashier girl said, 

"Oh, sorry. It's RM5-40." 


Apparently, there was a charge for the container that the girl forgot to add on.


Your mother had to laugh out loud in her head. 

Gosh, You read Mom's mind, didn't You?

You wanted a number 4, Ma? :D

Thanks for that, Son ... :D

As we were having our dinner, Mom told Dad and Justine about the inciDAN at the kuaci shop. She was mindful that there had only been ONE inciDAN that night. There must be a second one.

That's the rule. 

There must be two zap inciDANs.

After dinner, we were in the car heading home. 

It was only a short ride of 5 minutes at the most, from our dinner place back to the condo. Yet, during that short drive, guess what ...

IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio.

OMG ...

The time was 9:03 pm. It wasn't a zap time, she knows, but that song was sufficient to bring a wide smile to your mother's face. 

Just at the close of day. 

In the nick of time. 

Her second inciDAN.

By The Band Perry.

It was your 21st that day ... 

This song is just so --- YOU.

How perfect that it came on when it did.

Her second zap inciDAN, your mother hugged herself gleefully.

Thank You for that, Son ... We were only in the car for about 5 minutes, but yet, we were able to hear the whole song and be reminded that You are safe with Jesus ... :D 

Honestly, what are the chances of IF I DIE YOUNG coming on the radio in that 5 minutes as we were driving home?

No chance.

Oh okay ... Slim chance.

Correction ... Angel chance.

Daniel, that was super-awesome. It made your 21st all the more perfect with IF I DIE YOUNG at the end of the day. 

The RM5:40 was to get your mother's attention, and the song was to ZAP ZAP ZAP!!! :D

Oh Daniel Phua, that was easy ... :D