Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello Son, 

Thursday, February 16

It was a normal school day, sometime in the evening.

Mom had put on a reading disk on the computer. 

Earlier this morning, she had called up the sales agent who had sold her some books including a set of reading books of 4 levels, with 8 books at each level, 32 books in total, to complain about a spoiled disc. 

There was a disc that was included in each set of the 4 levels.

Mom had put on last week, the disc for Level 1, but that disc was somehow spoiled and could not be viewed. She had only called up the sales agent on Thursday morning to complain about the disc. 

The agent said that she would drop by the school the following day (Friday), with a replacement disc for Level 1.

That evening, since the Level 1 disc was not working, Mom opened up the set of Level 2 books. Among the 8 books, she came across ...

Rainbow Balloons ...

The next thing she knew, she was staring at the number 44 that zapped her.

Oh wow ...

On top of that, one of the number 4 balloons is orange

Does a mother whose son is in heaven need any more signs? :D

Nahhh ...

Thinking back, it was strange that the Level 1 disc had to be spoiled. With 8 books in each level, we would have taken a month before we begin with Level 2. Also, if your mother had called up the agent earlier, and the replacement disc for Level 1 was brought earlier, she would never have opened the Level 2 set ... until much, much later.

It was meant to be ...

Her son wants to remind her that he's near ... :D

Mom put on the disc and left the kids with the teacher to view and to read along. She went back to her desk to clear some paper work.

Not long after, Mom found herself standing up, and walking out to the door, to look X's shoes. She was very specific ... she came to look for X's shoes. 

X's shoes were not on the shoe rack. Mom turned to the clock. It was about 6 pm. X's mother would be picking her up soon. 

Where were her shoes? The day care teacher came to look for the shoes too, but the shoes were nowhere to be found.

"How can the shoes disappear?" Mom had asked the teacher.

The teacher had no idea.

Dad happened to walk out from the lift just then, and as he walked through the door, he picked up a shoe that was on the very top shelve of the shoe rack, about one foot above your mother's head. Your mother, nor the teacher, had not thought of checking that top shelf. It was too high and we do not normally put any shoes there.


One of the kids must have thrown X's shoe up there.

With that, your mother checked behind the door, and found the other side of the shoe. 

Once the shoes were found, believe it or not, but X's mother buzzed the intercom, asking for X.

Mom was able to say, "Coming right down ..."

instead of "Um, could you wait - her shoes are missing ..."

That was You ... Mom knows. 

You must have whispered to your mother to go look for X's shoes ahead of time, before the child's mother came to pick her up. It took us about 10 minutes to look for the shoes. When we still couldn't find it, You sent Dad in ... just in the nick of time because X's mommy appeared a few minutes later.  :D

Nobody, nobody but You ... :D

Yeah ...

Thanks Son ... :D Mom knows she can count on You.

Gonna take a short nap now ... will write the next entry in a bit.