Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 330 : GOOD TIMES

Hello Son,

Friday, February 17

Mom started the car. 

One Thousand Years came on immediately. 

It was 6:39 pm.

Decode : 144

That sure brought a smile on your mother's face as she thought of the nice lady who had brought that link to her.

A whole day has passed in school and Mom did not get any of those familiar zaps from You that day. 

Until then ...

By Christina Perri


Decode : 4

Another good reason to smile. :D


That evening at home ...

Mom was checking her emails. 

After that, she was searching for some nursery rhyme videos. As she did, she stumbled upon this video below. You wouldn't blame your mother for staring, now would You?

Good times by Daniel Pinto ...

Picture of the Son ... 

and clouds ... that's where You are ...

and hellooo ... the name ...

Mom did not check the video, for some reason, but had taken a picture of the cover. Upon downloading the image, she finds the time the image was taken to be 9:08 pm.

Decode : 44

Hmmm, but of course ...

Her angel sign ...

Good times by Daniel ...

Upon writing this entry, Mom tries to find that video again to view but unable to locate it. Instead, she sees several videos by Daniel Pinto, and most of them are of dirt biking activities.

Wait a minute ... biking activities?


You were on a bike once during a grand event at Shangri-La. 

Year 2006. 

You rode in to the Grand Ballroom on a Kawasaki KSR with a pink envelope stuffed into your back pocket, carrying the name of the Winners of the Contest we had then.

Dad had trained You the day before the event to handle the bike and You were able to do it the next day. 

Here's a photo of You and Aunty J during a biking event. Dad and Uncle J were participating in a race. Aunty J has mentioned before, how did You manage to get your last finger over your ring finger?

Justine and You were watching Dad in a Darth Vader helmet riding a white and purple KTM 300, and the other bikers from a safe distance. You were 3 and Justine 4 years old.

Memories of the good times, huh?

Yes Son, those were good times, Mom's sure Dad will agree wholeheartedly. How she could stumbled upon that video then and unable to find it now, only You will know ...

Good times, Son ... :D

The television was on.  

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow came on at one point. Mom cannot remember now whether it was American Idol or The Voice ... but that song came on and it zapped your mother.

You're near ... she knows. :D

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Dot 26 : Botak

After reminiscing for awhile, Mom logged on to your Orange Dot blog to prepare the next entry then ...  

Dot 196 : Silence.

By the time your mother was done with that post, she was quite, quite down. Her mood was down, her spirits were down, she was just ... sitting there before the computer thinking back of that moment when You asked her, 

"Actually Mom, what is wrong with me?"

She had felt so helpless then ...


Mom posted the entry ... and continued to sit and stare at the computer. Some fireworks were exploding outside the window. Mom turned to look and turned back to the computer. No firework celebration was going to take her out of her down moment that night. It was a mother's right to feel ... down down down ...

The noise from the fireworks continued to be a distraction, so that your mother would reluctantly turn to look out the window. Mom was alone in the living room. She waited for the fireworks to end, but it did not ... it continued to explode into one thousand little dots of lights in the sky ... Mom checked the time then. 

It was about 10:50 pm.

Decode : 4

Are the fireworks from You, Son ... she wondered.

Mom was kneeling on a sofa, looking out of the window. She had tried to capture some shots on her mobile but the photos aren't that clear, despite taking more than 10 shots. 

From yellow, to pink, to red, to green, to blue, Mom soon found herself watching the firework display with fascination. How pretty the sky looked that night ... and how long has the fireworks been on already.

When it finally ended, the time was 10:56 pm. Since she had only checked the time a few minutes after the fireworks started, she guessed it could have gone on for about 10 minutes.

Woah ... that was long. Mom thought she was the only one who saw the fireworks but no ... Justine was watching it from her room, and Dad from your parents' room. Dad and your sister too were commenting that the fireworks were going on and on and on ... that was like the longest display we have ever seen. What a celebration that must be, huh.

Looking out into the dark sky with brightly lit sparkling drops of lights (How do You describe a firework display?), Mom soon felt better. Her down mood was slowly forgotten. She knew that You were cheering her up with those colored lights. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

By the way, there was no particular festival or reason for the fireworks to be on. We couldn't think of a reason. That was certainly for your mother's benefit. A few minutes after posting Dot 196, the fireworks began. 

C'mon on ... That's easy ...

Think of the good times, Ma ... :D

We will, Son. That doesn't stop us from missing You every moment of the day. 

Gotta go fetch Justine now ... continue later.