Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 331 : ANGEL DATE

Hello Son,

Saturday, February 18

That Saturday, Mom and your sister had a shopping date. 

Justine's prom night would be in a week's time then on Saturday Feb 25, and we were gonna shop for clothes and shoes. Your sister had extra classes that Saturday. 

Mom picked her up after class.

The moment your sister hopped into the car and shut the door, guess what? 

One Thousand Years came on the radio. :D 

We were soon singing along all the way to Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park for a quick lunch at our favourite flour noodle coffee shop.


official music video

By Christina Perri

However, upon reaching the coffee shop, we couldn't find a parking. We followed the road, until we came to this particular row. A car was just about leaving. Your sister and Mom both saw the number plate : 

Taken @ 1:02 pm.


Decode : 144

"He wants You to park here, Jus ..." Mom said with a grin. :D

Smiling, your sister drove right in to the bay.

At the cafe @ 1:13 pm.

As it was a bit too far to walk to the flour noodle coffee shop, we went to the cafe nearest to the parking ticket machine.

At first, Mom was sitting at the black cushioned seats against the wall, but the cafe boy came over to tell her that, that section was closed for maintenance. He moved us to this other table (see your sister's hands in the photo?) where your mother sat, facing a big D with a um ... halo.  :D

Yes Son, You were definitely with us during lunch, we could feel your presence very much ... :D Of all the alphabets that had to be on the wall, it had to be one that would zap us. And the crown?

After lunch, we drove to the Mall. 

At the mall, Mom directed Justine to our normal parking spot. Yeah, the one that says NO ENTRY.

It was a Saturday and the parking at the mall was pretty packed with vehicles. Approaching our spot, an MPV signaled to leave and Justine was able to easily reverse in. There were no cars behind, and so she was able to take her time to position the car, and carefully backed in.

Mom commented, "He's definitely with us, Jus. This is the second time, a car leaves for You to park ..." 

Your sister nodded with a smile.

Here Jus, park here ... :D

We got out of the car, and walked to the entrance, which was like ten steps away. Your sister pointed to the floor at one point. 

Mom looked.


4000 ???

Our angel sign alright ... :D 

Mom chuckled, "He's definitely shopping with us. He must have whispered to You to look down on the floor. We've passed this lane so many times and have not seen this 4000 mark before."

We walked from shop to shop. 

Then, came a shop, which your mother chose not to go into. It didn't look like it has party outfits and she didn't want to waste time going into that shop. 

We were about to walk past it when Justine said, 

"There are some clothes in there too. Let's go in ..."

Oh well ...

Mom turned around, and stepped into the boutique.

You will not believe this but barely 5 seconds after we walked into the shop, the song SOMEWHERE OUT THERE came on the overhead speakers.


Aunty J, Mom, Justine and You in California (Year 2004). You were 10 years old.

click on title to view Daniel's video during our trip to the USA

Honestly, this shop had nothing, absolutely nothing, that Justine could even consider trying on but we stayed there till the song ended. :D You were with us, Daniel, that's for sure. How else would You explain that we had to step into this boutique? You must have whispered to your sister.

Step into this shop, Jus ... :D

So anyway, we went here and there for another hour and a half. We were in JUSCO before your sister said she wanted to take Mom to another boutique that was back in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, where we had lunch earlier. 

As we were walking out of JUSCO, BACK TO DECEMBER came on the overhead system.

By Taylor Swift.

Back to December ...

Yes Son, we go Back To December all the time.

In particular, December 24, 1994 @ 4:41 pm

The day You were born. You were / are truly your parents' bundle of joy ... despite all the angel signs on your birth certificate that was glaring at your mother at the material time.

Two songs ... before we left the mall.

Yes, two ... that's the understanding ... there must be two ...


We definitely felt your presence, Daniel ... :D

We walked to the car park. Justine drove out of the bay. There was a car in front of us that brought a smile to your mother's face.

 Taken @ 4:55 pm.


Decode : 4444

How not to smile at all her angel signs?

Anyway, we drove back to Kuchai E Park. To cut a long story short, your sister found her dress in one of the boutiques. We bought it, and then decided to drop by this steamboat restaurant for dinner. Dad was outstation and would only be back late at night.

 Taken @ 6:24 pm. Would You look at all our sauces?

See the table the waitress brought us to?


Decode : 44

It's so obvious that You were / are with us the whole day, Son. :D We had a nice dinner. After filling our tummies, it was time to go home. 

At the turning into our condo, we saw a car with the numbers :

Image taken @ 7:59 pm.


Decode : 4

That's so easy, Daniel ... You truly were with us the whole day, right from the beginning till the end of the day. Mom had snapped a photo of the vehicle with her cellphone. 

Upon uploading the photo, she noticed the time the image was taken to be 7:59 pm.

Decode : 21

How a simple number can bring a big smile on your mother's face only God knows. 

And Mother Mary ... 

And of course, You ...

That was YOU with us, the whole day today, Daniel.

Nobody, nobody but YOU ... 

Mom knows ... without a shred of any doubt in her heart, she knows.

Thank you Jesus for the bond between mother and son. <3