Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Call 320 : JUICE ZAP

Hello Son,

Friday, January 27 

Mom was in school that Friday morning, after the Chinese New Year break. That morning, there was a 6 year old girl who had arrived first. She and another 4 year old boy are normally the first two to arrive in school.

Anyway, most of the kids were later than usual ... since it's the festive season still, some were absent from school.

At one point, the 6 year old girl, by the name of C, had come to your mother, held her hand and brought her to where she had been playing with some blocks.

The first thing that your mother saw were the numbers 1 and 4

Mom took out her camera to snap a photo. 

C was very excited and was clapping her hands.

Your mother was less excited. Don't get her wrong, of course she was happy to see the 1 and 4 and of course she knows You are beside her all the time ... but it wasn't like a lightning - thunder - electrifying kinda zap, You know. 

She didn't have the OMG feeling ... 

It was merely an observation, if You like. 

A coinciDANS at the most, no doubt.

Aiyoh Ma ... >.<

You must have shook your head at her lack of faith. After all the zaps that she gets daily, she is still sometimes slow in "getting it."

You're slow la, Ma ... o.o

How often have Justine and You say this line to Mom ...

Not for long ...

That evening at home, Mom downloaded the photo from her cellphone to the desktop. She found herself staring at the blocks. 

For some strange reason, block number 9 and the block with the lollipop objects kinda "stood out" in her eyes. They did not this morning.

Before long, she found herself counting the lollipop objects on the block that was between number 1 and 4.

OMG ...

Eleven lollipops ...

11 + 9  = 20

Hmmm ...

20 ... with the blocks number 1 and 4, that would make it

21 and 24 ...

OMG ...

She looked at the photo again, and this time she sees it in a new light.

OMG ... That's You alright ...

That's definitely YOU ... :D

Confirmed ...

How You make your presence felt, Daniel ... You must have whispered to Mom to count the lollipops.

Her uh, eviDANS is now stronger than ever that You were right beside her that Friday morning ... as You are every moment of her day and night. Just that she needs to be reminded, Daniel ... Your mother needs to be reminded all the time that you're near.


Just in case she had any more doubts, You whispered to your mother to check the time the photo was taken ... which she did immediately, and to her delight, she saw the recorded time at :

8 : 40 am 

Decode : 4

Her angel sign ... 

Double confirmation ... :D

Grin Grin Grin ...

See how easy to make Mom happy, Son ? Just surround her with lots and lots of angel signs. :D

Taken on Friday Jan 27 @ 8:40 am.

Later that evening, just before leaving the school, Mom had flipped open one of the preschool books she can't remember which now, and caught your the name DAN in one of the pages. She had thought to herself, first thing in the morning, she had a zap, and just before leaving she sees your name. 

That's surely You reminding your mother that You're with her ... and have been with her throughout the whole day. That brought on a happy smile. 

Being a Friday, and end of the week, Dad and Mom decided to go for a nice dinner since it was still Chinese New Year. Justine was having dinner with her friends ... Yup, now that her exam is over, she's allowed to go out again and be with people other than her parents. Hah.

We went to Midvalley ... the nearest mall. Parked at our usual spot. 

The DILARANG MASUK (no entry) area ... where your name JASON is scribbled on the wall (not our doing). Mom has written about this inciDAN but doesn't have the time to check which Call now.

Anyway ... we were walking in Gardens, when Dad said he wanted to go to stop by SAMSUNG. Just before entering the shop, Mom saw the sign "HELLO" and somehow that word jumped out to greet her. 

HELLO is a common word in a phone shop, she knows ... but somehow, it had caught her attention in a way that was unexplainable. 

Just before she came to the mall, she came across the word DAN ... and now she sees ... HELLO ... Dad did not have to go to the shop. You must have whispered to him.

Oh --- well ... where's all this leading to ...

We only went to SAMSUNG, that one shop, before we walked over to TONY ROMAS for dinner. Here's Dad ...

Taken on Friday Jan 27 @ 8:10 pm.

Dad said Mom was the only one in the restaurant who was eating her ribs with fingers ... :D Wished You were with us, Daniel ... We miss You so very much, especially during meals.

After dinner, we decided to go home. 

From Tony Romas at Midvalley Mall, we had to walk over to Gardens Mall as we had parked the car there. Mom was very thirsty. Exactly what did the chefs put into the ribs, she has no idea, but she was very very thirsty. 

Dad said, "Go home and drink water ..."

Mom said, 

"No, can't wait la. Have to get a drink now. Very thirsty."

To prove a point, a cough came on. You must have seen Dad rolling his eyes. Did he? Did he roll his eyes, Son? Mom's not sure, she was too busy coughing right at that moment.

We walked on and soon, Mom spotted a juice stall. 

"I want to buy some juice," 

she pulled Dad to the stall by the crook of his elbow. 

That line, coming from your mother, is very, very strange.

As You know, Mom has always said NEVER to buy juice outside, or order juices in restaurants, because the juice we make at home is concentrated whilst outside juice is water - based, with only 10% of actual fruit juice. Exactly where she got the 10% from she can't remember now. Or maybe it's 1% ...

Anyway ...

At the stall, the counter boy cheerfully greeted your parents, 

"Yes, what would You like to order?"

Mom looked at the list of juice names on the overhead board. Dad started asking some questions ... can we have a combination of this and this ... or is it better with this and that ... how about that with this ... Oh, the boy will have to forgive us since we have not ordered juice before this.

Suddenly ...

OMG ... 

You will not believe this but ...

Mom heard the introduction music to 21 GUNS that came on, from a small portable radio in that stall.

Oh My Gosh ...

Are You kidding???

Mom whispered to Dad, "OMG, 21 GUNS ..." 

Dad turned to give your mother a knowing glance.

Do You know what's worth fighting for?

When it's not worth dying for?

Does it take your breath way?

And you feel yourself suffocating?

OMG ... 

What are the chances??? 

When Mom told Justine that night, Justine had asked in disbelief, 

"You - went - to - buy - juice?"

Mom said, "Jus, have you ever seen me buy juice before?"

Your sister replied, "Never!"

Your mother's point exactly.

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