Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello Son, 

OMG ... something awesome happened this evening.

Mom's in school at the moment. Just now, after all the kids had left, she had checked her email and noticed a notification of a comment that was posted "2 minutes ago." 

It was the nice lady who had forwarded the link to the video "A Thousand Years" the day before. 

Mom uploaded that video on your facebook. She had stated the time. It was 6:59 pm.

Then, Mom continued to write her draft call entry, until Justine called. After the call, Mom shut down the computer, went downstairs, to wait for Justine. Your sister was coming over to pick your mother up for dinner. Dad had some carpentry work to do, so he didn't want to follow. 

Mom was watching Dad sandpapering some wood on the ground floor, when Justine arrived. 

Oh boy, would You believe it ...

Mom got in the car.

Justine asked, "Dad not coming?"

Mom said, "No, he's got some work to do. We tapau for him."

Following that, your sister gave a sudden gasp.

OMG ... the song ...

ONE THOUSAND YEARS came on the radio. 


On station 95.8.

Decode : 4

The time was 7:52 pm.

Decode : 14

Mom pointed, with a hand over her mouth. 

Oh My ... Daniel, You just have a way to make your presence felt. You know Mom has uploaded that video on your Facebook, that's for sure. Also, the lady who shared the link said in a message today, that her son is 15 years old, an altar server, plays the guitar and loves carolling.

Sounds familiar?

Anyway, that song was the only song that played whilst we were in the car driving to a nearby coffee shop. You must have heard us when we called out to You, 

"Where's our parking, Daniel?" :D 

Oh, there it is ...

The song ended as we were parking. The car on our right (Justine's side) was just about leaving. We couldn't help but notice the number plate 5144.

Decode : 4

Oh Wow ...

That was probably a :

Hi Jus ... :D


Oh Oh Oh ... Guess what just happened???

Was looking for an image to go with the song video. 

Keyed in "EECHI WALLCOO" and look what Mom found?

click on title to view video

I'm here, Ma ... :D 

Oh Wow, Son ... How timely, and of all photos. THIS one appears when she was looking for an image to go with the ONE THOUSAND YEARS song ...


Gee Son, how did You do that? 

Okay ...

Going home now. Dad has to wait for Mom to tell You this. She didn't want to delay anymore. This inciDAN was too amazing. Owing You so many entries as it is. Thank God tomorrow is a holiday. Let's get online, kay. 

Dad says "Howdy Son?" :D

We love You. Keep the zaps coming ... <3