Saturday, June 30, 2012

Call 384 : VERY CLEAR

Hello Son,

Tuesday, June 26

A day after your mother's birthday.

She was in school as usual.

The day passed quickly. It always does when she is in school.

Perhaps that's why You made her go back to school, huh.

It was after school at one point, when Mom heard her cellphone beeped.

It was an sms. Before she checked her in-box, she had to smile as she saw the time that was staring back at her.

It was 12:34 pm.

There's only 1 way, 2 say, those 3 words, 4 You-u ... 

I love You ...

By Plain White T's

Mom heard your voice clearly in her head.

The song 1234 I LOVE YOU ... This was one of the songs You used to sing. :D

What Mom would give to hear You sing it again.

Pause ...

I just did, Ma ... :D

She had to smile.

The day before on her birthday, she was alerted by an sms that had come in at 12:24 pm (your birth date), and today, 12:34 pm. You must have whispered to Mom to take notice of both the times.

A warm feeling of realization spread through her veins. She hugged herself.

Her son's near, she could tell. :D

Oh, God is so good to us.

Mom had a quick bite at one of the coffee shops nearby, with Dad. Then, we went to get some groceries. Mom cannot remember now what the bill came up to, but she had pointed to Dad, the balance that was staring back at her from the cashier till.


RM 4-40.

Oh that's easy ...

No prizes for guessing who that is ...

Eres tu ...

Mom went back to school after that.

It was after 7:30 pm when we finally left for home. She was giving a lift to one of the teachers. We were both talking talking talking about this and thats ... until we reached her home.

As your mother was turning out of the teacher's apartment, a familiar song made itself heard on the radio.

Mom's eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

It was 7:59 pm

Decode : 21


Eres tu ...

Slowly, Mom shook her head with wonderment. How do You do it, Daniel? Honestly, how do You do it? You wait until the coast is clear, and then You zap. Mom always have a way of knowing. Had the song come on when the teacher was in the car, and we were busy talking, Mom would have missed it, or even if she did not miss it, she would not have been able to enjoy the song - as she would if she were alone in the car.

Tonight, it's very clear ...

by Peter Cetera

Theme song of Karate Kid 1984 ... Daniel-Son ... the boy who played the main character in the movie.

Yes Son ... Mom knows ...

The zaps at 12:24 pm the day before and the one that day at 12:34 pm were none other than You, Daniel-Son ...

The perfect ending for today, don't You think?

Code cracked.




Eres tu.

That was easy, Daniel-Son ... :D

Truly ... Tonight, it's very clear ...