Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello Son,                                                                                         (continue from Call 377)


The list of WhatsApp text messages from Dad's cellphone continues here : 

8:01 pm (at the airport)
Aunty C : Ok, at secret recipe now ... ordered my soba ... 2nd dinner for the night ... weird ... anyways, this young boy running ... n the sister shouts "don't run daniel!" ... hmmm, guess she doesn't know daniel just runs.

8:11 pm
Aunty C : Um so Di ... guy with hat n clock?

8:22 pm
Uncle CJ (Aunty D's husband) : D clouds were moving very fast ... then it was changing very fast too in shape ... didn't notice the figure until saw again in photo.

8:25 pm
Dad : what's the figure?

8:25 pm
Aunty D : what hat n cloak? all i saw was a face n nice hair do ... hehehe ...

8:25 pm
Uncle CJ : I'll go with carol's image.

8:31 pm
Dad : How about the dinosaur?

8:30 pm
Uncle CJ : Dinosaur? what species?

8:33 pm
Dad : (mom said) brontosaurus

8:31 pm
Uncle CJ : when did the archeologist found dat species?

8:34 pm
Dad : Lynn say the one with de long neck.

8:34 pm
Uncle CJ : Isn't dat bronchiosaurus?

8:36 pm
Dad : Then she say Angel. The black dot is the angel's hair.

8:35 pm
Aunty D : wat dinosaur? Geez people ... hallo ... it's a person!!!!!

8:40 pm
Dad : Now Lynn say she sees a turtle. Hehe.

8:38 pm
Uncle CJ : Tis was from my hp (photo below). the left side looks like an angry oval head ... following the head along towards rgt horizontally is the torso (shell) like and ended with a small tail. overall looks like an angry turtle. haha. Wow, she saw dat just was describing it.

8:41 pm
Dad : You mean she's right?

8:39 pm
Uncle CJ : Yup

Woah all the text about the TURTLE CLOUD ... 

Actually Daniel ... Justine and You had a turtle each when in preschool, remember? Mom didn't like them to be in the house so you both had to keep them in school ... Hmmm ... maybe that's why the turtle looks angry ... hehehe ...  Dad said the turtle cage is still here ... Justine can't remember the names but Dad thinks it may have been CHOWMANDER and CHERIZAT (your Pokemon names / spelling may be wrong though).

8:43 pm
Dad : But Diana, you say its a person??

8:42 pm
Aunty D sent the first and second photos again for the 3rd time with text : Do u c it?

8:45 pm
Dad : (Mom said) an angel riding on a cloud ...

9:26 pm
Aunty C : what turtle? Man, that s turtle only if u imagine really hard ... even then ... checked in d ...

9:26 pm
Aunty C : Now that's a turtle ... (and she uploaded the photo below)

9:38 pm
Dad : hahaha

10:43 pm
Aunty J : It's an angel on God's foot ... ppl ...

10:49 pm
Dad : Now i see the foot!

10:52 pm
Aunty D : tried to get megs in the mood for hawaii so i put a necklace on her but ... she insist on wearing it like rambo

   Baby Megan ... someday when Mom has the time, 
she will tell You about the day Megan was born.

Gosh all the ZAP inciDANS ... <3

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