Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello Son,                                                                                 (continue from Call 373)


We left the restaurant, and drove back to the condo.

The distance from the restaurant and to the condo was about 5 minutes' drive away.

We were approaching the condo when Mom suddenly heard a familiar music filling her senses.

She glanced at the dashboard.

It was 9:29 pm.

Decode : 21 | 44     

Her angel numbers.

Not wanting to waste any time, she reached over to TURN UP THE VOLUME.

Omg ...

When was the last time she heard this song?


Mom's reaction was automatic as she slapped Dad's arm (hahaha) and turned back to give a smack on your sister's leg (hehehe) --- happily. :D:D:D

Your mother blurted excitedly, "Listen ... Omg ... DANIEL ... DANIEL's song ... "

Dad and Justine both recognized the intro music.

Dad nodded.

Justine smiled.

Elton John's voice filled the car.

Mom sang along.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Oh and, I can see Daniel waving goodbye

God, it looks like Daniel

Must be the clouds in my eyes

Mom said, in between all the singing,

"We're about to reach home, and DANIEL comes on? What are the chances? This song doesn't normally come on the radio. When was the last time we heard it on the radio? I think maybe once a year. If we'd come back 5 minutes earlier, we would have missed the song ... Omg ... What are the chances?"

Justine added, "You see? There was a reason why I had to take a long time to eat just now ..."

Hmm ...

Now that your sister mentioned it ...

Yes, yes ... come to think of it ...

Justine was unusually delaying and prolonging the time during dinner just now ...

Very unlike her ... even your sister herself could tell ...

Mom said, "Your brother must have whispered to you ..."

Delay Dad and Mom, Jus ... take your time ... eat slowly ... :D

We reached the lobby of the condo.

Mom opened the door but remained in the car.

The song has not ended.

There was no way Dad could have asked her to get down before the song ended, so wisely, he did not try.


The song came to an end. Mom got out of the car with a smug expression on her face.

She was sure You saw that.

Walking to the lift with your sister, Mom told her what happened at the center earlier in the afternoon.

Which part of heaven ...

See Call 373 : Which Part?

Justine chuckled.

"You know which part is he at?" Mom asked when she finished relating the inciDAN.

Your sister narrowed her eyebrows like she was thinking ...

Mom cut in, "Somewhere over the rainbow la ..."

Justine nodded away ...

That Saturday night, Mom logged onto your Facebook page and uploaded a DANIEL video.

She wrote the following :

SAT JUNE 9 @ 10:36 pm ... Grandma and Aunty C will be flying tomorrow night to Hawaii to meet up with Aunty J and Uncle C. This evening, just as we were reaching home, Elton John's DANIEL came on the radio. Wow ... You really do know what's going on, don't You, Son? :D

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane ...

(Mom uploaded the first DANIEL video)

video 1

Shortly after, Mom found another DANIEL video and decided to upload that too. :D
SAT JUNE 9 @ 10:52 pm ... Get your mike out, Son ... and let's hit it! ♥

(Mom uploaded the second DANIEL video)

video 2

By Elton John (live).

There ... 
Two videos for You, Son ... Mom had thought, as she clicked on the POST button. <3 
That Saturday, had been somewhat strange, if You think about it. In the afternoon, your parents are reminded of You in heaven, when the man at the center asked, which part of heaven You are at. :D
Think about it ... 
Just take a moment and think about it. 
Has anybody, anybody at all in this whole wide world, ever ... EVER ... been asked this question, do you think? It was definitely a pre-planned reply meant for Mom to think and remember deeply. 
First that strange reply, and then we ended the day, with the DANIEL song ... 
Gosh, we were so meant to hear the song, your family ... 
All three of us ... 
Honestly, had we been 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later leaving the restaurant, we would have missed the song. The timing can only be said to be angel-planned. 
Gee Son, You must have sprinkled lots of angel dust on us today, huh? 
The song ... Daniel traveling on a plane ... waving goodbye ... presumably on his way to heaven ...
There was something about that day's inciDANS that um, stimulated her brains ... 
something ... 
something ... 
which Mom could not explain ... 
She could not put a finger on ...
It was a feeling ... a strange feeling ... about a ... a ... a ... 

--- something ---   

but she wasn't sure what. 

Something strange but  ---  nice ...
She says nice because it wasn't a worrying or a scary feeling ... :D

Oh, don't ask her for details.

She can't explain it.

It's a mother's intuition ... :D

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