Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello Son,

Something amazing happened today. :D

Dad and Mom went to town. Maid R came with us. Justine was at home.

Mom needed to get some supplies for school to prepare for 2nd term, which will begin in a week's time.

So anyway, we arrived at 9:30 am. Maid R followed Mom, from one floor to another.

After getting the school's stuffs, Mom went to household dept to get ... oh, You know, this and that, bin bags, biscuits, detergent and the like.

While we were there, there was an announcement from the PA speakers above that said :

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!

Mom heard that, and thought to herself, "It's June. Mother's Day was like 2 weeks ago ..."

Anyway, that announcement made her think of our Parents' Day, two Saturdays ago.

The kids had sang some songs specially for Mommies and had recited  

BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME ... right after that, they'd yelled out LOUDLY :



Yeah ...

Twice. :D

Don't ask WHY ... but Mom instructed the children to wish twice.

All Mommies were proudly wearing the necklace that their child had made for them. Some necklaces were a bit too long, and some not long enough, but all were made with lots of love. <3

We left the supermarket and walked to the car, which was parked in the open air car park.

Packing the stuffs into the boot, Dad said, "Let's have something to eat ..."

There was a coffee shop which is famous for its beef noodles some 100 m away.

We walked there.

Reaching the coffee shop, Dad said, "Never mind, let's go somewhere else. It's packed."

(actual place)

Yeah, it was ...

All the tables were occupied. Not only that, but there were patrons standing beside the occupied tables waiting, for the seated patrons to finish up and leave.

It had been a long walk ... for Mom la. She wasn't about to leave and go somewhere else ... like what, another 100 m away? Aiyoh, please ...

Silently, she sent a telepathic sms to her Son, "Where's our table, Daniel?"

Mom looked around ... expecting a table right after her um, sms.

She saw some people leaving their tables but then, the tables were taken up almost immediately.

Judging by the crowd, it did not look possible for us to get a table - quickly.

Arghhh ...

A waitress signaled to Mom to go over.

Mom went over. There was a lady having her noodles on a table meant for 4.

The waitress, without asking the lady whether it would be okay for us to join her, pulled out a chair for Mom ... totally ignoring the lady.

Hahaha ...

Hehehe ...

Hohoho ...

We are Asians ...

We can get away with rude behaviour, especially if in a packed coffee shop.

Mom made eye contact with the lady, and offered an apologetic smile.

"Is it okay? Can we sit here?" your mother asked.

The lady was nice ... and gestured us to sit down.

Thank you, Son ... the lady is nice. You know how to pick them. :D

Anyway, we enjoyed the noodles very much. The meat was oh-so-very-tender ... the soup was super delicious ... the noodles were just mouth-watering yummy.

Got this photo from the internet. Take note of the WHY. This blogger went to the same place. He said in his blog that the beef noodles opposite this place is much better. That's what Dad said too. Oh well ... tomorrow, we go to the coffee shop opposite ... :D

After our noodles, we took a quick stroll to China Town.

Mom wanted to check out the price for chinese costumes, for our concert purposes.

We did not stay long.

Half way through the long stretch of ChinaTown, Mom told Dad, "Let's go back ..."

And so we made our way back ...

We were finally in the car.

Okay, now listen carefully ...

Are You ready?

Dad started the engine.

The time on the dashboard showed 12:34 pm.

Mom pointed excitedly, "Omg ... 1234 ... He's saying, I Love You ..."

A few seconds later, the song BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME came on the radio.


OMG ...

Are You kidding?


Mom started speaking in tongues ...

You know, the one thousand words per minute ...

Dad could not make a word she was saying.

She had to repeat it again, and again ... carefully and not so loudly.

Maid R was at the back seat and Mom did not want the maid to see her Ma'am so hyper-excited.

"The shop wished all mothers a Happy Mother's Day just now ...  

Because You Love Me ...

the kids did that for Mother's Day ...

You remember, I told him before that all mothers would love to have this song dedicated to them ...

and 1234 ...

OMG, 1234 ...

You know WHY that's him?

Do you know WHY?"

Flustered ...

Mom was totally having a hard time trying to remain calm, as You would have seen.

There's only 

1 way

2 say

3 words 

4 You

I love You

On Mom's birthday the year You left us (2010), Justine and her were in the car. It was night time, we were driving home after a whole day out. Your sister suddenly spotted the number plate DAN on the vehicle in front of us. Right after she pointed and kinda yelled, "Hey, DAN ..." would You believe it but the song 1234 I LOVE YOU came on the radio.

That's WHY ... 1234 is YOU.

Nobody, nobody but YOU. <3

Also, You used to sing it now and then, and irritated your sister when you stuck your fingers up her face at 1234.

Grin ...

We miss that, Daniel ...

 Soon, we were driving behind this vehicle. Mom couldn't help but notice the number plate. 

WHY 8621

Decode : WHY 44

It was quite funny for your parents to see this WHY word on the car in front of them ... especially when your mother was just asking your father two minutes ago : WHY WHY WHY ...


Were You listening? You were / are definitely with us. You're practically in the conversation.

Woah Daniel ... the signs today were awesome.


Super-awesome ... the 12:34 pm and Celine Dion's BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME.

That was definitely YOU making your presence felt very strongly.

Mom knows.

And You know.

We both know.

The signs are clear.

No need for words.

So much was spoken.

I love You, Ma ... Happy Mother's Day ... again ... :D

Mom heard that.

Yes, she has super-sonic ears.


Honestly, You must have whispered to Mom when we were in China Town to ...

Go back now, Ma ... :D

... otherwise we would have walked on and covered the whole stretch of China Town, and miss the song.

Gosh the timing, as always is perfect.

Dad turned into Taman Desa.

We would soon reach home.

For some reason, Mom couldn't help but think, "Is there a 2nd zap? Shouldn't there be 2?"

You must have been shaking your head, huh ...

Tsk Tsk Tsk ...

We were about 200 m away from the condo, when a car suddenly cut into our lane. We were on the right lane, about to turn right ... and this car from the left lane, appeared abruptly in front of us.

W-what the ...


Omg ...

Are You kidding?

What are the chances?

Mom grabbed her cellphone and snapped a shot.

Mom blurted, "4408 ... Omg ... You remember? Last night?"

Dad looked a bit blank.

Mom's tone was impatient when she explained, "Last night ... remember I switched the channel and A THOUSAND YEARS was on? I showed you the time? 8:44 pm? Remember?"

Mom told You about this inciDAN on Saturday (yesterday) on Call 369 : Grandma's Birthday.

Dad remembered. There must be a reason WHY Mom showed Dad the time last night.

Hellooo ...

THIS (4408) -- is the reason.


Gosh, what are the chances for this number to appear in front of your mother's face? In the first place, how could she remember and connect this number (4408) to the time last night (8:44 pm)? You are definitely whispering to her ... Her memory is not that great ... Especially when the present number is not even the exact number of last night's ... it's terbalik ...

And yet ... yet ... she was able to make the connection.

My oh my, was she impressed with herself at that moment.


Thank you for being with us, Daniel ...

Please keep the zaps coming, Son. Always let Mom know that You're near, okay?

Always ...

As Mom is making this call, Dad discovered this video, and asked Mom to stop to listen.

Here You listen to it.

The girl is dedicating this song to her friend, DANIEL, who went to Heaven at 15 years old.

Now WHY does that sound familiar ...

Even GOD wants 2 ...

by Lauren Lee

Mom sees the 21 on the video ...