Monday, June 18, 2012

Call 379 : FREE JUICE

Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 378)


God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes ...

So anyway, that was the excitement about the clouds ...

That Sunday evening, about 5:20 pm, Mom reminded Dad that she had to claim her 2 FREE juice (drinks) from the Fruit Shop nearby our condo. The day before on Saturday, she had bought some fruits. That was the second time at this shop.

She had asked while paying at the counter, "Ada discount untuk regular customers?"

("Is there a discount for regular customers?)

Though it was her second time there, Mom felt she could be a regular customer at that shop from then on.

The 1st girl at the counter said, "Tak ada ..."

("No ...")

A few seconds later, the 2nd girl said, "Beli RM70 ke atas, dapat satu free juice ..."

("Buy RM70 and above, get a free juice.")

Mom pounced on that, and said that she had spent more than RM70 the Saturday before, and nobody said anything about any free juice. The present amount also exceeded RM70.

The 1st girl said, that Mom was entitled to claim ONE FREE drink for the present bill.

Mom stood there like a rock, and insisted she should be entitled to TWO FREE juices. She complained that had she not asked, she would not have known about the free juice the second time either. There was no sign or notice to the effect ... and she was about to make herself a regular customer.

Oh, it was quite obvious that your mother had set her mind on those TWO FREE juices and she was quite determined to give the girls a hard time if they'd continued to refuse her request ... her reasonable request, might she add.

Surprisingly, the 2nd girl relented and said, "Okay ..."

We were to claim the drinks the next day (Sunday) because at the material time, there were some electrical works going on at the shop and the girls could not work the juice machine. Mom thanked them and flashed them a bright smile before leaving the shop ... assuring them that she would be come a-calling the next day.

So on Sunday, we were out doing this and thats ...

On the way home, Mom reminded Dad about the juice. It was nearby our condo so it was very convenient to drop by, and be that regular customer. Hahaha.

At the shop, the girls saw Mom and greeted her in a friendly manner.

We chose our drinks ... before walking over to a small side table and sat ourselves down.

Our drinks came ...

As we were sipping and enjoying our juice, Mom suddenly heard a familiar music in the background.

Oh gosh ...



She glanced at the time on her cellphone.

It was 5:29 pm.

Decode : 21

Oh Gee Wow ...


Gosh, what are the chances?

The day before on Saturday, Mom had in fact mentioned SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW twice.

See Call 373 : Which Part?

And Call 374 : Something Strange

Excitedly, Mom said to Dad, "Only yesterday, I mentioned SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW ... twice some more ... and now we're hearing it ... Tell Jessie about it ..."

Dad was at that time reading and replying the text messages ... Your aunties were online ...

Aunty D had in fact just uploaded photos of those clouds then.

Mom said, "Eh, tell them the song is on now ..." :D

And so, at 5:37 pm, Dad sent a text to your aunties :
 Dad : Yr sis say :  “somewhere over the rainbow” is on the radio now. Am having  2 Free Mango Lassi @ E. Fruits.

Mom saw the text ...

Pause ...

Time stood still ...

She looked at it again  ...

A warm sense of realization began to fill her heart, mind and soul.

Gosh ...

Oh gosh ...

You don't say ...

TWO --- FREE --- DRINKS ...

Mom thought slowly ...

TWO ???

And FREE ???

Abruptly, she announced with a big smile, "The drinks are from son ..."

Yes yes ...

Don't you see?

TWO FREE drinks.

Say that real slow ...

It has to be TWO ... and ... FREE ... drinks.

Not ONE ... and must be ... FREE ...

That's the reason why she was not told about the free privilege the week before. Had she claimed that the week before, she wouldn't be able to have TWO FREE juices that Sunday.

And hellooo --- FREE?

Why, that's easy.

Pray do take a look at your photo on the left side panel of the blog of You in your pink FREE tee shirt.

How queer that Mom only "got it" when the song came on.


Gee Daniel ...

You must have whispered to Mom. :D

It sure felt like a response from You, Son ... especially when Mom had confidently told Dad and Justine on the day before on Saturday that that's where You are at now ... 


Oh Wow Son ... 

Honestly, You are so NEAR Mom that You could be just --- RIGHT HERE!

In fact, You're just about everywhere.

Thank you for making your presence felt all the time, Daniel.

Keep the zaps coming always. :D

Nite nite, Son ... <3

Watch over Justine ... she has another 3 more papers to go and then she'd be FREE as a bird.