Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hello Son,

It's Saturday today.

Another week has passed. Mom fetched the maid to school for her to do some cleaning works. It was about 8:30 am when we arrived in school. After giving Maid R some instructions, your mother gave Dad a call.

"I'm on my way back ... Let's go for coffee," she said.

Dad said okay.

Whilst driving back to our condo, Mom asked aloud, "Daniel, what are You doing today? It's Saturday today ..." :D

She peeked at the sky and saw white clouds against a vast clear blue canvass.

No ... no sign of whatsoever.

Oh, what was she expecting. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to see anyway.

If only she could just take a peek at what her son was doing in heaven right at that moment ...

Now is that too much to ask?

Was he having a nice hot chocolate with Jesus? she wondered.

Yeah ... chocolate ...

Your mother assumes You still do not drink coffee or tea. Remember, she had asked You not to ever drink tea or coffee 'cos those bad drinks will not do You any good but only stunt your growth. You never did have to curi-curi consume those caffeine drinks behind your parents' back.

Why, before we went to Lourdes, in September 2009, You were slightly shorter than Dad, but when we came back 25 days later, we were surprised to find You were taller than Dad. Both of you were standing side by side in front of the mirror in the bathroom at the material time ... and You were clearly taller than Dad. :D Mom remembers your smile, Daniel ... when she looked at the reflection in the mirror.

That would have made You about 6 feet 1 ...

"and a half ..." 

Mom hears You. :D Mom hears You. :D


Who says a mother cannot communicate with her child in heaven? Hah!

Truly, nothing is impossible with the Lord Jesus.

Mom arrived at the condo.

It was less than a minute when Dad walked out of the lift.

We drove to a small cafe in the neighborhood.

Yeah, the same one ... the one that serves those delicious mini-sandwiches.

At the courtyard of the cafe, Mom took a seat at a small table for two.

Dad went into the bakery/cafe to get the coffee and sandwiches.

A few minutes later, Dad appeared and sat himself down, placing a number on our table.

Mom turned the number and found 21 staring into her face.

Mom exclaimed, "Eh, 21 ... Did you pick this number?"

Dad said no ... the cashier gave him that number.

"Son's having breakfast with us ..." :D Mom announced happily.

Truly, there must have been at least 40 numbers ... yet it was a number 21 that was given to us.

Dad pulled out a third chair from the table beside ours and turned it around to join our table.

"This is for Son ... " Dad said with a chuckle.

Then, Mom saw the receipt that Dad had left on the table.

RM 20-50 ...

Pause ... as your mother's brains worked umm, overtime, to make a connection.

Hmmm ... nothing there.

No sign whatsoever.

That felt weird, to be honest.

Table Number 21 ... and no reinforcements, she had sighed in her head.

Where is that second sign, Daniel? Where is it?

The waiter came with a tray of our food. A second receipt was placed on the table.

Mom peered at it and found herself smiling.

She pointed to the number 21 at the 3 corners, saying,

"Look, 21 here, 21 here, and 21 here ... enough or not?"

Then she caught sight of the time at the top right corner and remarked,

"8:58 ... Hey, isn't that 21 too?"

Dad said yes.

Mom was like, "Omg, he's talking to me ... I was just asking him for a second sign ... and I suddenly see all the 21s ... what are the chances of seeing these 21s on all 4 corners of this small receipt?"

Clearly, her son had zapped her. :D

I'm here la, Ma ... Dad ... :D

Mom picked up the first receipt again. This time, she saw her sign.

"Oh, you paid, RM 21 just now issit?" Mom asked Dad, pointing at her zap number on the piece of paper.

Dad said yeah.

"Omg ... no wonder la ... I was like, why is this receipt showing 20-50 which makes no sense ... pada halnya you have to take out 21 ringgit to pay this bill ... Wah, Son's really good ..."

You must have whispered to Mom to :

Look at the receipt properly, Maaa :D

Mom heard your lazy drawl.

She ate her sandwiches whilst watching Dad cracked an egg into a large teacup.

"Eeeee ..." Dad said with face.

The supposedly soft boiled egg was not done properly and had looked rather raw, even to your mother's eyes. He called the waiter and asked for it to be re-done.

Mom's brains started working up again at this point.

Strange ...

A delay in time.

A deliberate delay.

There must be a reason why.

Mom left that aside ... and found herself going through the angel signs of the day, one by one, explaining to Dad happily ... and finishing with a ...

"And who says Son can't have breakfast with us, hah! Let me take a picture ..." :D

It was a lazy Saturday morning.

We slowly sipped our coffee and talked about coming concert.

When we were finally done with our food, we got up to leave.

Our car was parked some 20 walking steps away.

Approaching our car, Mom spotted a vehicle which numbers zapped her.

"Look, look ... double 21 ... enough or not? Son is asking, enough signs or not, Ma?" she asked laughingly.

The whole morning has been a 21 zap, one after another.

You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel.

We hopped into the car.

Dad started the engine.

Mom immediately heard a familiar song on the radio.

Turning up the volume, she pointed to the time on the dashboard, asking, "9:48 ... What's 9:48?"

Dad said, "21 ..."

Before she could respond to that, she exclaimed excitedly,

"Omg ... omg ... What song is this? Omg ... are You kidding me? Isn't this 21 GUNS???"

Dad grinned, and confirmed, "Yes, it's 21 GUNS ..."

Omg ...

What are the chances???

No wonder there was that delay. Had the eggs been perfect, we would have finished our breakfast about ten to fifteen minutes earlier ... and that would have made us miss the immediate ZAP when we started the car and even missing the song altogether since the drive from the cafe to our condo at the most took us only 3 to 5 minutes.

Mom called out aloud as she looked into the sky, as Dad was driving, "We know You're here with us, Daniel ... You just had breakfast with us ... You're right here, we know ..." :D

Gosh Son ...

Honestly, what are the chances?

No chance ...

No chance at all ...

No chance whatsoever ...

Honestly ...

Eres tu, Daniel ... :D


This post is updated at 1:05 pm ...

After publishing this call entry, Mom is on the computer trying to prepare the dance steps for concert.

The television is on.

Dad is watching some kind of foreign documentary.

Suddenly Mom heard the name, "DANIEL ..."

She removed her headphones instantly, and turned to ask Dad, "Did I hear Daniel?"

Dad said yes.

Mom immediately checked the time on her mobile beside her and gasped.

Omg ...

She said out loud, "It's 1:02 pm ... That's a 21 ... Omg ..."

Omg ...

Mom asked Dad the title of the show.

Dad said, "8TV Let's Go I Dream Team ... speaking in Japanese ..."

Oh gosh ... only your name your mother caught and it had to be at that zap time ...

Wonders just never cease ...

Eres tu ...


Updated again at 1:14 pm.

Omg ...

Right after Mom published the updated zap inciDAN at 1:02 pm, she heard the name "Dr Daniel" coming from the television.

Mom exclaimed, "Omg ... Did I hear Dr Daniel?"

Dad said, yes.

She instantly grabbed her mobile to check the time.

A gasp escaped her.

Omg ... You're so not gonna believe this!

Mom exclaimed excitedly, "Omg ... It's 1:11 pm ... That's 21 ... Omg!!! What show is this?"

Dad said, "E! News! ..."

Oh boy Daniel ... there must be two huh ...

That was so awesome ...

Two TV zaps for You, Ma ... I'm still right here ... :D

What are the chances?

Omg ...

Eres tu ...


Updated for the 3rd time today at 8:19 pm.

Oh Gee Wow ...

Today, something's awesome's just going on with the number 21.

This afternoon, about 3:30 pm, Dad and Mom left the house. We were going to fetch the maid from school, and get some groceries to prepare dinner this evening. Dad had just driven out of the parking bay, when Mom spotted a guy wearing a red shirt.

Excitedly, she had exclaimed to Dad, "Look, there's 21 over there ... slow down slow down!"

Dad had to slow down because your mother wanted to take a photo. :D

We went to get the maid, bought some groceries and came back home about an hour later.

Mom decided against telling You about the red 21 tee-shirt. It didn't feel like it was counted.

It was just a one random sign.There was no second sign.

There must be two ... for her to take the signs seriously.

Besides, it wasn't really a number 21.

Oh, open your eyes and take a look.

It was a number twelve. Not twenty-one. :(

It was just the way the guy appeared for her to see ... it had felt like there was a ... something.

Anyway ... Fast forward to after 8 pm at home.

Mom happened to changed the TV channel and found herself stopping at MTV.

A music video on Taylor Swift singing You Belong With Me was on.

As You know, watching music videos is really NOT her kind of thing but for some reason, she found herself watching that video ...  and thinking quietly to herself ...

Awww ... the girl is so pretty ...

She's got really nice skin ...

The black hair is so silky ...

Aiyah, but the guy's not that cute ...

Then came a part when she let out a gasp.

Her hand flew to her mouth.

Omg ...

You've got to be kidding her ...

Omg ...

She sat right up, and found herself holding her breath as she watched the boy on the field, in a 21 sports shirt. The same number twelve.

Omg ...

What are the chances???

Honestly, You must have whispered to your mother to turn to that channel at that precise moment.

You knew she'd get it (zapped) when she sees the two - one  ( 21 )  on the sports shirt.

Now it's counted, Ma ... :D

Yes ... Now there are two ...


Oh Gosh ...

You really do know what's going on in your mother's mind, don't You?

Honestly, Daniel ...

Eres Tu ...

You Belong With Me