Sunday, June 17, 2012

Call 377 : CLOUD SIGN

Hello Son,                                                                                    (continue from Call 376)


The list of text messages on Dad's cellphone continues here :

4:14 pm
Aunty D uploaded the first cloud photo below.

4:15 pm
Aunty D : Hey look at this pic properly. Do u guys see a face in the clouds???

4:17 pm
Aunty D uploaded this second cloud photo below.

4:18 pm
Aunty D : Wait I send few pics ... dunno wat happened ... suddenly clouds appeared from nowhere.

4:34 pm
Aunty C : Eh looks like tornado.

4:39 pm
The last pic does look like huge bird ... ya ... phoenix ... eagle ... scary la ... is it very windy?

6:54 pm
Aunty D : Watch the pics in sequence ...

Aunty D uploaded 12 photos of those thick clouds.

She obviously thought she saw something ...

Something ...

Something that she couldn't put a finger on ...

Oh, Mom sure knows the feeling ... :D

6:58 pm
Aunty D : Can anyone else see the face in the clouds???? U must see the pics in a row, k ...

7:01 pm
Aunty C : Um, u mean the two dots at white clouds are eyes? But the last two pics really looks like a big bird.

7:03 pm
Aunty D : No la ... it's the yellowish shadow on the right side of the pic ... its in a few of the pics ... suddenly there ... o man ... u don't see it???

7:05 pm
Aunty D re-sent the 1st cloud photo and text : 1st here.

7:05 pm
Aunty C : ya i saw that ... that's what i meant la ... there's black dots on it too ...

7:05 pm
Aunty D re-sent the 2nd cloud photo and text : Next

7:05 pm
Aunty C : Looks more like sherman the shark if u ask me

7:05 pm
Aunty D re-sent 3rd photo of cloud and text : Last here

7:06 pm
Aunty C : maybe it's a plane

7:06 pm
Aunty D : The 1st and 2nd reali look like a face.

7:07 pm
Aunty D : Umm ... i don't think ur seeing the right thing laaaa

7:23 pm
Aunty C : OK ... I see man wearing a hat n cloak ... walking ...

7:52 pm
Dad : Diana, 1st she (Mom) said she saw dinosoaur, then she said Angel.

7:56 pm
Aunty D : R u sure u guys r seeing the face I see? I showed the pics to other people and they saw immediately, without me saying anything. All said it's very freaky.

Actually, it's not at all freaky ...

Remember the lyrics of the DANIEL song ...

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Oh and, I can see Daniel waving goodbye

God, it looks like Daniel

Must be the clouds in my eyes

The lights must be that halo light Dad was referring to in Aunty J's photo of plane.

God, it looks like Daniel ... must be the clouds in my eyes ... :D

Oh Gee Wow ...

How incredible ...

Mom's speechless ...

Honestly, what are the chances of the clouds suddenly appearing from nowhere, according to Aunty D, at that moment? Had the clouds appeared a week before, Mom would not have seen the connection. She only saw the cloud connection because of the DANIEL song.

God, it looks like Daniel ... must be the clouds in my eyes ...

Also, Aunty D would not have noticed how many photos she uploaded on the cell that Sunday.

12 photos altogether. 

You must have whispered to Mom to count the number of photos at the time of this call.


Decode : 21


Can you see me on the clouds, Ma? :D

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