Sunday, June 17, 2012

Call 376 : RENTED CAR

Hello Son,                                                                              (continue from Call 375)


Mom got up in the morning.

Dad wasted no time in showing the new messages that had come in during the night.

She read them one by one.

Here are the WhatsApp Messages between Aunty J (USA), Aunty D (Tawau) and Aunty C (KL) (going on to the airport later in the evening) after the last one Mom read at midnight about the plane.

See Call 374 : Daniel's Plane

1:40 am
Aunty C : Awwwww ... never seen that before.

1:43 am
Dad : He did tell us he was on a plane ...

6:49 am
Aunty D : Wow ... weird ... about the plane ...

7:05 am
Aunty J : Best part was as I stood there trying to get a good shot n turn off my flash, I noticed the plane started turning. I was anxious to get another before the turn, but it was too late. The plane had turned n inched towards my direction. I couldn’t take a pic of the side cos the nose of the plane was pointing right at me ... weird or what ...

No, not weird at all ... That was probably YOU saying, YOE, AUNTY JESSIE!

7:40 am
Dad : Jes, you had to take the pic with flash la, otherwise won’t hv the special light effect.

Yes, yes, the image would probably have to give out some kind of light since it's from Heaven ... :D 

Here it is again ...

Dad says, that's the halo ... :D

8:09 am
Aunty J : Ya, I took one picture ... I thought the flash was in the way, but Daniel didn’t let me take one without the flash. I felt like he was pointing right at me. Lol. I was the only one standing there by the glass window while everyone else was lined up ... And the plane drove up and parked right in my direction ...

8:10 am
Aunty C : Ooh Dans coming with us ... Aww, u guys gonna miss him.

9:50 am
Aunty J : Our car rental (photo) ... See if Chare can see Dans message ...

(Chare = Sister = Mom)

"See if Chare can see Dans' message?"

Eh eh, but of course ...


Mom sees your message loudly and clearly at the time of writing. On the cellphone at the time when Dad showed her, this image was very small and she only saw the 44 ... but not the DAN. You must have whispered to Mom to ask Dad to download the photos on to the computer ... because Mom was bugging Dad to do that.    

ZAD  541

Decode : DAN  44

DAN ... and  44 ... her angel number.

Code 44 : Everywhere I am, there You'll be. 

That's the message from Daniel, Aunty J. :D:D:D

Daniel says, 

"Everywhere you guys are, there I'm gonna be ..."

What a timely reminder, to remind us all that you're just right there beside us all the time. :D

That's not all ... there's a second sign. You just wanna make sure that Mom knows FOR SURE that it's YOU. Mom's always looking out for the second sign. There must always be two signs.

 The second sign : the CROSS.


Excuse me, but who's with the Lord?

Nobody, nobody but YOU.

Gee ... ALL YOU, DANIEL ...


It's so easy ... :D :D :D 

(Your line from the hospital bed about 2 weeks before Jesus came to take You home)

9:59 am
Aunty J : I tell u if the licence plate had said ZAP, Chare would have fallen off the chair or spilt her coffee...

Now that we have decoded, the message is even better.

It says : DAN 44 ...

Daniel says, 

Everywhere you guys are, there I'm gonna be ... :D

Mom has mentioned this in the paragraph above, but hey, this message is worthy of repeat.

Aunty J spills her coffee and falls off her chair ... 

Hehehe ...

(The words written in RED are Mom's expressions at the time of call ... NOT her text in the WhatsApp. She doesn't have WhatsApp ... still using dinosaur cellphone ... :D)

(continue on Call 377)