Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call 371 : 14 FINCHES

Hello Son,

Monday, June 4

It was after school in the evening.

Dad came to fetch her home.

She had just about buckled herself up in the seat, when she heard the song A THOUSAND YEARS filling up her senses. The radio was on. Her eyes darted to the dashboard.

It was 7:23 pm.

Decode : 21

She had to smile. :D

Her son always knew how to make his presence felt.

Mom found it necessary to enlighten Dad, in case he was not aware.


Haha ...

Who was she kidding?

Of course Dad is aware of the connecton of the song A THOUSAND YEARS.

Mom was recently zapped some 4 days ago on Saturday, June 2.

See Call 368 : HERCULES ZAP and Call 369 : GRANDMA'S BIRTHDAY.

Mom said, "A Thousand Years ... You remember that Saturday night? The 8:44 pm ... And then on Sunday, the car 4408?"

Dad nodded with a smile.

She continued, to make a point, "It's only like what, 5 minutes to reach home (evening time less traffic) from school, and yet THIS song has to come on. C'mon on ... Can You see he's zapping to me?" :D:D:D

Dad nodded thoughtfully.

We reached home.   

In the lift going up to our condo, a thought did cross your mother's mind ...

The second sign ... Is there a second sign? There should always be two signs, that's the understanding between mother on earth and her son in heaven.

Oh well ...

The lift stopped at our floor. The door slid open. She walked out.

Maybe ... maybe the first sign was that PARROT and the CAGE picture she saw that afternoon whilst a 6 year old girl was reading to her. Mom had looked at both the illustrations, the bird in the cage on the left page, and the bird saying HELO on the right ... with keen interest. For some reason, she had not felt the need to snap a photo then. This photo is only taken at the time of writing this paragraph.

And the song (A THOUSAND YEARS) was the second sign ...

She shrugged ...

That evening, we had dinner on the sofa in front of the television.

Dad had cooked pilau rice with lamb in the pressure cooker pot earlier. The fragrant of the rice was amazingly heavenly.

A Disney movie was on.

Mom asked, "What show is this?"

Justine said, "Kicking And Screaming."

Mom watched ...

There were boys in a field playing soccer ...

The boys were wearing jerseys with numbers on them.

She had exclaimed loudly, when she spotted a jersey with the number 14.

Justine noticed that too, nodding as she chomped on her food.

The next minute, the coach brought a tray of small BIRD CAGES with finches, in them.

What's a finch, You might ask?

Here's a picture of a finch.

It's a song bird that people like to have in their backyard, apparently. :D

Mom had blurted out, "Eh, bird cage ..."

That made her think of the picture of the bird cage she saw this afternoon in the reading book.

What a coinciDANS ...

After the movie was over, Justine sprang up from the carpet, went to her desk and pulled out one of her thick serious-looking book.

Flip flip flip ...

"I knew it!" your sister exclaimed, as she brought the book to Mom.

She showed Mom an image of a number of finches in her Biology text book.

Justine counted and announced, "14 finches ..."

Mom counted, slowly ... pointing to the image one by one, and confirmed, "Yeah, 14 finches ..."

Your sister pointed to the top of the page, and said, " See here - Topic 4 ..."

and then, she pointed to the bottom of the page, with a "I rest my case" submission, "Page 242 ..."

Mom responded, "That's 24, two times ..."

Quite clearly, we heard a :

It's Me, la ... It's Me ... :D

 At a Baby Contest. You were 16 months old. Contestant Number 24.

Also your birthdate : Dec 24

 Dot 37 : Dense

Or 242 can be plainly and simply decoded as 44.

Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be.

However way we look at it, we see YOU, Daniel.

Nobody, nobody but YOU.


You're just -- everywhere ...

It's so easy ...  :D