Saturday, June 16, 2012

Call 375 : DANIEL's PLANE

Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 374)


After Mom uploaded the second DANIEL video on your facebook, she logged off.

It was late.

She didn't want to call You then when she knew she was gonna be nodding off at the computer.

She went to relax on the sofa.

Dad was reading the WhatsApp messages from Aunty J (USA) and Aunty D (Tawau) and Aunty C (Kuala Lumpur) on his cellphone aloud.

They were all very excited about Grandma and Aunty C's trip to the States the following day on Sunday, May 10. They are meeting up with Aunty J and Uncle C in Hawaii.

Mom said, "Eh, tell Jessie that the DANIEL song was on the radio just now ... Even Daniel is excited about their trip ... Hahaha ... They are going on a plane tomorrow and he has to send us this song to tell us that he's also traveling on a plane ... Hehehe ..."

Very cute, Mom thought with a smile. :D

Dad sent a message to Aunty J (USA) :

9:57 pm

Dad : Jes, your sis want u to know that the song DANIEL just came on the radio. Daniel is leaving tonight on the plane. He will be with you guys on the plane.

9:57 pm

Aunty J : Omg ... Yes, he’ll see us in the clouds ...


Mom was asleep in bed.

She was awaken by Dad's urgent but excited voice, "You have to see this, you have to see this ..."

Mom remembers opening her eyes, all groggy.

Sleepily, she had asked, "What time is it? What happened?"

Dad seemed to be scrolling through his messages on the cellphone.

He said, "Pass midnight ... You have to see this ..."

Dad showed Mom a photo of a plane.

Mom looked at it ... not really sure what she was supposed to see. She wasn't wearing her glasses at the time, so understandably, her focus was out.

Dad said, "Look at the words ... Look at the name ..."

Mom squinted to look.

Slowly, a gasp escaped her ...

Oh My Gosh ...


Are You kidding her???

Mom asked sharply, "Where did you find this picture?"

Dad replied, "Jessie sent it ... She took the photo ..."

W - what ???

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

What are the chances???

Mom read Aunty J's text, still squinting :

1:18 am

Aunty J : Omg ... As we were boarding our flight, I looked out n saw this ... took my breath away ... Craig thought I was going nuts cos I went out of my line just to get a picture ... Holding cup of coffee, laptop bag, purse ... n wearing my cowboy hat. Hehe.

Omg ...

How absolutely, incredibly wonderful.

Mom said, "He was trying to tell us he'd be on the plane ... The song, Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane ... I wrote that line on his (Facebook) page tonight ... and I specifically asked you to tell Jessie that the DANIEL song was on the radio ... Omg ... "

Mom scrolled to check exactly what Dad had written in his text message to Aunty J ... and found herself exclaiming : 

"You also mentioned in your text, Daniel is leaving tonight on the plane ..."

and added ...

"Wow ... both of us writing the same thing. He must have whispered to us. I only wrote that one single line on his Facebook page. I could have written the first verse at least ... not just ONE LINE ... Omg ... "

Honestly, what are the chances of seeing your name on a plane after hearing the song DANIEL the evening before and both your parents specifically writing the line that "Daniel is traveling / leaving tonight on a plane"? 

Gosh ...

No chance ...

Angel chance ...

Mom had a happy smile on her face as she went back to sleep.

Her son sure knows how to make his presence felt.

If she thought that was all, she was mistaken ...

There's more ...

Omg ...

(continue on Call 376)