Saturday, June 16, 2012

Call 373 : WHICH PART?

Hello Son,


Gosh Daniel. Something totally amazing happened early on Sunday morning.

Before Mom tells You about that, let her fill You up first on the inciDANS on the day before.

Actually, there is another really incredible zap inciDAN that happened on Tuesday, May 5.

That will have to wait now, till after your mother tells You about Sunday's inciDAN.


Mom was in school in the morning.

She was on Call 371 : 14 Finches.

She completed her entry and proceeded to publish it at 10:32 am.

Then, she went to the next Call 372 : Geylang Suriram ... and started to type away on the keypad.

She was only halfway through when Dad called and said that we had to leave for the Viva Center. There was a small gathering at 3 pm and a nutritional talk that we should attend. Mom had the car, and she was supposed to pick Dad up from the condo.

Mom saved her draft, before going to the car.

She hopped in the car.

Turned on the engine.


Mom glanced quickly at the time.

It was 1:43 pm.

Decode : 44

She had to smile.

Code 44 : Everywhere I am, there You'll be

She had mentioned the song A THOUSAND YEARS as she prepared Call 371 this morning.

What a coinciDANS. :D

What are the chances of her mentioning a song, and to hear that same song later? There are a thousand and one songs that could have come on, and she could have been on the wrong station ... but no, the moon the stars and the sun were aligned perfectly ... she was meant to hear it.

I'm right here la, Ma ... :D

You're a good boy, Son ... Mom thought to herself. You're always making sure Mom knows that You're near. You really are a good boy. :D

Reaching the condo, Dad got into the car and off we went.

As we were approaching the Viva center, the song WE ARE YOUNG came on the radio.

The time was 2:16 pm.

Decode : 14

Her angel sign.

Hey, wait a minute.

That's strange.

Did Mom not mention WE ARE YOUNG on Call 372

She did, didn't she?

See the paragraph after the image of the red telephone booth in winter.

You really are with your mother, aren't You? What are the chances of Mom now hearing the two things she had happened to mention on the blog earlier, in the car?

Twice ...

Wow ...

You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel. :D

We reached the center.

Dad got down. Mom remained in the car. She wanted to listen to the song till the end.

She likes that last line ... Yeah, that line right at the end.

So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down ...

I'll carry you home --- tonight ...

 By FUN.

Mom couldn't help but notice the time. It was 2:20 pm .

Her favorite line ended at her angel time.

A sad smile appeared on your mother's face.

I'll carry you home --- tonight ...

That line hold so many different meanings for your mother.

She got down from the car, and walked slowly over to the center.

There was a mini buffet spread.

Absentmindedly, she took a plate and filled it up.

She was soon eating her lunch on a table. Dad joined her.

A man, came to join our table.

After the initial HI, HOW ARE YOU? greetings, the man asked your mother, "How's your son?"

Pause ...

Time stood still ...

This man has been asking Mom how you are for the past many years.

Did he not know that You have permanently recovered from your illness?

Mom replied evasively, hoping he would not notice, "My daughter is in college now ..."

The man nodded and said, "Oh good good ..."

And then, he continued, "How's your son?"

He noticed.

Mom found herself sucking in her breath before she replied, as casually as she could, and with a smile, so as not to make him feel awkward,

"My son's in heaven ..."

The man nodded and said, "Oh good good ... Which part?"

Mom raised her eyebrow.

Dad heard it too ... and chose to remain silent. He seemed to be tackling his food with intense concentration - to avoid being in the conversation.

Which part?

Of heaven?

Now why have we not ever asked You that before, which part of heaven You are at, Daniel ... :D

Yes Son, exactly which part of God's Kingdom are You at now?

Somewhere over the rainbow, an inner voice made itself heard in her head.

The mad looked at Mom like he was waiting for her to answer.

Of course, he must have thought she was referring to a place.

A place called Heaven.

Gee, is there such a place called Heaven here on earth?

Mom said slowly, and clearly, "My son is in heaven ... with God ... with God in heaven ..."

She felt the repeat "with God" was necessary, as she pointed a finger up the ceiling.

The man nodded, avoided her eyes, before saying, "Oh oh, I'm sorry ..."

After that, he mumbled that he should take some food before the talk began, and left the table.

Mom leaned over to Dad and whispered, "Did You hear that?"

Dad nodded ... as he studied his food.

Mom whispered again, "So which part of heaven is son at?"

Dad chuckled.

Mom said, "Oh, but I know which part ..."

Dad turned to look at her.

She said, "Somewhere over the rainbow la ..."

What did he think she was going to say?

Your father nodded with a smile.

Hmmm ...

She did feel a little bad though that she had made the man uncomfortable. She assumed she had unintentionally succeeded in making him feel downright awkward ... because why else had he taken his food and gone to sit on another table? :( 

Could she have responded differently?

Pause to think ...

Help Mom think of a better line for the next time someone asks her which part of heaven You are at. :D

Allow 4 minutes to lapse here.


Hmmm ... Mom doesn't think so either.

So anyway ...

That Saturday evening, about 8 pm or so, Dad, Mom and Justine went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

After we had finished our meal, Mom was all ready to go home. She and Dad had gone a-shopping after the health talk, and she was pretty tired ... all ready to take a shower and go to bed. Justine for some reason, was still not quite ready to leave. She was picking on  little bits and pieces of food that were left on the plates, and taking her own sweet time with her drink.

Dad and Mom were waiting for her.

At one point, thinking your sister was finally done with her drink, Mom had stood up and said, "Let's go ..."

Your sister was like, "Wait la, wait la ... I'm not done yet ..."

Your mother was like, "Eh, hurry up la ..." before sitting down again.

Dad and Mom continued to watch her pick at her food.

It was some 10 minutes later, when your sister finally said, "Okay, we can go now ..."

Take note - all the delay was for a reason.

A very good reason.

Omg ...

A string of inciDANS was about to happen ...

(continue on Call 374)