Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call 380 : 29th MONTH

Hello Son,


Thursday was your 29th month with Jesus and Mary in heaven.

29 months ...

870 days ...

Don't even get your mother started on the hours, minutes and seconds. Honestly Son, wow we've managed to pass through 29 MONTHS without You here is beyond Mom.

Truly, Justine ... your sister ... she was sent to rescue your mother ...



 By Martina McBride.

We miss You very much, Son. You're in our thoughts all the time.

All the time.

All the time.

All the time.


Yeah, Mom has given "all the time" a new meaning.

Truly, there is not a moment ...

Nope, NOT ONE MILI-FRACTION OF A SECOND MOMENT ... that You are not in your mother's mind.

Being your 21st on Thursday, Mom knew You'd zap her.

Every day, You send little signs to your mother to remind her that You're right beside her. God is so good to us, Daniel. Sometimes, Mom cannot believe that Jesus has allowed us to keep our bond alive. It has been said that the bond between mother and son cannot be severed.

Ever You heard of that?

(taps fingers waiting for response ...)

Well, now You have ... :D

Mama Mary definitely has something to do about that.

She's a mother ...

She knows ...

So anyway ...

Something awesome happened sometime in the afternoon that Thursday 21st.

Mom was in school at the time.

Dad came to pick her up for lunch at about 2 pm.

In the car, Mom said, "Today is Son's 21st ... I'm waiting for him to say hello ..."

Dad kinda grinned.

Dad said he cooked nasi briyani and that we could go home for lunch.

Hmmmm ...

For some reason that would become apparent later, Mom did not want to go home. She said, that she wanted to have some coffee and sandwiches for lunch instead and that we could leave the nasi for dinner.

Dad said okay.

We drove to a French cafe nearby our condo.

Mom is besotted with the sandwiches at that cafe.

Approaching the cafe, Mom suddenly found herself suggesting,

"Why don't I tapau (take away), and we can have lunch at home? We'll make our own coffee ..."

Dad said okay.

Mom walked in to the cafe/bakery.

She picked up a tray and a thong and began to pick her sandwiches along with some buns and pizza slices.

Half way through, her mobile rang.

And the drama enfolds ...

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

She reached into the right side pocket of her pants.

Eh ... her cellphone wasn't there.

Darn it ...

Rrringgg ... rrringgg ...

Holding the tray on one hand, she tried digging into her handbag with the other.

She couldn't find it.

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

As usual, the phone has a way of sounding urgent when you're unable to answer it. Clumsily, she shoved her tray on top of the shelves nearest to her, so she could have both hands to ... dig dig dig into her bag ...

Oh, where was the darn phone ...

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

Finally ...

Ah, got it, got it, got it.

She glanced at the screen.

It was an unknown number.

Who could it be?

Mom answered ...

Almost instantly, she found herself rolling her eyes with irritation, as the caller identified herself.

The caller was from one of the local banks, calling to enquire if your mother might like to have a personal loan.

Huhhh ... She'd almost dropped her tray for this call???

Mom made sure her annoyance trickled through the phone.

Haha ... Not that bad laa ... :D

She ended the call rather abruptly, explaining stiffly that it was not convenient to take the call at the time.

Then, she stuffed her handphone into the large pocket on the side of her pants.

Walking to the cashier, she presented her tray. She did buy quite a lot for some reason. Dad had said that Justine has already got her lunch. Yet, she had bought more than enough for two.

Oh well ...

The amount on the till showed :

RM 29-60 ...

She pulled out a fifty ringgit note and handed it to the cashier.

The girl punched some numbers down and Mom suddenly realized she was staring at the balance amount of RM  20-40.

Decode : 24

(Take note that Mom made a mistake here and thought she saw the number 21-40)

Oh gosh ...

Mom found herself instantly reaching for her phone to check the time.

2:14 pm ...

Decode : 21 | 24

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

Both your numbers ... date of birth and departure.

Omg ...

She grabbed her bag of buns and hurried out of the shop. She wanted to show Dad the time.

She must have a witness.

Where was the car???

Oh ... Oh there ... about 20 walking steps ahead.

Mom ran to the car like her life depended on it, yanked open the car door, jumped in and shoved her cellphone into Dad's face.

"Look at the time! Look at the time!"

Dad looked.

The time showed 2:15 pm.

Arghhh ...

Mom exclaimed breathlessly, "JUST NOW at the cashier, it was 2:14 pm ... and and and here, the balance of the bill was 214 ... see the bill ... omg ... I just said I was waiting for son to say hi ... and here he is, saying HI ... OMG ... Is this not son saying HI???"

Okay ... See the mistake made there? Sorry Son ... Mom's math is now only at kindergarten level. Anyway, whether it was 21-40  or  20-40, it was a zap number for your mother. You probably made sure of that, didn't You? How disappointed she would have been if she had discovered the mistake later and discovered that it wasn't a zap number after all.

Aiyoh Ma ... How You count ... It's 2040 la ... :D

(Remember the number 2040 - You would soon be zapping your mother. See Call 382 : Tong Hua)

Mom flashed her receipt triumphantly.

Dad nodded with a smile ...

Caught up with Mom's excitement, he too did not notice the mistake.


Mom was not finished. She had to explain how she received a first call where she had to dig for her handphone. Gosh, You were getting your mother prepared for the receipt - zap, weren't You?

Like ...

Get your handphone ready, Ma ... :D

Oh yes, that sure was incredible.

So anyway, Mom went back to school later in the evening.

Everything was as normal as could be.

Then, TWO out of the ordinary inciDANS happened. :D

First, a 4 year old girl ... the same one who sang KUMBAYAH about a year ago ... yup, the one who said she lives "far, far away..." ... Mom wrote about this in one of the call-entries.

Well, she came running to Mom and said excitedly,

"Teacher Lynn, I read until page forty-four (44) today ..." (Peter & Jane book).

Pause ...

44 ???

You must have seen the smile that appeared on your mother's face. :D

She couldn't help grinning from ear to ear.

"Which page again?" Mom asked, unnecessarily.

"44!" Little E repeated proudly.

Normally, this bright little girl would always finish reading her PJ books (50 pages). However, that day on your 21st, she read till page 44 ... and decided to stop. By the way, helloooo, did she have to tell Mom? She was reading before the day care teacher. She did not have to come running to Mom to tell her about that.

Hmmm ...

Your mother did not know then but a second inciDAN would soon happen.

You made sure of that.

You know Mom needs to have TWO zaps before she takes her signs seriously.


Dad called to say that the CCTV guy will be dropping by the school to repair one of the monitors.

This was in the evening. About 5 pm or thereabouts.

Yes, the guy came, did his thing, and about an hour later, he was done. He gave Mom some standard forms to sign which Mom did without question, since he was merely providing free maintenance.

Anyway, as Mom was walking him to the door, she asked, "What's your name?"

You must have whispered to her.

The guy answered, "Enki ..."

Pause ...


Now where did she hear that strange En name before?

Oh oh of course, that video she uploaded that (Thursday) morning at 12 am.

Her immediate thoughts were, "Are You talking to Mom, Son?"

Enki ???

What kind of a name is that? Mom asked the man to spell it out for her, which he did.

She thought of the video she uploaded on Thursday, June 21st at 12 am on your facebook.

It was the song Eres Tu ...

It had come on the radio the evening before, and that night (Wednesday 20th), Mom had tried to look for a nice video of that song Eres Tu to post on your facebook page. She had come across several videos, all unclear and with bad sound ... until she found the video of the song against the movie Brokeback Mountain, a story about 2 men and their relationship with each other.

One of them was called Ennis.

It did cross Mom's mind that the name was weird. The director of the movie was Ang Lee. One of her friends had mentioned that Ang Lee's movies always have a deep meaning and they "always make you think."


In fact, Mom spent about 3 hours trying to find a suitable video with the ERES TU song for your facebook page, but she couldn't find one that had a better sound quality than the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN video.


And so at 12 am on Thursday 21st, she uploaded that Brokeback video.


And now she hears the name Enki ...

What kind of a name is that anyway?

You think Ennis is strange, Ma? :D

Mom heard You say in her head. :D

She asked the man for his number.

On hindsight, You definitely whispered to her to get his number. She didn't have to. She was holding a copy of the forms she'd signed. The company's address and number were at the top. Yet, she asked for his number anyways.

He said, "X X X..."

Mom repeated as she scribbled down on the paper she was holding, "X X X ..."

He continued, "Twenty - one ..." (21)

Mom stopped, and turned to look at him.


"Twenty - one?" she echoed. Yes, it was your 21st that Thursday.

He confirmed, "Yeah, twenty - one ..."

He wouldn't have heard her pulse racing.

She jotted down quickly, muttering at the same time, "Twenty - one ..."

Her heart was pounding pounding pounding.

He went on, "Zero one ..." (01)

Oh ...

Oh okay ... nothing there ... anti-climax ...

But not for long ...

She wrote down, repeating, "Zero one ..."

Then ...

"Zero four one ..." (041)  he finished.


Zero four one?

Mom couldn't wait to get him to the door.

Omg ...

She looked at her scribble.



XXX  :  21  01  041


Decode : 21  |  24

The same zap during lunch time at the cafe.

Omg ... What are the chances?

And Enki?

What's that about?

Oh Gosh ...

Oh Gosh ...

Oh Gosh ...

Mom just checked the video again (for the link) and noticed the video time duration : 4:12

Decode : 21 | 24


Omg ...

What are the chances?

That's like 3X already.

It's Me, Ma ... It's Me ... It's Me la ... :D

Happy 29th month with Jesus and Mother Mary, Daniel.

We miss You so very much. <3

The zaps continues.

(continues on Call :381)