Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hello Son,                                                                          (continue from Call 368)

Dad came to school to fetch Mom for lunch. We had some noodles.

On the way back to the condo, with Justine's food, would You believe it but A THOUSAND YEARS came on the radio.

Omg ...


It was surreal ...

What are the chances?

Mom shot a glance at the dashboard.

The time showed 2:07 pm.

No ...

It wasn't the usual angel-zap time but what the heck.

Mom blurted out to Dad excitedly, "Omg ... A Thousand Years ... I was telling Son about A Thousand Years on the blog just now ... Omg ... He's talking to me ... He's like, I read your message, Ma ... A Thousand Years ... Awww, I'm so happy ..." :D:D:D

Honestly, we would have been in the car for not more than 15 minutes. Yet, this song had come on. A thousand and one songs that could have come on the radio during that brief 15 minutes, it had to be THIS one. The one your mother told You about when she called You earlier.


Gosh Son ... How absolutely perfect is your angel timing.

You really do know how to make your presence felt all the time. :D

So anyway ... where were we?

Ah, Grandma's birthday yesterday (FRIDAY, JUNE 1).

After work, Aunty C came to school to pick Mom up, and then we went home to fetch Justine (who had come home from college by then), before heading to the mall. Dad would meet us there later.

In the car, Mom told Aunty C about the inciDAN that happened on THURSDAY, MAY 31.

She had told You about it on Call 367 : PHONE DANIEL

Can You imagine? The last time your mother called You then was on your 21st, 10 days ago, and 10 days later on the 31st, You were like reminding Mom, with the registration plate:

PDM 1398 

Secret code : Phone Daniel, Ma ... 21

Hmmm, no wonder ... it must not have been easy to find a vehicle with that secret code, huh. Is that why it took You so long to lead us to an empty spot?

We entered the mall, and pulled out a ticket from the dispenser. Aunty C drove through the NO ENTRY lane on the right ...

Hahaha ...

Ahh yes, there was a nice parking bay waiting for us right opposite the scribble on the wall that says  

JASON <3 M  

You will remember that Mom interprets that graffiti as JASON LOVES MOM ...

Your mother's told You about this inciDAN in one of our calls earlier, remember?

"He got this parking for us," Mom said with a happy smile.

It's that obvious.

You were definitely with us that evening.

Aunty C chuckled.

We hurried to the Japanese restaurant.

There, we were led to a nice cozy corner, with a long table, and 8 seats on each side.

We pumped up the balloons, laid down the table gifts and hung up a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign Aunty C bought from TOYS R US the day before. Grandma and her friends soon appeared.

Wow ... your grandmother was all dressed up like a celebrity. :D

Very hot, lo ...

Dinner soon started.

Mom noticed, with a knowing smile, that the chair next to your sister was empty.

Deep in her heart, she knew why.

Of course she knew why. 

You were / are with us, Daniel.

It's so easy ... :D

She hears You.

Truly, it's amazing how You can speak right to her heart,

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark,

Try as she may she can never explain,

What she hears when You don't say a thing.

Yeah Son, You say it best when You say nothing at all ... <3

It turned out that 2 guests were not able to make it that night, despite confirming earlier that they would be attending.

Let's see ...

2 guests missing ...

Which means 14 guests were present that night.

What better number of guests than one that shows your mother her angel sign?

Oh, it's so easy ...


So anyway, it was after 11 pm when we were finally done with the birthday dinner.

In the car, Aunty C started the engine.

The digital time on the dashboard showed 11:13 pm.

Mom said, "That's 24 ..."

Aunty C responded, "Yeah, I know ..."

24 being your birthdate.

It can't get easier than this, Daniel ...


To complete the perfect night, would You believe it but A THOUSAND YEARS came on the radio as we were leaving the mall.

Omg ... :D

This entry was published at this point ...

Then ...

9:09 pm (Saturday) : Omg ... You won't believe this ... We were having dinner in front of the television ... How I Met Your Mother Was On ... Then, at one point, Mom picked up the remote, with the intention of increasing the volume but accidentally changed the channel instead... How surprised she was to hear the immediate lyrics that filled the living room that instant ...

I have died every day waiting for you ...


Mom gave a shriek ... Justine and Dad were / are here with her ... Your mother leaped to her cell phone, checked the time, and gave another shriek ...

OMG ...

She thrust her handphone to Dad's face ...

A witness ... She must have a witness ... It's too incredible ...

"Look at the time ... It's 8:44 pm ... OMG ... 8:44 ...Can You believe this?"

Decode : 4444

Dad saw the time and smiled.

OMG ... What are the chances?

"The whole day today, I was telling him about A THOUSAND YEARS ... That was just a short advertisement of her (Christina Perri's) concert (says Justine) and in that few seconds that I accidentally switched the channel, I got to hear a few lines from the song? OMG ...

"Son whispered to me ... He whispered to me ... How would I know to change the channel right at that time to hear the song? The ad is only for a few seconds ... Only 4 or 5 lines of the song ... Yet, I heard it ... I heard it ... I was meant to hear it ... OMG ..."

Omg ...

How awesome ...

How incredibly awesome ...

At the same time, Dad exclaimed unexpectedly when he saw Justine playing a POKEMON game on her phone.

"Isn't that the game that Daniel used to play?"

Justine said, "Yes ..."

Dad reminded Mom of your GameBoy, how You loved to play your POKEMON game and that You were very good at it.

"He beat the computer a few times," Dad said, proudly.

Pause ...
Yes Daniel ... We all remember your GameBoy days ...

How engrossed You used to be when You were at it ...

We miss all that, Daniel ...