Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Call 270 : MOM'S NUMBER

Hello Son,

Thursday, August 18

Mom was in the car at the lobby, waiting for Justine. 

The radio was on your mother's station 105.7. The DJ, if she remembers correctly, was engaged in some morning talk. 

Shortly after, your sister came. She got into the car, changed the radio station to her station 95.3 immediately.

The lyrics filled the car.

Boom Boom Boom ...

Even brighter than the moon moon moon ...

It was the ending of FIREWORK.  

Call 151 : Major Fireworks

Justine pointed to the time. It was 7:34 am.

Decode : 14

Your mother's mouth fell open. 

No, not because of the angel sign, but rather, the moon moon moon.

OMG ... moon moon moon ??? 

Did You hear that ???

You must have whispered to your sister to switch the station. You knew this moon moon moon word would zap your mother. Had she switched over like 5 seconds later, we would have missed that line. 

That was awesome, the perfect angel timing.

Call 268 : Moon Talk

Our morning ZAP obviously... :D

We drove out of Taman Desa and along the highway. Before long, came a car that slid in from our right, to our front, and to our left. You couldn't miss it, the way it cut across us from the right lane to the left ... especially with the number plate.

1444 ...

All her angel numbers. :D At first Mom was quite calm, until her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard, that shone boldly, 8:21 am.

Decode : (44) (21)

"Quick take a photo of the car number, Jus," Mom said urgently, like they were on a car chase. :D 

44 and 21 ... 

Good numbers, very good numbers ... They point to her Son. 

Clearly. :D

You're near, Daniel. We know that. It's gonna be a great day ahead, she could feel it already. :D

After dropping Justine in college, Mom drove back to the condo. She had to pick Dad up, so he could drop her off in school. Dad was going outstation later in the morning by coach, and he needed to use the car.

Dad hopped into the car, and we drove out of the condo premise. Turning right at the junction, we drove along the road until we reached a traffic lights some . There was a car right in front of us, at the lights. 

Mom immediately gasped.

OMG ...

"Look at the number plate. It's DAN," Mom pointed out excitedly. 

Dad saw and smiled.

The lights were still red, Mom continued reading out the numbers on the registration plate loudly, 

"Eight Five One One..." 

Then, "OMG ... Eight Five One One??? Eight Five One One ... That's my handphone number!!! OMG ... He's calling me ... He's calling me ... That's my number!!!"

Your mother's cellphone number : +6 016 330 8511

DAN 8511

8511 - the last 4 numbers of your mother's number.

A closer look ...

OMG ... You will not believe this but ...

TUESDAY AUGUST 30 @ 4:14 pm ... 

At the time of writing this entry, right after uploading both the DAN 8511 photos, Glee cast performs LEAN ON ME on TV, the very first line of the song started at her angel time 4:14 pm. 

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Call me ...Call me ... Just call me ... when you need a friend ... :D

Mom's so calling You, Son ... :D You really do know how to connect with Mom, don't You?

OMG, it's awesome ... 

What a coinciDANS. :D

It's unbelievable! Would You please look at the timing??? 

Right after Mom uploads the 2 car photos above, and said that "He's calling me" ... GLEE starts to sing LEAN ON ME ... and as we both know, this song ends with ...


OMG ...


That was totally unbelievable, Daniel.

Our connection truly has gone up to the next level. :D

Believe la, Ma ... :D