Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello Son,                                     (continue from Call 263)

8. Tuition Time

Mom was truly bedazzled to be honest. 

It was 4:07 pm. 

She got out of the car, feeling all floaty and light-headed. :D 

Her Son had clearly said to her : 

Call Me, Ma ... :D  

4 days after her last call to him. 

How cute is that?


Very cute.

Wouldn't You say?

It was tuition time ...

There was a 5 year old boy, J, sitting on Mom's left and a Primary 2 boy, C, on her right.

J was doing English that day. He was reading out aloud each sentence and answering the questions. Then came a sentence which made your mother turn his book to her.

There are (how many) birds in the cage.

Bird cage? 


She had to smile.

Call 134 : Bird Cage

Still smiling and thinking about her own secret thoughts, 
"You're near, Mom knows..." ... she turned over to C on her right and asked, "What test do you have tomorrow?"

C said, "Science."

Mom asked him to bring out his Science text book.

He brought out his book and started flipping. 

Flip flip flip ... back and forth ... 

By the way, the text book is in mandarin, a foreign language to your mother, although she did learn mandarin when she was in primary school, for 3 brief years. The new mandarin teacher will be coming on Monday next. We could have done another subject but he was having Science test the next day. Mom wanted him to revise his lessons.

He finally stopped flipping and put both hands on the opened text book. Mom peered over ... and the first thing that caught her eye was the page number.

Page 44 ...

44 ???

You must have seen the smile that appeared on her face. As she scanned through the page, she suddenly found herself recognizing three mandarin characters that are above the pictures of the tadpoles.

Mom pointed to the middle word of the left tadpole box and said, "Eek ..."

To the center tadpole box, she exclaimed, "Ser..."

and to the box on the right with the question mark, she said with mounting excitement, "Part ..."

The boy kinda giggled. The kids have never heard of any kind of mandarin word come out from her mouth before. Yes, she must have sounded funny.

Mom said with a big grin, 

"You see, Teacher Lynn knows eek ... ser ... and part ..." 

He chuckled.

Again Mom repeated, quite proud of herself, having recognised 3 characters on that page, "Eek ... ser ... part ..."

No, she still couldn't get over it. On page 44, she managed to recognize eek, ser and part.

She asked, "What is the eek, ser and part about?"

The boy answered, "Day One, Day Four, and Day Eight ..."

Oh, but of course ... the life cycle of a frog ... on day one, four and eight ...

One ... four ... and eight ...

Pause ...

Wait a minute ... 

W-what was that? 

One, four and eight?

OMG ... ONE ... FOUR ... and EIGHT ???

OMG ...

148 ???

Decode : 1444

On page 44

Why, that's like a whole load of angel numbers.

You were definitely with Mom, Daniel ... It's funny that she should have learned mandarin in primary 3, 4 and 5 just to know how to get zapped many, many years later. The jigsaw is beginning to fall into place. A reason for everything. Had the Mandarin teacher started earlier than next Monday, C would not be sitting beside her with his page 44 and eek, ser, part ...

So meant to be ... Your way of communicating with Mom, she knows. ZAP ZAP ZAP ...

Just then, another 5 year old child, D, came to the table, and sat opposite Mom. She took out the same English workbook as J (the boy on Mom's right), and turned to the same page. The bird cage page.

She read the first question.

There are (how many) ducks in the pond.

Mom asked, "What's a pond? Do you know what a pond is?"

Before D could say anything, J, the boy on Mom's right, said, 

"Pond is not a bird cage, it's water ..."  

Mom responded, "Clever boy ... No, it's not a bird cage ..."


"It's water ..." he cut in abruptly, before returning to his work.

Time stood still for your mother at this point.

Not a bird cage ... she thought slowly ... it's water ...

2 zap words in one sentence equals to Fireworks! 

It was strange how the words were brought to her attention. Especially from J, a boy who doesn't really say much. In fact, J's mother has complained to Mom before that her son hardly speaks to her. "I miss his voice," J's mother had said "...and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a wall."

That's the same boy who uttered two words to zap her. You certainly know how to choose your messenger. Expect the unexpected.

Water ... water as in ...

And Jesus says

Come to the water

Stand by my side

Saturday, August 20 @ 3:17 pm

At the time of writing this Call entry, Mom is thinking about your 21st tomorrow. Your 19th month. Yes Daniel, no more bird cage ... You're standing beside Jesus and it's water all the way ... It just struck Mom that we used to refer to your tumor as "water." Water in the head. There's a bit of water in the head, the doctor is gonna take it out, Dad and Mom would say. Honestly Daniel, the puzzle is falling into place. You begin with Jesus, and You end with Jesus. We all will too. Only the lucky ones get picked first. We will patiently wait for our turn. One thing's for sure ... We're all gonna be together again some day ... Yes, we are. That's the only thing that's keeps Mom going ... :D And God's promise. Please tell God that Mom's holding on to God's promise like ... like ... fish to water. :D

About half an hour later, we were done with our work. 

Mom walked over to Teacher E's table. A 3 year old boy was reading to Teacher E at the time. He was reading a Peter and Jane book. Mom sat down with them, and watched the boy read, feeling a sense of pride in the little boy.

It was less that a minute later when the little boy turned to a page and asked, "What is this teacher?"

Teacher E took the book, to have a look (she was sitting opposite the boy), before answering, 

"Oh, it's an angel ... It's an angel in a tree."

Mom's ears pricked up.

It's a w-what ???

Oh My Gosh ... 

She knows that page  Teacher E was looking at ...

OMG ... What a perfect ending to a perfect day. 

An angel in a tree. 

Mom's day started with an Angela and ended with an angel

Call 261 : Tarzan Zap

Oh Gee Wow ...

She couldn't ... she couldn't ask for more ... 

... apart from keep the zaps coming, Son ... :D

Talk to You in a bit. So much to tell You. Gonna go out for a while to get your flowers and some stuffs for school. Be with us kay? :D