Saturday, August 13, 2011

Call 258 : LAST LINE

Hello Son,

1. Saturday, August 13

This Saturday morning ... 

Justine has extra class. Dad went to get the car from the basement car park. He picked Justine and Mom up from the condo lobby.

Hopping in to the car, Dad said, "Listen to the song. "

Our ears pricked up and we both listened.

Awww ...

It was DELiLAH. The time was 7:54 am.

Hey there Delilah

What's it like in New York City

I'm a thousand miles away

But tonight you look so pretty, yes you do 

Times Square can't shine as bright as you

I swear it's true

Plain White T's

Mom said, "Jus, your brother says you're looking pretty today." :D

We remember how You used to sing and play DELiLAH on the guitar. We still hear your voice, Daniel. The last time this song came on in the car, Aunty Carol and your sister were both wearing a dress. We knew right away then that You were commenting on their appearance. :D Truly, your voice filled the car on the way to college as Mom was overcome with nostalgia.

After dropping Justine at college, Dad and Mom stopped by a coffee shop for a quick noodle - breakfast. 

After a delicious breakfast, we drove to Kuchai Lama. 

One of the staffs in school had told Mom the day before that the prices of food items in this hypermarket is lower than most places. She had said that a whole watermelon only cost RM1-00 and a pack of onions about 70 cents. 

"Really? Are you sure?" Mom had asked in disbelief.

"YESSSS!!! REALLY!!!" The staff had answered.

That was enough to stir a desire in your mother. So this morning, Mom wanted to go check the place out.

So there we were in the car ... driving driving driving ... to the place.

WONDERFUL TONIGHT came on the radio and Mom listened quietly to herself. This is a really wonderful song, and one of her very old favourites. 

Shortly after, Dad spotted a huge signboard to say that the hypermarket was 100 meters away. About the same time, her WONDERFUL TONIGHT came to an end. 

Mom was not expecting any ZAP song to come on ... and so, when the familiar intro - music of the next song filled the car, she found herself holding her breath, as she waited for the first line to ZAP her:

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart ...

Mom sprang forward in her seat in excitement.


The time was 8:41 am.

Her angel time : 1444

W-What ???

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

Seriously ???


OMG !!!

A hundred and one words poured out her mouth in two seconds as she tried to tell Dad that exactly one week ago, last Saturday, she had written the first verse of this song on TWO entries in your HELLO SON blog.

Call 255 : Oligo 21
Call 256 : Good Grief

What are the chances? 

OMG, what are the chances??? 

"He's talking to me! OMG, he's talking to me! Can you see he's talking to me? Look at the time ..." Mom was totally - hyper. 

Dad said yes, and yes, he noticed the time. :D

It was unbelievable. 

Dad entered the car park. He found a vacant spot immediately. Mom groaned and thought, the song's just started. She didn't want to turn off the engine before the whole song ended. 

Guess what happened next? 

As Dad drove into the empty bay, the car that was parked directly in front of us was positioned too far back and not within its parking box, that our car jutted out of our bay. Can You picture that?

Mom laughed out loud. 

She knows ... Yes, she knew, that You knew she didn't want to get out of the car before the song ended. Dad had to reverse out and find another bay. 

Hehehehehehehehe ... That was cute, Son. :D

Meanwhile, Mom was singing at the top of her voice like she was at a Karaoke contest, the only thing missing was the mike, as she watched Dad reverse out of the first bay and drive into another vacant spot on the same row. 

Would You believe it but by the time Dad turned into the new bay, and parked the car nicely in the new spot, the song had reached its LAST LINE :

You say it best ...

When You say nothing at all ...

What perfect timing. 

Mom pointed excitedly to the dashboard. 

The time showed 8:44 am.

OMG ... 

The song started and ended at her angel time ...

How could this not be from her Son?

That ZAP was from him straight from Heaven, she knows this as she knows her own name. She was meant to hear it and get the ZAP. She mentioned this song in TWO calls last Saturday, and today, today - he's responding to her. 

He knows she's gonna be calling him today - Saturday. Honestly, had we reached that place just 3 minutes earlier, we would have missed the song altogether.

You're getting better, Ma ... :D

Yes, she surely is ... She should join the FBI ...

The connection is clear, Daniel ...  

It gets clearer and clearer each time ...

It's amazing ... how You can speak right to her heart ... <3

 Movie : Notting Hill 

Song by Ronan Keating

Try as they may they can never define...

What's been said between your heart and mine...


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