Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hello Son,                                   (continue from Call 256)

5. Thursday, August 4 

On Thursday after school ... 

Mom was in the car, driving to the condo to pick up Dad for a quick lunch. The distance from the school to our condo is like a 3 minute drive. Even so, she was greeted by a nice song WIND BENEATH MY WINGS by Bette Midler just as she was pulling out of the kindy's driveway. 

The time was 2:03 pm when the song started. It ended just as she was driving to the condo lobby. How perfect the timing was. She was meant to hear it the song without any distraction. Yes, she was. If she was not, the song message wouldn't have started so - nicely - and ended even more - nicely ... :D

Yes Daniel, God and You are watching us from a distance. And Mama Mary. True to the song lyrics, You really are the wind beneath our wings now, Son. :D

Thank You, Thank You, Thank GOD for You ...

The wind beneath our wings ... <3

Dad hopped into the car. Dad suggested the coffee shop that serves rice dishes. Mom was not exactly excited with the suggestion, because it was a really hot day, and she preferred a place with air-con. So we ended up in an air-conned cafe that serves noodles.

Upon stepping into the restaurant, Mom spotted her ex-student with her brother and Mommy on a table. After the initial exclamation of surprise and hugs that followed, Mom noticed that the 5 year old brother, currently a student in our school, was wearing a tee shirt with the words SPIDERMAN on it.

Call 230 : Spiderman Zap


There must be a reason why we were at this cafe ... :D 

Mom said to Dad, "You see that boy wearing a SPIDERMAN tee shirt? He's in our school but I didn't see him today. You see how Son brought us to this place to make sure I get the zap?"

Get the attention first with the Wind song, and then zap her to make his presence felt. :D

To remind Mom that You are near ... :D

Despite her confident announcement, inwardly, she must confess that she did wonder whether this Spiderman zap was counted. Shouldn't there be two zaps to make it count? 

A weak connection, she hated to admit to herself ... not to Dad though ... since the bar has been raised. Now why did she have to go make life difficult.

Never mind. It's counted, she told herself firmly. It's a mother's prerogative to bend the rules.

Friday, August 5

On Friday morning in school ... 

Mom was at the registration desk when the door bell rang. 

She half - ran to the door and found herself stopping abruptly at the grilled gate in complete surprise. You must have seen a wide grin spreading across her face.

There in front of her, was 3 year old Little S in a SPIDERMAN mask waiting to greet her. 

OMG ...

OMG ...

OMG ...

Talk about 2 spiderman zaps. Only You would know what your mother was thinking the day before. OMG ...

The awesome - ness, as Justine would say.

It's counted, Ma ... :D

Oh My Gosh ... That was awesome.

Later that afternoon, Dad picked up Justine from college and then Mom from school and we drove to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch. After our meal, we walked to the car. 

Mom was at the wheel, Dad was in front, and Justine behind.

The radio was on. 

Mom switched to her station at 105.7. 

The reception was scratchy which was puzzling. She then noticed that the station was at 107.7. 

"Eh, who meddled with the channels?" Mom asked.

Dad started switching from one station to another, and as he did so, Justine called out at one point, "Hey, turn back to the one before."

Dad did.

The music was familiar ... and then the lyrics came on loud and clear :

This is not what I intended ...


At this point, Mom immediately pointed to the dashboard and said aloud:

"Look at the time. It's 4:14 pm."

Dad and Justine both saw the angel time. It was just perfect! 

I always swore to you I'd never fall apart

You always thought that I was stronger

I may have failed but I have loved You from the start

You must have heard us singing in the car. This is the second song that You sang to Mom the night before You left us. 

Blink ... 

On hindsight ... 

You sang two songs to Mom, one after another, that last night. Mom never thought of the significance of the two songs before until recently. Two songs? You sang TWO songs to Mom that last night. Similar in meaning? So very pre-planned from the start.

Maroon 5
"I may not make it through the night..."

At 3:44 (video), Clark places his hand over Lana's eyes and strokes her lids down. Mom used to stroke your lids down too when you try to stay awake and not sleep. Remember? One gentle stroke would lull you to sleep immediately. Notice the angel standing near by ... watching ...

Secondhand Serenade

"I won't live to see another day..."
You were trying to tell Mom, didn't You, that that was going to be your last night, but Mom did not get it ...
Mom dropped Dad and Justine at the condo, and drove back to school. Fall For You was still on ... She heard herself singing before her voice broke, her vision blurred and she could sing no more. 
Blinking away tears at the traffic lights, she knew ... 
She knew ...
Yes, she knew ...
A mother knows ...
She just knows ...
that her Son is close by ... and he is right beside her ... 
All the zap inciDANS that happen daily are to make sure she knows that. It's just amazing. GOD is so good to us. Some day, and somewhere over the rainbow where You are right now, we'll sing together again, Daniel. <3 For now, knowing you're safe with JESUS and MAMA MARY is enough for Mom. <3 
Be good, Son.

Blink blink blink ...