Monday, August 15, 2011

Call 263 : CALL ZAP

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 262)

7. Call Me

After FiNALLY ended, there was a preview of a handful of songs. 

One made your mother sit right up. 


OMG ... Lean On Me ??? 

Why, this song ends with:


Just Call Me ...

(if you need a friend) ...

Call Me ...

Call 21 : Call Me

Mom sat patiently, waiting for LEAN ON ME to come on. It did, a few minutes later. Her eyes were all set at the time on the dashboard.

When the intro - music of LEAN ON ME hit the air, she pointed excitedly to the dashboard. 

The time was 3:55 pm.

Decode : 4

"OMG, today is just too special. I must call him tonight," 

Mom said to Dad. It was Thursday already. The last time she called her Son, was 4 days ago on Sunday, August 7. 

Call 257 : Gentle Stroke

Dad got down when we reached the condo. 

Mom drove to school. 

We have evening activities at 4:30 pm. LEAN ON ME was still on. Mom couldn't wait for the ending part ... the CALL ME part. She was gonna count how many CALL MEs are there today.

She reached school and stopped the car at the gate. 

The song was coming to the ending chorus part. When the last line of the last verse was sung and the CALL ME repeats came on, Mom started counting ... with her fingers ... slowly, as she listened to the song very carefully ...

Call me ... That's one.

Call me ... That's two.

three ...

four, five, six ...

seven, eight, nine ...

ten, eleven, twelve ...

thirteen, fourteen ...

The DJ came on at this point (right after the 14th Call Me) and announced : Lite FMmmm.

No more Call Mes after that. 

The song ended on the 14 th Call Me. 


There were exactly 14 Call Me repeats. 

Not one more or less. 

OMG, what are the chances???

Mom was pretty much overwhelmed. She got out of the car quite dazed. Today, there had been so many ZAPs. It was unbelievable. 

Believe it la, Ma ... I'm right beside You ... :D

Call Me 195 : Believe, Mom

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