Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello Son,                                        (continue from Call 261)

3. Somewhere Out There

After school that day, Mom was supposed to pick Dad up and go to the mall to confirm her order for the flooring boards for the new school. The car was parked right outside the kindergarten gate.

She got into the car, and turned on the ignition. 

The radio was on, and the intro - music to the song  

SOMEWHERE OUT THERE filled the car immediately. 


The time was 1:15 pm. 

Decode : 14

Station 105.7. Mom's station. 

Angel code : 4

Mom sat perfectly still as she listened to the song. 

Justine commented later at home that SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is not usually on the radio. No, no, it's not. Today however, it came on immediately when Mom turned on the car engine, and at her angel time too. How special is that? 

It's pretty obvious her Son is telling her :

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

Were You, Daniel? Telling Mom that?

Theme song of An American Tail. 

At the point of writing, Mom's not able to find your Somewhere Out There video 
that was posted in your Facebook. In fact, she can't find any of the videos 
that were uploaded on the Facebook. 
Will have to get the originals from Aunty C and upload on the blog.

Aunty C had created a video of our USA trip using SOMEWHERE OUT THERE as the background music. How could that not be a ZAP? The timing was just too perfect. :D

4. Plane

Mom picked Dad up from the condo lobby at about 1:25 pm. 

Excitedly, she told Dad about the radio zap a few minutes ago.

As we were driving out of the condo area, we saw a plane that flew by right in front of our eyes. It wasn't high up in the sky. Strangely, it was at our eye level. It's good that Dad saw it too otherwise it would have been quite difficult to explain to him later, that the plane was right before our eyes.

It was. It really was.

We were talking about You at that moment, and the plane happened to appear in a distance, before our eyes, causing your mother to immediately think about the song DANIEL.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane

Call 196 : Two Songs

5. Floor Boards

At the mall, we went directly to the floor - shop. 

Is there such a word? Floor - shop?

There were several samples of wooden floorboards available and Mom had chosen two that she thought were the best ones for the new school. She couldn't decide which to pick. 

It was either this one or that one.

Dad said to choose one quickly. He didn't like to spend too much time at the mall. Mom couldn't decide.

Both looked so nice.

Finally, Mom said, "Daniel, help Mom choose. Which would it be?"

Believe it or not, a few seconds later, the shop assistant (who was at the counter desk and not with us) came to us and said, 

"This one is out of stock (pointing to one of the samples). We only have this one (pointing to the other sample)."

With that announcement, it was clear which board Mom had to take. Grin ...

"See how he helps me pick?" Mom said to Dad, with a chuckle.

Dad laughed.

Thanks Son ... You really know how to make your presence felt. :D

6. Finally

We had a quick lunch before going back.

At the car park, believe it or not, but we couldn't find the car. Dad walked from one end to another. It was strange because normally Dad wouldn't forget where he parked the car. That was Mom's specialty. 

However, today ... he forgot. Mom couldn't remember either where we left the car.

We ended up walking round and round the huge car park. We were quite sure we were on the right floor, but which corner and which row? 

As Mom was following Dad, a few steps behind, she couldn't help but feel that perhaps, there was a reason why we had to delay some time. She wondered what that could be. It was about 10 minutes later when we finally found the car.

Yeah, finally ...

Dad started the car. The song FINALLY was just about starting. 
Mom pointed to the time. It was 3:50 pm.

Decode : 44

By Fergie

Something strange and new is happening ...

(9:39 pm ... Fireworks outside our window right now ... Decode : 21 ... How awesome, Mom was on the phone with Aunty C and happened to be facing the window just to see the first burst of colorful explosion in the sky ... Another perfect timing ... A definite coinciDANS ... :D)

Yes Daniel ... something strange and new is definitely happening. <3

This is the second time today that a song had immediately come on the radio the moment the car started, and zapped Mom. Had we found the car earlier, the song would not have come on immediately.

You're definitely near, Daniel ...

(continue on Call 263)