Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello Son,

Monday, August 15

Mom was in the car, waiting by Justine's college. 

Today, your mother had driven into the college compound. Your sister as You'd have seen, had sprained her ankle recently. It has been a week already, and her ankle was not quite healing yet. 

So on Monday, we were going to the hospital to get an x-ray. Aunty Carol will be meeting us there at the, she said, at the EMERGENCY ward.

"Bring her to the Emergency," your Aunt Carol had said.

Emergency ...

That word alone brings back memories, Son. 

Painful memories. 

We always had to go to the Emergency with You. 

Your mother's pulse is racing as she writes this line and recalling our several emergency incidents. 

All God - planned, God - filtered and God - controlled ... she knows that to be true now. 

Not then she didn't, no. 


Only now.

Slow la, Ma you ... :D

Anyway, in your sister's case, it wasn't a real Emergency, just that the x-ray place is located in the Emergency unit. 

A song came on.

Ah - ha - ha ... 

Keep thinking 'bout his angel eyes 

The time was 2:15 pm.

Decode : 44

Mom turned up the volume. It was Angel Eyes.

Call 51 : Angel Eyes


By Abba. 

The next song that came on was,  

Everything I Do, I Do It For You. 

The time was 2:20 pm. 

Decode : 4

 By Bryan Adams. 

There's a strange yet heartwarming message at the end of the song in the video.

FREE is mentioned. OMG, what are the chances? 

FREE ...

That's a direct link to YOU. When her attention is focused on her son, 

the last message right at the end is : Everything's alright ...

Mom thinks You'd just communicated with her. :D

Not one person in this whole wide world will be able to say otherwise. 

Not one. Hah!

After singing along to Abba's "Look into his angel eyes ...

the first line of the immediate next song brought an OMG silence in the car:

"Look into my eyes ..."

Pause ...

TWO Look into Eyes song? 


C'mon ... 

It's so easy ... :D

Mom hears You. Your exact words in the hospital the week before You left us. :(   It's so easy ...

How many more signs does a mother - whose - son - is - in - heaven need? Besides, she couldn't dismiss the fact that both the songs had come on at her angel time too.

It's so clear. Her Son's near. She could tell. He's right beside her. Keeping her company while she waited for Justine. :D You're a good boy, Daniel. We love You so very much. <3

After Everything I Do ended, Mom waited patiently for the next song.You must have been shaking your head as You watched your mother sitting very still in her seat and holding her breath, as she waited for the next song, and thought you'd relieve her from her suspense and ... ta - dah ...

Here's another ANGEL song for you, Ma. :D

By The Pretenders.

Angels do exist ...

OMG ... Angel Of The Morning ???

Three ZAP songs ??? A big wide grin appeared on her face. She was smiling from ear to ear. :D You're good, Son. You really do know how to speak right to your mother's heart.

Believe la, Ma, I'm right beside You ...

You're keeping your mother company, aren't You, Daniel? :D 

The time on the dashboard was 2:27 pm.

Not a strong angel sign, no ...

Decode : (4) (7) ... the number 7 somehow is in the way ... 

Still ... 3 zap songs consecutively. 

That's a treat from her Son already. :D

Would there be a 4th song, she wondered.

She waited for the next song to come on.

It was a weird song. Mom turned off the car engine and went out of the car and walked to the college entrance. She didn't need to hear anymore. She'd got his message and she was in a really good mood.

Justine soon appeared, walking slowly with a slight limp. Mom took her bag and couldn't wait to tell her about the 3 songs. :D

We drove back to Old Klang Road, since your mother only knows how to get to the hospital if she went by that way - through the SMART Tunnel way.

Entering the tunnel, a song filled the car.

I need a doctor, call me a doctor ...

I need a doctor, to bring me back to life ...

Justine said, "I need a doctor ... we're going to the hospital now..."

Mom grinned. "Your brother is definitely with us. He's watching us as we drive to the hospital." :D We both noticed that the song came on in the tunnel and it ended just as we were driving out of the tunnel and into the sunshine again. :D 

That itself was special. 

Yes Daniel ... You really do know how to get our attention.

At the hospital, we entered the entrance and drove along the hospital lane to the Emergency. Mom dropped Justine there, and asked her to send a text message to Aunty Carol, while Mom drove on to the car park, which was quite a distance away. 

Not within normal walking distance ... 

Oh, the hospital shuttle had better be there.

Thankfully, it was ... :D

Thanks Son ... :D That was surely your doing. :D

She saw the hospital van as she was turning into the lane to the open car park. Mom brought the window down, and waved to the driver to wait for her. He nodded.

You would have seen your mother positioning the car dangerously, and quickly running to the van. :D She got up the van, and as soon as she slid the door shut, the van moved on. She was the only passenger.

Mom had to smile. She had to. She just had to. The shuttle was just waiting for her. It was obvious. Thanks again for that, Son ...

She got off at the Emergency. Aunty Carol happened to be walking towards her at the same time. The whole procedure was rather quick. We were only there for about 20 minutes or so and we were done with the x-rays.

No broken bones, and no fracture. 

That's good.

As we were walking out, Mom once again saw a van shuttle about 20 steps away. She hurried to the van. Unfortunately, after picking up some passengers, the driver drove on. You must have seen your mother running after the van ...

And tap tap tapping on the back of the van to get the driver's attention.

It did not stop.

Urgh ... Now people standing at the side lines, were staring at her.

Oh well ...

Mom turned back ... and guess what?

She saw another shuttle coming towards her.

Awwwww ... How nice ... Would You please check out the perfect timing? An angel is definitely watching over us. These shuttles are so not known to be frequent.

No need to run after that one la, Ma ... 

Here's another van for you. :D 

After we left the hospital, we drove to Bangsar to pick up Justine's contact lenses.

In Bangsar, Mom stopped the car by the side of the optical shop. She got down, and hurried to the shop, while Justine stayed in the car. Some 10 minutes later, mom came back to the car with your sister's lenses.

The moment she opened the car door, Justine said, 

"Listen, listen ..."

Mom stopped to listen.

Lay me down on a bed of roses ...


The Band Perry.

Aww Son ... If I Die Young ...


Call 23 : Die Young
Call 56 : Sharp Knife

Mom glanced at the time and pointed out, "It's 4:31 pm."

Justine said, "That's 44."

Mom added with a chuckle, "Told you he's with us the today ..." :D

Justine replied, "Before this song, I Need A Doctor came on again."

"Really??? That same song???" Mom asked. 

Your sister confirmed it.

"He's really with you, Jus. He knows you've just been to the doctor. TWO times the song came on. It's so obvious ... He's with us." 

Yes Daniel, You really do know how to connect with your family. We feel your presence ... :D

We drove over to McDonald's for a burger. Mom did not expect anything to happen at McD's but something did. The amount that appeared on the till gave her a big reason to smile. 

It showed  RM 21-40

Mom pointed that out to Jus. 

A knowing grin appeared on your sister's face.

Twenty one ??? And Four???

All our angel numbers. How cute ...

It suddenly occurred to Mom that angel numbers on the till add up to 7





She had to smile. Yes, seven ... The odd number seven that was a sore to her sight when Angel In The Morning came on. Not a perfect angel time, she had thought ... just a wee bit disappointed she had felt. 

Woah Son, You really do know your mother's mind. Now, the odd number 7 is connected back to You. How amazing is that?

We were driving home. The radio was still on.

Today, I don't feel like doing anything ... 

(Bruno Mars)

Justine's song. The time was 5:27 pm.

Decode : 14

Yes, You really do know that today's all about your sister, huh. :D her ankle, her lenses ... :D After that song, the next one came on but Mom did not quite recognized it until Justine said loudly, 

"This is the chest to chest song ..."

(California King bed - Rihanna)

The time was 5:31 pm.

Decode : 144

Chest to chest ...

That sure brings back heartwarming memories, Son. You wanted to put a pillow between your mother and yourself before giving her a hug at one point in your life. Mom had laughed and said, no ... no pillow. 

She wanted a chest to chest hug ... :D


How wonderful that You made your presence felt the whole day today. :D So much more to tell You. Be back in a bit.