Saturday, August 6, 2011

Call 256 : GOOD GRIEF

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 255)

3. Tuesday, August 2

This morning, Justine and Mom were in the car driving to college. Along the highway, there came a car that slid in front us.

BEE 9855



Mom quickly took a snap shot. 

She said, "That's your brother saying, good morning Jus ..." :D

Your sister tried to figure out the angel sign, "How?" 

Mom replied with a grin, "95 ... 85 ... and bumble bee ..." :D 

Justine would remember the yellow / dark blue bumble bee outfit that You used to wear when You were a baby. 

The bumble bee outfit is a whole suit from top to below the pampers.

Jus raised her eyebrows, "Ooooooooo ..." :D

Decode : 144 

Haha ... Is your mother good or what?

In school that morning ...

She happened to walked into the Bambi class to check on the new staff. The new assistant was helping a kid to write. Mom peered over their shoulders. 

Guess what she saw?

Aww ... her angel number greeted her.

That was like a clear HI MOM from her Son ... :D 

Who's to say that it's not? No one. 

Not one single person in this whole wide world. 

Not one. 

Not a single one. Hah!

That afternoon, a book distributor came to the school. She showed Mom a catalog. Mom was flipping away and came across a colorful page of English Workbooks.

She spotted the word Orange, Oranges on the top row and a smile escaped her. 

You're viewing the catalog too, aren't You, Son? She mentally sent a telepathic message across to um, somewhere over the rainbow. :D

Imagine her surprise when she spotted on the second row, right below the Orange Oranges book, a pink workbook with the title, 

Sun or Son?

Sun or Son???

Awww ... What an awesome coinciDANS. 

TWO book titles that zapped her? 

Her Son's near ... that's for sure.

It was about 4:30 pm when evening activities started. There was a primary school boy who needed help with his English homework. Normally, he only has tons of Mandarin homework to do, but that day, he had English. It was a simple fill in the blanks activity.

We did the first question, on Penang Hill. Then, the second one on the Cat Museum. When it came to the third question ...

OMG ...

A' Farmosa???


We had taken a day trip to Malacca to visit the A' Farmosa in April 2009 for your History project. Two months before your last surgery. 

We had a really nice time there, taking photos from all angles and all kinds of poses. :D Your family will always remember the Chicken Rice Ball shop where You dropped your rice balls all over the table as You picked them up with your chopsticks. After You left us, we went there another two times, and yeah, everyone still talks about the rice balls bouncing off your plate and on to the table. 

Son pointing at the Sun ?

Every day, You make sure Mom gets a little sign to remind her that You are near. How cute is that? The boy only had one page of homework and it had to be a page that zapped her. So meant to be. Thanks for that, Son. Mom really appreciates the little reminders. 

Please do continue to keep the zaps coming. :D

4. Wednesday, August 3

On Wednesday in school ...

a Japanese father came to pay fees and mentioned that his child will be away for a while as they have to go back to Japan urgently. Mom casually asked if everything was okay. He said that the child's grandmother is sick. 

Mom asked, "What happened to her?"

He pointed to his head, "Brain ..."

He left his sentence hanging in midair. He didn't have to complete it. Mom knew what he was about to say. What else could it be except for a brain ...

Yes Son, everyday ... Mom receives a little reminder that You are near. The father then mentioned that his mother is 64 years old and remarked that she's very young to "get this."

Pause ...

She decided not to mention about her 15 year old Son who "got that." It's not a competition. After he left, she sank into her chair and wished she could just melt through the fabric and dissolve into ... nothingness.

Must you always be so dramatic, Mom?

Oh My Gawd ... You won't believe what just happened here. 

Mom was looking for an image to upload here (after the dramatic line) and had googled the word 

"Charlie Brown." 

Don't ask why she picked Charlie Brown. It was random. She scrolled down the page and came across the above GOOD GRIEF image. She clicked on it. A page appeared and she couldn't help but notice the picture of rosary beads on a baby's head in the background. She clicked on the page to learn that this Baby Dylan was called home when he was 6 days old.  

That was meant for Mom, she knows ... so she would see things in a better perspective. It's not like she was looking for an image from one place to another ... she only typed in "Charlie Brown" ... click on "Good Grief" image, and there the website was on Baby Dylan. Here she was, feeling angry and oligo-bitter that someone with a seemingly same challenge had lived up to 64 years old whilst her Son only had 15 years ... and You come along and brought her to the website ... clearly to help your mother to continue to feel gratitude and have faith in her heart that, when all is said and done at the end of the day, God is still in control. Nothing can happen without His consent.

Thank You Jesus for giving her 15 precious years with her Son.

It's amazing how You communicate with your mother, Daniel. You must have whispered to Mom the name "Charlie Brown" and then "Good Grief." <3 There was no way she could have stumbled onto this website on her own, with just two clicks of the mouse - especially right after she wrote about how she felt after learning about the 64 year old woman. She was obviously guided and led to that website.

You really are watching over Mom, aren't You?

Anyway coming back to school ...

During reading time that Wednesday evening, J, a 6 year old girl came over to Mom. It was her turn to read. Mom couldn't help but notice her bright florescent orange singlet. As she approached nearer, Mom spotted the words Blink Blink on it.

OMG ...


Blink Blink ???

How queer to find these Blink Blink words on a singlet ... Words that would ZAP her and bring her right back to when You were blink, blink, blinking ...

Orange Dot Blog

Honestly, it's amazing how You can speak right to her heart ...

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark ...

Try as she may, she can never explain ...

What she hears when You don't say a thing ...

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