Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello Son,                                                      (continue from Call 259)

The feathers reminded Mom of the inciDANs on Tuesday, August 9, that happened earlier in the week. 

Actually, speaking about inciDANs, something amazing happened on Monday, August 8 too. Mom will tell You about that a bit later ... as it involves a third party. For now, just know that what You did that day was super-awesome. :D 

Tuesday, August 9

That Tuesday morning, Mom was hurrying down to the condo lobby. Dad was gonna drop her off at the school before he went to meet a friend for a breakfast appointment. Justine was resting at home with a sprained ankle from the day before.

Mom got out of the lift on the ground floor. As she was walking towards the lobby, she suddenly spotted a little feather that was fluttering about on the ground, right in front of her. 

You must have seen your mother smile to herself, as she bent down to pick it up.

Good morning, Son ... :D ... she heard her heart call out cheerfully.

Carefully, she placed the precious little feather in the side pocket of her handbag. Her Son's near, she could tell. It was the way the little feather had greeted her on her pathway. Right before her eyes. Directly in her path. Had it fluttered somewhere else, she would not have seen it as she was hurrying towards the lobby and was not exactly looking around for feathers, whether fluttering about or not. :D 

Thanks for the reminder, Son ...

Call 128 : White Feather

Time flew by when she was in school. 

Today, Uncle N and his two daughters were in KL. They would be spending a nite at our place. After the last child went home, Dad and Mom took Uncle N and his daughters for dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Justine was at Grandma's place. 

After dinner, we went back to the condo. 

Uncle N and Mom was engaged in conversation as we walked out of the lift at our floor. We were walking towards the condo when suddenly, Mom's attention was drawn to a grasshopper that hopped, hopped, hopped in front of her, before it stayed still on the ground. Her eyes had widen with surprise when she realized that the grasshopper had rested beside a feather.

OMG ...

OMG ... A feather??? 

Why, this morning, a feather had greeted your mother on the way out of the condo, and now that she was coming home, a second feather lay in her path? What was that if not an awesome coinciDAN?

It was dark ... almost 10 pm at night. We wouldn't have noticed the feather at all ... but the hopping grasshopper had alerted Mom and brought her attention to the feather on the ground, beside it. 

Mom stopped in her tracks. She wanted to pick up the feather. 

However, as she stopped, Uncle N also stopped walking. She had felt like he was watching her. So she pretended that it was the grasshopper she was looking at, before straightening up, and walking on.

She had taken two steps forward before she made an abrupt turn. No, she was gonna pick the feather up. She needed the um,  eviDANs ... for the blog. However, as Uncle N once again turned to her direction, probably wondering if she was going to pick up the grasshopper, she decided that she couldn't bend down to pick up the feather after all. 

What would he say? He would definitely ask why. The story's just too long to tell. Oh well, never mind ... She'll get the feather first thing tomorrow morning.

In the condo, after showing Uncle N and his two girls to the guest room, Mom went into the kitchen to clear up some unwashed dishes. 

Uncle N walked in and asked, 

"The flowers in Daniel's garden, are they real?"

He didn't say "garden" of course. He said the C word.

Mom replied, "They're not real flowers. Fake la." 

She explained that she didn't like to put fresh flowers because they tend to wither and die and look miserable, the next month when she visited. With the everlasting flowers, the garden always look neat and nice.

He commented that the flowers looked so real from the blog site. 


"Do you still go there?" he had asked. 

She said, "Of course."

"How often?"

"Every month ..." she'd replied.

"Every month???" He had echoed in disbelief. 

Yeah, every month. 

Why ... is that strange? 

It would be stranger if she does not go, wouldn't it? How could Mom not go every month? You're alive and safe and well in Jesus ... and the connection lives on. She cannot ignore that. 

Will a mother ever forgets her child? 

It makes her want to cry when she thinks she has to stop visiting her Son's garden. When Grandma suggested that she should just visit once a year, Mom was totally horrified. She likes visiting your garden anyway. It's peaceful and calm ... and she always feel good after coming back from the garden. There's always a story to tell. 

A ZAP story. 

An cute inciDAN. 


Since the day You left, You have made sure that your mother knows her Son is with her every single day. Without fail. What else can she say except that it's been amazing? :D 

We were at the dining table ... still talking about You ... when we were interrupted by a beeping sound. There was an in-coming text message on Mom's cellphone. 

Mom checked her sms ... and upon reading the first line, loudly gasped her surprise!

OMG !!!

What are the chances!!!

Mom immediately showed Uncle N the sms. 

The text message read :

"Hai ... i daniel father ..."

The sms came in at 10:35 pm.

Decode : 144 (18)

OMG ... Can You believe this? 

We were talking about You, and the sms from Daniel's father came in right at that moment??? This is a boy from school. By the way, your portrait is on the wall, that overlooks us at the dining table. It sure felt like You were definitely with us at that moment.

Mom was not prepared for Uncle N's response. Honestly, she did not expect it. 

He said, "This happened before, remember?"

Mom was a little stunned. She had forgotten. 

This happened before? Like when?

He said, "We were together the last time, and an sms came in, also from a Daniel ... This has happened before ..."

Oh ...

Oh ???

Oh Yes ... 

Yes, she remembers now. We were having noodles up north in a coffee shop in Juru a few months back. Uncle N was there with Dad and Mom, and his youngest daughter A, was with us. 

A text message had come in at that time for Mom, and it was from a stranger who introduced himself as Daniel. If Mom remembers correctly, he was an estate agent, trying to solicit business. 

Mom had shown her sms to Uncle N and A, immediately and telling them that "Daniel is with us." :D

Like now.

OMG, what are the chances???

Honestly ... What - are - the - chances???

Uncle N's daughter, A, came out from the bathroom after her shower and joined us at the dining table. Mom showed her the sms. She remembered instantly the first time it happened at the coffee shop.

Two times now ...

A similar setting ... 

What are the chances of Uncle N and his daughter A seeing that first sms from a Daniel, and again a second time, that Tuesday night?

OMG ...

You are definitely with us, Daniel ... :D

The mood thereafter was just heartwarming. An angel is with us. How could it not affect us? :D Mom went to bed with a big smile on her face.

The next morning, on Wednesday August 10, Mom tiptoed out of the house and half-ran to the spot where she last saw the feather the night before.

The feather was still there, laying quietly on the tiled floor and minding its own business. Quickly, she picked it up and ran back to the condo, before the neighbours saw her. Heaven forbid if anyone should see her in her night clothes. Besides, she hasn't even brushed her teeth yet. :D

Both feathers are 3 cm in length. 

Feather on the left is the one in the morning, and the right, at night.

(continue on Call 261)