Sunday, August 14, 2011

Call 261 : TARZAN ZAP

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 260)

Thursday, August 11

1. Book Zaps

Today, there were plenty of ZAPs. :D 

It started during reading time in the morning. A 6 year old girl had brought two books from her class teacher, and she was reading before your mother. She came to a page where she read:

I open the cage.

That line put Mom on alert. She looked at the picture of the birds in the cage.


Fireworks ...

Mom suddenly remembered hearing the girl read the title and cover details a minute ago, especially the name of the illustrator.

Illustrated by Angela K ...

Oh Wow ...

Angela??? Like ANGEL Angela???


Awesome ...

After reading the first book, the girl brought up a second book.

She started reading :

In fall, things turn orange.

In fall, pumpkins turn orange.


Pause ...

Oh My ... You don't say ...


Right after the bird cage and Angela book???

Call 134 : Bird Cage

You're near, Daniel ... Mom knows. :D

2. Tarzan

It was about 11 am when Teacher L called Mom to check out her children's dance performance for our year end concert. Teacher L's class is doing a dance to the song YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART, the theme song of TARZAN.

In the beginning, while choosing a song for the class, Mom had suggested that Teacher L picked a Disney song for her performance. The following week, Teacher L had informed that she had decided on Tarzan's soundtrack.

You'll Be In My Heart.

At first, Mom thought the song was a bit slow for a dance. Attempts to have Teacher L change her mind were fruitless. Teacher L was quite firm in her decision to use this song. :D It turns out that the children loves the song and moving to the music. It's a beautiful dance.

Walt Disney : Tarzan The Movie

Daily, for about 3 weeks now, Mom has been listening to this song play in the dance hall as the children rehearse their dance. 

This bond between us can't be broken

I will be here

Don't you cry

Anyway, that morning, Teacher L called Mom to see the dance. Mom stopped her reading session for awhile and went to the dance hall. The children at the time, were all over the place. Teacher L called them to their position. One by one, they ran to stand in their positions. 

One boy caught her attention. 

Mom couldn't help staring at him although inwardly, she hoped she wasn't too obvious.

Aiya Ma, you're so obvious la ... 

OMG ... It was M. 

His parents had for some reason shaved his head bald. 


Instantly, Mom recalled your sms to Aunty Diana the morning of your very first surgery when You were 7 years old. You had said in your sms :

They are going to shave me. 

Will you still love me when I am botak?

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